Stapletanc: Dissing The Media Trump-Style

Last Friday night, GOP gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton held a fundraiser at a private home in Parker featuring former gube candidate and Congressman Tom Tancredo. We haven’t yet seen any long-form news coverage of this fundraiser yet, though Stapleton’s continuing embrace of Tancredo is becoming a significant news event in its own right–tripping Stapleton up badly in a recent interview with CBS4’s Shaun Boyd as Stapleton attempted to put distance between himself and his KKK family ties.

In the meantime, a Colorado Independent Tweet from the event is grabbing plenty of attention today:

Donald Trump couldn’t say it any better himself! Trump’s recent ramping up of the inflammatory rhetoric against the media as the election approaches is not a strategy most Republican candidates can afford, but it’s apparently just too tempting to throw a little “enemy of the people” red meat to hardcore Republicans at fundraisers–not coincidentally the only segment of the population left who supports Trump.

But when unimpressed members of the local media asked, and of course they’re going to ask, don’t worry, the campaign says–Walker was just kidding!

Nobody’s really sure what the Stapleton campaign means by a “demonstrated record of respect for the press,” but we assume they weren’t referring to last week’s encounter with Westword’s Patty Calhoun, in which Stapleton ran away after declaring “I don’t do extemporaneous interviews.” It’s much more likely, on the other hand, that Calhoun’s write-up of said encounter is what prompted Stapleton to refer to Westword as “phony news.” The unprecedented spectacle of Stapleton being called out repeatedly by local media for running false campaign ads in the primary, refusing even under withering criticism to take any remedial action–was that the “demonstrated record of respect for the press” Stapleton is talking about?

And all of this before we even get to whatever Tom Tancredo said at this fundraiser.

Hopefully they raised a ton of money to make this worth the trouble…

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  1. DENependent says:

    Schrödinger’s asshole: A person who tries to exist in a quantum superposition of both offensive and inoffensive. They do this by saying something offensive pausing and then claiming it was a joke if the reaction to the statement was negative.

    Example: We should just kill all Libertarians. <pause> Ha, ha, just kidding.

  2. Moderatus says:

    This election is not about winning over liberals, it's about turning out the base. You'll never understand the views of Americans who want to protect American culture and values, but Tom Tancredo does!

    • Mike W. says:

      A. Pretty sure Trump turned out as much of the base in Colorado as one possibly could. And he lost the state.

      B. Your blatant racism is showing. American culture is all parts of America, including the racist bits, but vastly and mostly the bits brought in by our immigrant communities. Just cause we keep calling you out as a Macedonian basement dweller doesn't make your Macedonian food or clothing or religious observances any less valued as part of our big ol' melting pot. 

      C. Only thing the Tanc knows is there's a lot of dupes in the world, and he wouldn't be relevant if it weren't for voters like you (though not you, specifically, as you are currently in Macedonia, dwelling in a basement).

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Stapleton should hope for an election about the base.  But I've seen NOTHING indicating (a) this will be a base election. Instead, there has been a fair amount of interest and evidence of independents being activated for the election; or (b) that Stapleton's dynamic political charisma has much to say to the Republican base. He can trot out Tancredo all he wants — and all that will show is that Tancredo has a great deal more enthusiasm and experience in appealing to crowds than Stapleton does.

      The more entertaining version of the "all about the base" idea is on YouTube:


    • MichaelBowman says:

      But first, this brief (Re)Public(an) Service Announcement on (real) Merikans protecting American culture and values. 

    • davebarnes says:

      Values such as Tommy's Italian immigrant ancestors coming to the USA without papers?

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      This is too funny.  A humorless turd lecturing libs about what they don't know about America as if he/she/shithole knows what libs think.  Go jerk off in the closet junior to a photo of Trumps butt.  Your time would be better spent than trying to tell libs what they think.

    • unnamed says:

      Hey moron.  Did you enjoy your Government holiday brought to you by labor unions?

  3. Gilpin Guy says:

    Leave it to Kyle Clark to carry water for the Republicans.  What a putz.  I turn the channel when Mr. Fox Anchor wannabe is on.

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