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August 14, 2018 11:10 AM UTC

Even More Silly California Bashing--Who Is This Aimed At?

  • by: Colorado Pols

9NEWS’ Marshall Zelinger takes a look at another ad running in the Colorado governor’s race, once again demonizing the state of California as a segue into attacking Democratic nominee Jared Polis:

RadiCalifornia is back.

There is another political ad calling out Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis and suggesting he’s trying to turn Colorado into California: “RadiCalifornia.”

The ad ends with a suggestion to call Polis at his Washington, D.C. Congressional office. So, is this an ad about Polis’ gubernatorial campaign or his job as a Congressman?

The ad is paid for by State Solutions, Inc., which is a non-profit issue-advocacy group connected with the Republican Governors Association. The RGA produced the previous “RadiCalifornia” scrabble ad.

Like we said when the original “RadiCalifornia” ad ran in late July, the whole premise of this attack doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. It’s true that California’s tax and regulatory burden is overall higher than Colorado’s, but the presumed negative consequences of this aren’t explained convincingly. If you have some kind of predisposed hatred of the state of California, we suppose you’ll fill in the blanks.

But seriously, how many Colorado voters hate California enough to do that? This strikes us as an idea that sounded really good in a strategy session of political operatives, but has absolutely no resonance with ordinary people. The fact is that a very large percentage of the population of Colorado was not born here, and plenty of those folks hail from the Golden State themselves. California’s natural beauty is renowned, their unemployment rate is at a record low, and the state’s economy is bigger than most nations of the world.

So what exactly is, you know, the problem?

The only other thing we can add to this curious discussion is a little data. Neither Jared Polis nor his running mate Dianne Primavera were born in California, in fact they were both born here in Colorado: Polis in Boulder, and Primavera in Denver. By contrast, Republican nominee Walker Stapleton and his running mate Lang Sias were born in the state of Connecticut. Obviously a contest between Colorado and Connecticut is no contest–so we’ll ask the question another way.

Which state sucks more?


With all due respect to the Republican Governors Association, this just doesn’t seem like a winning message.


25 thoughts on “Even More Silly California Bashing–Who Is This Aimed At?

        1. Go easy on Moderatus. His bigger god is Trump, who is now bashing the Koch brothers because they oppose his anti-free trade and pro-tariffs agenda.

          Maybe Moderatus can clarify why he picked Connecticut over California. CT is full of Democrats while CA has proud Republican, Trump/Putin supporting, congress critters like Devin Nunes and Dana Rohrbacher.

          CA also has great national parks. To name just a few: Yosemite, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Redwoods, Lassen Volcanic, Joshua Tree.

      1. CT, because insurance companies need a state, too.  Enjoy it Moddy, I'll be busy enjoying CA's beaches, forests, mountains, deserts, good economy, diversity, food, and sports teams.  Among other things.

      2. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be considered a voice of reason in the CT partisan hell-hole Nutter (KS really does seem like a better fit).  CT has two US Senators with a (D) behind their name, a Dem governor and a general assembly controlled by Dems; the SOS, Treasurer and AG are also blue. 

        1. And all 5 US House members are Dems.

          And when CT last elected Republican statewide or congressional candidates, they were big-tusked RINOs who would be Bill Ritter/Ken Salazar type Dems if the lived in Colorado.

    1. You've lived here a long time haven't you, Gertie? I'll bet you even know why Texan's graves are 12 feet, rather than the standard 6. 

      For all of those who didn't grow up on the Texas-Colorado Tomato Wars…

      It's 'cause DEEP down, Texans is real nice folks.

      1. I remember the great tomato wars with great fondness, cookie, even though the bruises and hangovers could be brutal.

        Remember how you find Texas? Head east until you smell Oklahoma, then turn south and step in it.

  1. I find it interesting that in addition to Woodrow Wilson (which is discussed on another thread), the RWNJs are trying to tie Jared Polis to California. Polis, the guy who was born in Colorado and returned to Colorado after attending Princeton.

    After all wasn't it Stapleton who actually lived in California, drove drunk in California and had a hit-and-run accident in California.

      1. And don't forget … Dubya is fond of getting his money from connections with SonomaWest …. why that name, pray tell? SonomaWest owns and manages property in northern California.

  2. I'm biased, but I believe Connecticut has more emphasis on higher education than Colorado, which shortchanges its own kids to hire college graduates from out of state.   My son teaches philosophy at Trinity College in Hartford and my daughter in law teaches at Fairfield University, also philosophy.

    As I said, I'm biased.  But this state does not respect education, especially after high school.

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