Check Out These Awesomely Fake “Space Force” Logos

Fast Company’s Jesus Diaz reports, it’s just too damn much:

According to astronaut Mark Kelly and plenty of other experts, Donald Trump’s Space Force is, simply put, a pretty dumb idea. Nonetheless, last night the president’s reelection campaign released a slew of possible Space Force logos–and they’re right in line with the stupefyingly bad design Trump’s team is known for (see: Exhibit A and Exhibit B).

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence announced the Space Force concept last June, proposing a new branch of the military that will be aimed at space. “We are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the Space Force, separate but equal,” Trump said at the time. The idea was met with widespread derision from Kelly and others, for several reasons. The United States already has a Space Command. It’s been around since 1982. Space defense is also one of the U.S. Air Force’s core missions, which currently involves monitoring space from natural and third-country threats, protecting military satellites, and foiling Mulder and Scully’s efforts to unveil an alien conspiracy to take over Earth.

For the record,

…They weren’t created by anyone at the Pentagon, NASA, or any other federal agency. They were created by the Trump-Pence 2020 campaign PAC. And, as Parscale notes, they’re going to be used to “commemorate” the Space Force with a new “line of gear.”

Given that the whole business of a “Space Force” is more a distraction for diehard supporters from the daily crush of scandal and incompetence that defines Donald Trump’s presidency for most Americans, it’s completely fine that the campaign came up with these logos as opposed to an official agency! We wish that something similar could be devised for Trump’s upcoming military parade, for example, so the actual military wouldn’t be sidetracked to the tune of millions of dollars by a show intended to gratify the ego of one individual.

If you have time to whip up your own version of a Trump Space Force logo (we do not), please go for it and post the result in comments. Or have your kid make one. With crayons. It would be as good, and just as real.

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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    When do they start accepting application for Star Fleet Academy?

    Have these people been asked the obvious question:  considering how you freak out over "otherness" among homo sapiens on earth, what were to happen if you encountered what would truly be an alien life form?

    Trump will confuse the Cardassians for the Kardashians.

    • mamajama55 says:

      I'll sign you up, R&R. I have friends in high places. I hope you like communal living, cuz "every man for himself" ain't gonna keep the tribe alive out there.

      But I did like the line about the Cardassians / Kardashians confusion.


    • notaskinnycook says:

      Because I consciously avoid "celebrity news", when I first heard of the latter, I thought they were referring to the former.

  2. allyncooper says:

    I'm all in for any kind of "force", a space force or otherwise, that would shield me from the Kardashians. They are truly a plague on mankind.

  3. mynameischarlie says:

    When I first heard this, I thought it was a joke because it sounded too stupid to be real. That part makes it not so funny because he's still the POTUS and he's even more stupid than the stupidest of political satire.

    • mamajama55 says:

      I think that the "space force" push is a multipurpose move –

      1. It distracts from Trump's ongoing Mueller investigations and numerous sex scandals. A circumstantial case of collusion and obstruction is well under way, and direct, unspinnable evidence is probably coming down the pipeline.

      A Democratic president would have been impeached months ago.

      2.  Probably he and Putin have some plans for world domination by control of outer space. It would be possible, with enough hardware up there to disrupt enemy countries' internet and power by targeting satellites,  lending the US' surveillance power to that of Russia, etc. Maybe it would be possible to blank out communications satellites with "unfriendly" messages and replace them with targeted propaganda.

      People (like Negev and Moderatus on here) like to conveniently minimize or forget that we're now dealing with a traitorous president and a national security crisis. America is not only not the"exceptional"  home of freedom and democracy anymore, its president is allied with the forces decimating what made us exceptional in the first place

      3. It's so ridiculous that people will underestimate what is behind it, and minimize its impact.

      • notaskinnycook says:

        M.J., It's a squirrel and nothing more. He's hoping it'll distract the tech-minded people from the angel hacking they've been engaging in; hacking that might uncover yet more of his dirty deals and treachery.  

        • Duke Cox says:

          Not sure about that, skinny. I can't help expecting something a bit more nefarious. A private army of Neo-nazi thugs, funded by and loyal only to the president. 

          I still believe Pence ( who is heavily involved in this ) is a thoroughly evil and power hungry man who will make Trump look like a piker when it comes to cruelty and autocracy. After all….T***p doesn't care about creating a theocracy…but Pence does. Therein lies a vessel for true suppression and cruelty.

      • mynameischarlie says:

        I agree with the multi-purpose idea. Primarily, it's a distraction from his own corruption and scandals. I also believe it will be a means to funnel boatloads of cash to his wealthy friends and supporters, much like last year when he wanted to give those two guys from Montana that nobody ever heard of the $300 million contract to restore power to Puerto Rico…And I believe we all know how that one would have turned out.

        • mamajama55 says:

          Russia's Roscosmos space program can't lift off because of low budget. Supporting all of those oligarchs drains the economy, doncha know.

          But if the US were to launch a joint US/Russian "Space Force", all of that could change…..

          Space dominance is like controlling your opponent's back row in chess. Communications, financial transactions, power supplies, whole countries' internet connections…..all are vulnerable to the will of the entity controlling the space above the planet.

          Yes, the United States has a military space presence, (the Air Force Space Command), not to mention a peaceful and scientific (but underfunded) agency, NASA, but those are presumably manned by folks loyal to the Constitution and the US ideal. So it isn't too surprising that the Traitor in Chief is trying to circumvent them.

          We don't want to let it happen, even if it's hilarious that Stoopid Trump wants a Space Farce.

  4. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Apparently Mike Coffman will oppose creation of a space force. 

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