Huerfano County GOP: Jared Polis is “openly gay” and “against our American values”

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POLS UPDATE 2: As of late evening on July 2 the post has been deleted. The Huerfano GOP has still not replied to inquiries.

POLS UPDATE: Colorado Democrats jump in:


In a June 27 Facebook post published the morning after Colorado’s primary election, Huerfano County Republicans urge anyone considering not voting for GOP gubernatorial nominee Walker Stapleton to “rethink” their decision. They explained their reason for supporting Stapleton instead of his Democratic opponent in the next sentence.

“Jared Polis is an openly gay congressman who is very much against our American values.”

Included with the text of the post is a link to Congressman Polis’ voting record. It is unclear whether the Huerfano GOP believes him to be “very much against our American values” because he is “openly gay” or because of his voting record.

A call to Huerfano County Republican Chair Debi Sporleder was not returned. Sporleder has previously signed her name to Huerfano County Republicans Facebook posts. This story will be updated with any statements received.

The party account also liked a commenter’s claim that Polis “would head us willy nilly down the socialist anti-Christian path” and who criticized Polis for not mentioning “his gayness” in any campaign ads, despite “purporting to be proud of it.”

Huerfano County is southwest of Pueblo. It is part of House District 62, represented by Rep. Donald Valdez (D – La Jara) and Sen. Larry Crowder’s (R – Alamosa) Senate District 35.

The full text of the Facebook statement reads as follows.

If you are unsure about voting in the November elections or think you don’t want to vote for Walker Stapleton, rethink…..Jared Polis is an openly gay congressman who is very much against our American values. A no vote for Stapleton is a yes vote for Polis. Check out his voting record. I’ll make posts about Stapleton, too.

This story was originally published by the Colorado Times Recorder.

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  1. Zappatero says:

     No Gays in Huerfano. Only Real Men.…and sheep. 

  2. RepealAndReplace says:


    He should have a beard (I mean wife), a couple of children, and hang out in airport toilets looking for action like solid, family values-oriented conservative Republicans.  Your values…..

  3. davebarnes says:

    I can only hope that Jared leads us down an "anti-Christian path" given that religion is the root of 93.2% of evil.

  4. Moderatus says:

    Much ado about nothing as usual. This doesn't say Polis is against American values because he is gay. It simply says he is gay AND he is against American values.

    BTW, why doesn't Jared use his real last name? That's going to come up sometime.

  5. Lucy Montrose says:

    I'm interested in Richard Wyland's take. So he thinks Jared isn't as proud to be gay as he says, because he's not bombarding everyone on the campaign trail with pictures of his family? Or mentioning how he loves the gay sex in every other sentence, because that's how ALL gay people act, amirite?

    Funny, I thought Jared was going to mention his husband and kids at some point, but at his own pace and in a down-to-earth way. Maybe he's as bothered as I am by candidates' performative brandishing of family members.

    Richard Wyland either apparently likes the "look at my family, look how normal and relatable I am!" dog and pony show… or he likes his gay people as stereotypical and ridiculous as possible. Or both.

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      You know who used to like to put his family on display?

      The Reverend Ted Haggard. When he got busted for doing meth with a male prostitute, he was interviewed by the press sitting behind the wheel of his family minivan with beard (I mean wife) beside him and kids in the back seat.

      Or what about when the wide-stance Senator Larry Craig got busted for trolling for d— in an airport toilet? When he held his press conference, there was the hapless Suzanne Craig (another beard) wearing a big hat and dark sunglasses, standing by her man.


      Moddy, the GOP problem with Polis isn’t that he is gay. It’s that he isn’t cowering like the cowards in your party who are gay.

    • I thought that the conservative world was all about post- identity politics where not emphasizing any minority group membership meant everybody would just get along. Now they want to know why Jared isn't putting his gayness at the front of his campaign. Highly illogical.

  6. Genghis says:

    That's the end result of conviction that your own invisible magic sky daddy has a monopoly on The Truth.

    But hey, the more these sociopathic stump-jumpers talk, the more they expose themselves.

  7. Voyageur says:

    I was afraid if we nominated a gay man that the Republican hate mongers would dive in the sewer.

    It didn't take them long.

  8. Peromyscus says:

    Heard Chuck Bonniwell grouse on his radio show the other day:  why don't "they" find out who Jared has "put the moves on" lately?  ( a la the #MeToo movement).  Then he said (wait for it) "They all do it!"  

    Did he mean men…Republicans….or "gays"?  You be the judge.  

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Considering the top of their ticket is a frat boy from Connecticut with a history of hit-and-run and drunk driving, they might want to refrain from making this person.

      No wonder Moderatus didn’t want Stapleton and was plugging for Cynthia Coffman.

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