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July 28, 2018 03:51 PM UTC

Watch Where You're Putin That Thing!

  • by: Colorado Pols

SUNDAY UPDATE: Even Fox News picks up on the story.


Spotted at the Colorado State Capitol on Thursday

If you’ve been paying any attention to the news this weekend — anywhere in the world, apparently — you’ve probably heard about a prank at the State Capitol on Thursday involving a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin that appeared near a space where a likeness of President Trump might eventually be placed.

Here’s CNN’s version of the story:

Visitors to the gallery of US presidents in the Colorado state Capitol could be excused if they did a double take this week.

There, displayed near paintings of George W. Bush and Barack Obama and in a space set aside for President Donald Trump, was a portrait of a very different president: Vladimir Putin.

According to the group that funds the portraits, the mug of the Russian leader was placed in Trump’s would-be spot by an unknown prankster Thursday morning. It was discovered during a tour.

This might not have happened but for one problem: The state hasn’t raised the $10,000 needed for a Trump portrait, leaving an empty spot on the third-floor rotunda in Denver.

Colorado Citizens for Culture, an arts-advocacy group that collects donations for the paintings, said that before the Putin prank it had raised exactly $0 for Trump’s portrait. Since news of the stunt spread, two donors had chipped in a total of $45 by midday Saturday.

The Putin portrait was on display at the State Capitol for a brief period of time on Thursday. The story was first reported by 9News, one day after a story from Fox 31 in Denver that was all about the absence of a President Trump portrait under the Golden Dome. The 9News story referenced the photo above from the Twitter account of state Sen. Steve Fenberg, whose aide apparently snapped a pic of the portrait before it was removed by a State Capitol tour guide.

The 9News story was picked up in a couple of places on Friday, most notably in The Huffington Post, but it absolutely exploded in the last 24 hours; it has since gone viral across the globe, with stories from The Associated Press (published in the New York Times and at ABC News, among others), McClatchy NewspapersThe Hill, and The Guardian (UK). You can even read about the Putin portrait in Italian. Just Google “Putin Colorado” and you’ll see what we mean.

The Russian news outlet also caught wind of the story, adding this unintentionally-hilarious line at the end of their report:

It also remains to be seen whether the case sparks more collusion theories in the US.

The extensive news coverage prompted another Tweet from Fenberg on Saturday:

Meanwhile, the Putin portrait has been the subject of much consternation among Colorado Republicans, who aired their bizarre complaints on social media in full humorless snowflake mode.

This was obviously a joke, and we dare say, a good one at that.


30 thoughts on “Watch Where You’re Putin That Thing!

  1. Since news of the stunt spread, two donors had chipped in a total of $45 by midday Saturday.

    I’ll bet Nutteranus generously chipped in his tax cut savings — $5, while our slightly more prosperous gun dealer, Negev popped for the other $40 cheeky

      1. So even though Dudley DoWrong's RMGO / NAGR suck at electing candidates, they're still making bazillions out of fear and hate. As are you. But that's old news.

        Doesn't mean that we should stop working for democracy and community, and to elect candidates who promote those policies.

        Tim Neville's gonna get his ass whupped by Tammy Story this year. (She got ~6,000 more votes than he did in their respective primaries). That will be sweet to see.

        And yeah, that dwindling pool of heavily armed nutcases will get a little smaller and a little more heavily armed. Your industry will continue to be profitable, for years. But your ideology will slowly die out. It's surged under Trump's cultivation, but his day of reckoning is coming.



        1. Again, if I was making bazillions selling guns I would tell you to keep up the good work. Nothing sells guns better than the fear of losing them, and not even a mass shooting under a pro gun president can boost sales.

          However I will again state as a concern troll that your efforts to restrict the flow and access to guns is having a reverse impact and has increased sales volume more than any other catalyst. If  you really wanted to curb the flow of firearms the data would suggest you stop your current approach. 

          As to your post, Obama goes down as the greatest gun salesman in America. Trump? Not so much….




          1. Well, we both know that you don't actually sell guns. And "bazillions" is not a figure anyone writes on a bank deposit.

            But that you make money from gun culture is a given, and from the well-marketed proposition that 3% of people must accumulate more and more deadly firearms to protect themselves from the  flood of brown people coming to take their stuff….that's unique to the United States.

            Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras have more murders per capita than we do….but we have more guns and more mass murders than anywhere else in the world.

            Back to Vladimir Putin, the original subject of this post, you do know that private ownership of military style weapons is illegal in the USSR. All other guns are strictly licensed on a 5 year basis.  Criminal and mental health history are factored into the decision to license. All anathema to RMGO and their allies. I've seen you argue against the idea of "Licensing guns like cars" before.

            Does it bother you at all that the guy you voted for has apparently sold out his country for cash from the real anti-2nd amendment guy? devil

            1. I do know military style weapons are illegal in Russia. I do understand that guns in Russia are "licensed like cars" and criminal and mental health history are factored. I also know that Russia has double the gun homicide rate with 10x fewer, registered like cars, non military weapons.

              I am also aware that Russia lost their right to bear arms with the Social Democratic Labor Party, which closely resembles, well, you. The genocide that followed has provided ample evidence that

              gun control works .

              Can you link your source and list of what the guy I voted for apparently sold out? I thought I recalled the Obama administration selling uranium to Russia? Does it get worse than that? Please show your work. 

              I look forward to joining you in your battle to save the reproductive rights of women once the SC is stacked. Maybe we can "red flag" promiscuous ladies or license your right to abort like cars…ewe I got it! How bout points like you have on your license, when you run out of points, you lose your right? Civil rights need not be civil….

              1. You didn't answer my question…again, here it is:

                Does it bother you at all that the guy you voted for has apparently sold out his country for cash from the real anti-2nd amendment guy? devil

                Somehow, you steered into the Bolsheviks in 1917 and then great leapt forward into a hypothetical abortionless future….all to avoid answering that simple query.

                You asked me to "show my work" about Trump colluding with Russia? Have you been under a rock for the last 2 years? Granted, it's all circumstantial evidence so far – but so was the blue dress evidence of a blow job,  and HRC's emails evidence of carelessness, which you consider High Clinton Crimes.

                In a nutshell: Trump needed money. Russia loaned him money. Russia wanted Trump to win the election. (Source: Putin) Russia helped Trump win the election. (Source: every USA intelligence agency). Trump lied about it. Trump grovelled to Putin in Helsinki. (source: every news network). Trump is almost certainly a Russian asset and a traitor. Links follow.

                But here's some good summaries, to help puncture the Faux News bubble which tells you that all is peachy keen in Trump land:

                Vox has a summary (complete as of last June) of Trump's 84 Russian business contacts, and denials of same.

                New York magazine has a nice graphic of all the connections to Russians.

                Donald needed money; no bank  in the US would lend to him because of his bankruptcies and his unethical business practices, which included stiffing contractors. Russian oligarchs loaned him money for golf courses, according to son Eric.  We haven't seen the tax returns, as we have for every other Presidential candidate or President; and these presumably would show loans and cash flow in greater detail; but Mueller probably has these.

                Recently, Trump's ex-lawyer Cohen said that Trump knew (and approved of) the "Trump Tower meeting" in which Russian lawyer Velnitskaya offered to dish dirt on HRC.

                Maria Butina, a Russian spy, had help from Americans working with the Trump campaign to set up NRA contacts and back-channel communications with the Trump administration.

                You may have noticed that Trump, in Helsinki, with Vladimir Putin, wimped out on whether his own Justice Department had found evidence of Russian hacking. First he said he had "no reason to believe" that Russia hacked institutions in the US. This was against the unanimous findings of his own Justice Department.

                Putin, when asked, said that  he had  wanted Trump to be elected.

                That was very sad to see, for me (and most of the country, at least. Did you enjoy watching your President grovel to Putin? Are you still making excuses for him?

                I'd guess you won't read any of these links. But you're supporting a traitor. You supported him in 2016 and you're supporting him now.

                More importantly, to you at least, the traitor is supporting a dictator who suppresses his people's first and second amendment rights (as well as all the other rights in the first 10 amendments to our Constitution). 

                The second amendment is  the only one you care about – so how does that feel to have your guy cuddling up to the guy who wants to "license guns like cars" and deny mentally ill people and criminals their holy right to shoot holes in whomever and whatever they wish whenever they wish?

