Ballot Return Numbers Increase Compared to 2016

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office has released updated ballot return numbers for the June 26 Primary. As of this morning, 425,377 ballots had been returned, with slightly more Republicans (166,529) than Democrats (162,721) having already voted. A total of 96,127 “Unaffiliated” ballots have also been returned, though a sizable percentage of those ballots may ultimately not be counted because of voter error (or, “Proposition 108 error“, to be more specific).

Ballot return numbers were at about 12% for both Democrats and Republicans at roughly the same point in 2016. Here’s how the totals compare between 2016 and 2018, approximately one week out:

Year Democrats Republicans
2016 119,614 121,183
2018 162,721 166,529

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  1. Early Worm says:

    Assuming "UAF-DEM Pref" is unaffiliated voters that returned ballots for the Democratic primaries, what is "PKT-DEM"?

    And, am I reading it right: it appears that amongst unaffiliated votes cast, dems outnumber repubs 3 to 2? If so, that would seem to give some indication of the partisan lean of the likely unaffiliated voters.  

  2. Davie says:

    So what is the expert's projection of total turnout going to be?  32%?

    If it's about 16% so far, will total turnout reach one million votes?

    If the unaffiliated split is 60/40 Dems, that could mean more than 100k of their votes in the Democratic primary, right?

  3. flatiron says:

    Will be interesting to see if the margin of 30K+ more Democratic women voting than men will turn out to be determinative (if it holds) in the primary.

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