Poll: Who Is Walker Stapleton’s Running Mate (If Any)?

If you believe what Walker Stapleton’s campaign is telling the press, Stapleton selected a running mate within the seven-day deadline prescribed by Colorado law last Tuesday, “and that candidate has accepted.” The problem is, for the first time under decades of existing law pertaining to running mate choice the Republican nominee is “keeping the choice secret for now,” claiming that they only must disclose their alleged choice within a novel 30-day loophole they have apparently discovered in the law–the deadline by which the running mate must file paperwork with the Secretary of State.

In the meantime, we’re all left to speculate. After the well-sourced rumors last week that Stapleton’s first choice declined to run with him, there are possibilities at work to include that maybe Stapleton doesn’t have a running mate at all, and is exploiting vagueness in the law to buy himself time to find one beyond the legal deadline. Either way, like veteran Colorado GOP strategist Dick Wadhams said it’s “another few days of chaos” for Stapleton’s already-stumbling campaign.

While we wait, tell us who you think the pick is (if any) via the poll below! Perhaps you’ll help Stapleton, you know, make up his mind. Or the running mate. Or both. It’s a mystery. Please clap!

Who did Walker Stapleton choose to be his running mate?

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    Other (specify) … I contemplated the need for Dubya Stapleton to "balance" the ticket, probably selecting a woman, needing someone with donors other than those already tapped out by giving the maximum to him, and his stellar campaign strategy thus far.  The candidate I emerged with is:

    Senator Vicki Marble

    Plus, she doesn't have to worry about re-election this year, so if the Rs win, they can name a successor, and if the Ds win, she can continue to bedevil and baffle us all from her Senate seat.

    • unnamed says:

      That would be the full-on Janet Rowland approach.  I think the latter scenario might be more likely.  Then she's termed out 2 years later.

    • flatiron says:

      That would be entertaining for Dems but Marble has a few to many loose for even Stumbleton. He already has the wacko right vote.  He needs to find a gay Hispanic Republican from Denver… 

  2. Davie says:

    I believe Stumbleton's reluctant choice #2 is also going to say No (if they haven't already).  Thus I need to register a second vote for "Insert previously unknown female Republican county-level official here"

  3. RepealAndReplace says:

    We should know in another 27 days. As Carly Simon would say, "Anticipation….."

  4. Gilpin Guy says:

    SpongeBob SquarePants?

  5. spaceman65 says:

    I say we just use "Stapleton/Trump" as a gap filler until Walker gets his shit together . . . which will be never

  6. Davie says:

    Stumbleton's running mate spotted!

  7. HeavyG says:

    The story is really the incompetency of the campaign.  I mean who in the hell cares who the Lt Gov is??  Has it ever meant anything?  

    He should get Caribou Barbie to move down here from AK and resurrect her "career"

  8. allyncooper says:

    I mean who in the hell cares who the Lt Gov is??  Has it ever meant anything?  

    Apparently not much. Roy Romer's Lt.Guv. Mike Callihan resigned the office to open up a fried chicken franchise.

  9. JohnInDenver says:

    Here's the last 10 over more than 40 years… Have any of them gone on to actually win anything?



  10. mamajama55 says:

    Jane Norton got a job working on ACA repeal in the Trump admin.

    Barbara O'Brien is on the DPS School Board now. I guess that is an electoral win?

    Gail Schoettler was Treasurer before she was LiteGov.

    George Brown was a friend of my parents when he worked at the Post and DHA; however, his career as LtGov was …..different.

    Long story short, the Ltgov slot seemed to be a step down for most of these people.

  11. gertie97 says:

    For someone without political ambition, it's a nice gig. Only two duties: fill in for guv when he's out of state (or dies or resigns) and chair the state Indian Commission. In your ample spare time, you can give tours of the Capitol to school kids.

  12. ambivalentmaybe says:

    It's probably that boob-grabber guy, and his boob-grabbing tendencies will be touted by the campaign in Right wing media as signaling the manliness and political incorrectness of the ticket. 

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