                That's gotta sting. Still waiting for your answer.


                1. Uh, no, it does not bother me. Not one bit. In fact this whole Russian collusion schtick makes me like Trump more than before. He has not sold out the country in fact even NPR notes he has been tougher on Russia than any in the post-Cold War era… but apparently the circumstantial evidence works for you and you are convinced Trump colluded with Russia.

                  So what? Its not even a crime. Lemme tell ya, if Trump and a handful of Ruskies dropped $125k on facebook ads and stole this election from a $1Billion dollar lifelong political powerhouse candidate, I have more respect for his political prowess than if he won fair and square. Talk about sting! How does it feel to be smoked by a 1 time political hack and a merry band of eastern block web geeks with a laptop and budget available to anyone with a pulse and a HELOC. I got two words for ya: McAfee Antivirus.

                  So, Trump has loans from Russian "oligarchs"? These oligarchs generally oppose Putin and only have painful links to Putin.

                  Oh wait, Trump knew of a meeting attended by a foreign entity dishing dirt on HRC is selling out? How about actively paying campaign funds to a foreign spy for dirt on Trump?

                  And your link on Butina makes no assertion that Trump was involved at any level, but again you indicate that Trump apparently sold out, while Obama (I still like him) actively funded terrorists with direct cash payments to Iran – that is treason. 

                  More people have been removed from the Mueller investigation for impropriety or apparent impropriety than have been indicted suggesting to me and any other reasonable person that something is fishy inside the DOJ, and your unanimous findings  are far from it when you have conflicting evidence  of how the leak occurred, and  Mueller ignoring actual bribes from Russia during the Obama/Clinton U1 while chasing a non crime… so yeah, I doubt our DOJ at this point and if you don't you are a buffoon… or just ready to pounce on anything to get Trump out of office before you have to put a third string candidate on the ticket to get beat down again.  

                  Mama if anybody is cuddling up to the guy who wants to "license guns like cars" it's YOU! This was listed in your top 10 list at like #1 to prevent mass shootings. Putin's denial of criminals the right to shoot whomever still doesn't work. You back every effort Putin has made in gun control only to find they have all failed and you still want to tell me how bad it should sting to watch the "guy I voted for" shellac the shit out of your best and brightest Presidential candidate. 

                  So to answer your question: No I am not bothered. What Trump is accused of doing is nothing compared to what your team has already done.


                  1. Wow. that is some world class spin. 

                    Do you even bother to read the articles you link to? The NPR one did not conclude that Trump had been tough on Russia. It said that he had been forced to make some moves that he then undercut. Or, how are those sanctions coming along?

                    Putins oligarchs may well be in fear of him; I don’t know why you think this means they’re not working for his interests. Read the graphic in the New Yorker article. If you dare.

                    The Clinton uranium “scandal” you keep trying to divert to was always a non-starter. Russia bought a uranium mine while HRC was Sec State. The Uranium 1 deal was not HRCs responsibility to deny or approve. Snopes has called this allegation “false”.


                    32 people have been indicted so far in Mueller’s investigation; to my knowledge, only 2 were recused. Sessions and Strzok, FYI, 32 > 2.

                    I do happen to agree that guns should be licensed like cars. I just find it painfully ironic that you are defending Trump’s relationship with Putin, a guy you would accuse of being a gun grabbing dictator (which he is).

                    I misjudged you. I truly thought that you were a single issue guy , with some modicum of ethics and respect for facts, at least around the one issue you care about. But you’re just another willfully blind and ignorant GOP shill.  

                    And yes, you are still supporting a traitor. And no, that doesn’t bother you at all.

                    1. I seem to recall that Shep Smith debunked the entire Uranium "scandal" some months ago on his Fox News show. Perhaps Negev doesn't watch Fox?

                    2. You forgot to dispute the one and only legally treasonous action of Obama funding terrorism……or did you?

                      So here we go again I'll tell you what I said instead of what you want to hear:

                      The NPR article states that Trump has been harder on Russia than any other administration in the post cold war era. That means tougher than Obama. If Trump is "cuddling" Putin and is tougher than Obama was, your supposition of supporting a traitor puts you directly in the same crosshairs.

                      International businessmen do international business. It's not illegal. It's not treason. 

