Sen. Bennet Commits: NO on Brett Kavanaugh

UPDATE: From NARAL Pro Choice Colorado:

“On behalf of our 56,000 members statewide, NARAL thanks Senator Bennet for reflecting Colorado voters and values with a no vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. Senator Bennet is absolutely correct – Judge Kavanaugh is a threat to our reproductive rights and represents a direct threat to gut and overturn Roe v. Wade. Judge Kavanaugh has made it clear through public statements and emails that he opposes Roe and the Constitutional right to choose abortion. This is a right that Coloradans have consistently voted to support for generations.

We’re calling on Senator Gardner to listen to his constituents, not play partisan politics, and vote no on Judge Kavanaugh as well. Colorado has been a pro-choice state for more than 50 years. We believe strongly in the right to choose and the right to keep politicians out of our personal, private medical decisions. Senator Gardner should know that voting for a Supreme Court Justice who will overturn Roe v. Wade is a slap in the face to our Colorado values.”


Sen. Michael Bennet (D).

A statement from Sen. Michael Bennet’s office a short while ago:

“After reviewing his writings, opinions, and testimony, I have concluded that Judge Kavanaugh will create a new Supreme Court majority that will threaten women’s reproductive rights, roll back essential environmental regulations, and favor large corporations over workers. In addition, his view that sitting presidents may be immune from criminal investigations and subpoenas is particularly troublesome at this moment. For these reasons, I will oppose his nomination.

“As I have said many times, I am deeply discouraged by the Senate’s descent into rank partisanship. Regrettably, the Majority’s accession to the administration’s refusal to disclose Judge Kavanaugh’s full record—including nearly 90% of the documents from his time in the Bush White House—represents a further abdication of the Senate’s constitutional responsibility to advise and consent. The hearing was a sham. The American people would be better served by a transparent, deliberate, and bipartisan confirmation process.”

It’s a welcome if expected development, but local Democrats are still watching to see what kind of fight Bennet puts up along with Senate Democrats to impede Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Whether or not that resistance is successful, there’s consensus that it needs to happen in order to demonstrate to voters the contrast ahead of midterm elections–not to mention a notation in history that this troubling lifetime appointment was in fact resisted.

If Bennet has any capital saved up from years as a bipartisan nice guy, now would be a good time to spend it.


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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    Sappy, anything to add?

  2. JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

    I'm only disappointed that Bennet did not mention the numerous instances of what, from my outsider position, appears to be Kavanaugh's perjury during sworn testimony in previous hearings AND this one.

    • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

      As a sitting judge, would Kavanaugh consider a life sentence if he knew there were literally thousands of documents purposely made not available to him that might alter the course of the trial if they were made public?

  3. itlduso says:

    I guess Mark Udall's supposed mistake of focusing on women's choice was actually quite prescient.   Hmm?

  4. DavieDavie says:

    Prescience is rarely rewarded — being attuned to the current mood of the voters is usually a more successful strategy.

  5. RepealAndReplace says:

    But Cory Gardner cannot make abortion illegal. I read that in the Denver Post. Was that not true? FAKE NEWS!

  6. RepealAndReplace says:

    But Cory Gardner cannot make abortion illegal. I read that in the Denver Post. Was that not true? 

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