Buck: Children Being Separated From Parents For Their Own Good

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Rep. Ken Buck (R).

Despite widespread condemnation of Trump’s mandate to separate immigrant children from their parents at the border, U.S. Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) doubled down on his support for the Trump policy today, telling a radio host that the “children are being separated from their parents out of consideration for their own safety.”

In radio comments last week, Buck blamed the parents of the children, saying it’s “unfortunate” that immigrants choose to cross the border illegally.

And so it’s “just a sad reality that there is going to be some unfortunate separation of individuals when crimes are committed.”

On KOA radio this morning, host April Zesbaugh asked Buck if he agreed with U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) who called for the immediate cessation of the “policy that separates kids from their families.”

Buck:I rarely agree with Ed, but I like Ed a lot. But no, I think that it is terribly unfortunate when kids are separated from their families. But the reality is there has to be a responsibility taken by parents who bring kids to this country illegally or who don’t go through the proper asylum procedure when coming into this country. Putting kids in a detention facility with adults is a dangerous situation that’s not done in this country in our criminal system. And where these families are going are to detention centers. And so there is a public safety issue for these kids that has to be taken into account also. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s a terribly unfortunate situation. But I think that the Trump administration — and previous administrations — have had a tough time dealing with how to deal with — or how to address — families that are that are coming into this country legally.

On the same show this morning Perlmutter said Trump “of course” has the power to stop immigrant kids from being separated from their parents, pointing out that Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, launched the policy this year–and that under previous Democratic and Republican presidents, this did not happen to children at the border, even though past administrations had the power to do it.

“I think it’s illegal and it is immoral to be separating these kids from their families,” said Perlmutter, calling the situation an “emergency” in which kids are being “housed in cages.”

“It’s just wrong,” said Perlmutter.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    Once again, Buck is the too honest one.

    • mamajama55 says:

      Heart-rending. How the fuck does that BP agent get off telling those kids not to cry after he just ripped them from their parents?

      I think I'll play the file for Ken Buck on his phone. If anyone else wants to do that, here are his phone numbers. Here is his email if you are a constituent. All you're going to get back from him is some idiotic form letter. We really need to have groups of people go in to see him.

      This just makes no sense. It doesn't make the country safer, it makes it more dangerous. I, or someone like me, will end up trying to teach these kids, because they're not going to spend their freaking lives in Trump camps. Long after the Dumpster has made whatever political hay he wants to make here, long after he's repaid the private prison donors to his campaign, we'll have a legacy of this dumbass decision for the next generation.

      And the kids will grow up with lack of trust in adults, attachment disorders, acting out, anger, depression, all kinds of problems. That's assuming that they don't get molested, brutalized, or die of disease in the goddamn tent cities in the desert.




  2. Gilpin Guy says:

    I guess he forgot the Bible verse "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  I wonder if he would want his family to be treated the same way if they were in Wakanda?

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      You misquoted that, Gilpin Guy. Doesn't the "christian" Bible of Prosperity Jesus say, "Do unto other white folks as you would have them do unto you"?

      Isn't that also how they justified breaking up families of slaves? 

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