                      I never insinuated a connection between HRC and U1. The point to understand without getting defensive is that the U.S. government under the Obama administration approved the sale of Uranium to what you are purporting to be our largest enemy. You defend that transaction but proceed to call Trump a traitor for questioning the misuse of facebook. The very deal, no matter the allegations of kickback or conspiracy, appears more egregious than "cuddling". 

                      And if you agree that guns should be licensed like cars, thats great. Russia has already proven you wrong, so I don't have to. When you see Trump starting to promote gun registration, then you have every right to get all giddy about your proposal. Until then you are stuck with a failed policy by a dictator you a agree with. So it appears hypocritical to me that you allege I am supporting a traitor because he cuddles a dictator, while you support the dictators policy. 

                      But I get it; calling those who oppose you racist, homophobic, xenophobic – all the identity politics you have been espousing have failed to return expected results, so you have to up the ante so to speak and attack the patriotism of your opponent to shame them into your train of thought.

                      It's not working. 


                    1. Yeah.  Won't work with our "friend".  He'll just move the goal posts again.  As is his MO.

                    2. One further response to Negev. You say "The point to understand without getting defensive is that the U.S. government under the Obama administration approved the sale of Uranium to what you are purporting to be our largest enemy." The reality is that the US government under Obama approved the sale of a company that mines uranium to a company based in the country of what is purported to be our largest enemy. As you point out, international businesses do international business — it isn't illegal. It isn't treasonous.

                      Sale of the actual mineral uranium for export to Russia would be a whole new step.

                    3. Thank you John I appreciate your input and for the record did not suggest the U1 deal was treason, just more egregious than cuddling. 

                    4. This is a good source for the issues/timeline around the Uranium One approval.  

                      It's hard to believe this conversation is still a 'thing'.  Nutters die hard. 

                      Just prior to all this, Powertech (Canadian) was trying to secure the in situ mining rights in Larimer and Weld County.  Given the timing they were likely wildcatters looking to flip mining rights to UO. 

                      Does Vlad still own the Pueblo steel plant?  This happened under Dubya but didn't TwoScoops put the steel tariffs in place as a national security issue




                    5. And who says RWNJs like Negev aren't environmentalists?  Look at all the trash they constantly recycle! 

                      Of course new undebunked talking points against Dems are incredibly scarce, so they will just have to keep making do with the debunked ones they have wink

                  2. Nice try on the "cash payments to Iran", Negev. It was their money that the U.S. had been holding in escrow since 1979, but you know that.

                    You're just desperately throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. Keep trying.

                    1. Cut them a freaking check. They used the money for the same thing we took it for in the first place. 

                    2. Oddly, we couldn't cut Iran a check because we still had financial sanctions against them freezing them out of the international banking system.  Cash was the only way to pay them back.

            2. Russia does have some relatively tough gun control laws. But that may change. Wasn't that Butina's cover while working in the US?

              She was officially here studying the ammosexual movement after which she was returning to Mother Russia to start up the UMGO (Ural Mountain Gun Owners).

      2. Tell you what, we'll split the profits once Trump succeeds in turning the nation Blue.  You can have the markup on the guns, and we'll take the rest of your nutjob suckers' money by imposing a hefty excise tax on both guns and ammo.


  2. I understand there are some photo portraits of Trump around the soon-to-be-abandoned Veterans Administration building on Colorado Blvd. Perhaps they aren't going to the shiny new facility and could be re-purposed for the state Capitol until there are donations for a portrait beyond the $45 listed.

    1. They could copy one of the gigantic portraits of the Desperate Cheeto from the  immigrant detention centers in Texas. I bet those poor kids are tired of looking at the Twitler in Chief with his platitude: "Sometimes by losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war."It’s from The Art of the Deal


      WTF is that even supposed to mean to a 10 year old kid forcibly separated from his parents and jailed indefinitely even though he committed no crime?

      1. I like the idea, MJ. I'd not connected to the possibilities of portraits and the "work makes you free" propaganda at the child concentration camps.

  3. Notice the Faux News version left out the embarrassing point that there was exactly $0 in the fund until the pitiful donations trickled in on Saturday.

    But they did essentially post a "DONATE HERE" sign in their news item.

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