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“Too often we…enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

–John F. Kennedy

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  1. Voyageur says:

    In poetry or prose, 

    Trump stinks!

    Stay upwind, America.

    And check out the Trumpku diary for profiles of active polsters.

    Great gawd almighty,

    Trump stinks.

  2. RepealAndReplace says:

    Another klutzy good guy with a gun shoots someone in the leg while break dancing. We probably won't hear from Negev since no children were killed.

    • unnamed says:

      For a group of people preaching about wanting responsible gun owners to be left alone and insisting that responsible gun owners should be able to conceal or open carry wherever they damn well please, these supposedly responsible gun owners keep showing that they can be DAMN irresponsible.

      Negev might show up with some canned response to shill for his fellow "good guys with guns".

      • Negev says:

        Um, that  guy was a federal agent. Perhaps you should reconsider them being exempt from concealed carry laws. That's the guy you trust with a gun, you know, the ones that nabbed the Parkland shooterThwarted the Orlando night club shooting, and intercepted and stopped the Boston bomber.

        That's the guy you expect to enforce all these proposed "common sense" laws. Good luck with that. I feel safer already. 


        • Davie says:

          That federal agent was performing a backflip on the dance floor at 1am (and very likely drunk).  You think he's required to carry at all times?  Even if he's doing an Iron man event?

          The issue is judgment, or lack thereof when it comes to mishandling deadly fucking weapons, not that you give a rat's ass.

        • unnamed says:

          And what?  He couldn't secure his weapon?  We're not supposed to trust the judgment of law enforcement officers, but we are supposed to trust the judgment of average Joe Kegger walking into Chipotle with an AR-15 out in the open? 

          Also, wasn't part of your solution to put some of these people in schools to protect kids?  Now you're trying to tell us that we can't trust them?

          Just a canned response from our resident NRA shill. 

          • Negev says:

            What I'm saying is you don't trust the judgement of Joe Kegger but this guy you allow to carry, anywhere, anytime. Every single piece of legislation proposed or enacted exempts guys like this. Honestly I would rather Joe Kegger walk into Chipoltle with an AR than Johnny Law shoot innocents while doing freakin backflips at the electric boogaloo. That's just me. 

            Davie I am glad you see this as a judgement issue, at least you are moving towards the user and not the hardware. You'll come around.

            My latest proposal was to arm schools with less lethal defense that would stop the shooter and not kill them, and enable those in the situation to act in a defensive manner without injecting more firearms into the mix. If the NRA got wind of that they would totally demand I return my flashlight.  

            If guys like this one are slated to protect our kids, we are all in trouble. It thats the bar that's set, I continue to conclude I would rather be responsible for my own safety. If you trust that guy more than yourself, you should not be too surprised when they fail you, again. 





            • unnamed says:

              Honestly, I could get on board with nonlethal rock throwing, or some other means.

              And what I am saying is that this agent should have gone through rigorous training, and acted irresponsibly and should suffer consequences for that.  But there should be no vetting for regular Joe Kegger being irresponsible.  Just let him have a gun.  No wait period.  No background check.  No law saying that he needs to register and insure his gun (like we have to do with cars) and if he fucks up like that FBI agent did, oh well.

            • Davie says:

              Negev, despite what you and Dudley Brown might say, the point is regardless of how experienced and highly trained you think you are, it's better to be a drunken idiot than a drunken idiot with a gun.

              That's the lesson of today's incident.  There's nothing for me to "come around to" in your blood-soaked vision.

              • Negev says:

                Agree, way better to be a drunken idiot than a drunken idiot with a gun. Also better to be a survivor than a victim. How you go about achieving that is up to you. Just keep those dance moves in mind when you decide. 


              • MichaelBowman says:

                Speaking of Dudley – we have an interesting Sheriff race happening in Yuma County.  Our sitting Sheriff is being challenged by a retiring state trooper who has lived in the county for years.  RMGO sent out a mailer recently asking the question 'What is Todd Combs (the trooper) hiding'?  Reportedly, Todd refused to answer the RMGO questionnaire because of the way it was worded so Dudley's asserting that Todd is soft on the Second and would cave to the Front Range liburals.

                Anyone who knows Todd knows that assertion is laughable.

                In some very entertaining letters to the Editor, a back-and-forth between the candidates has revealed that the current budget for the Sheriff's department has grown substantially under the current occupant (something like 40%) and he has a goal to have 2.7 deputies/1,000 in our county.  That would translate into 27 deputies for our 10,000 residents.  Does anyone know how that compares to a metro area?  I can tell you tales of a simpler time when we had one Sheriff, a couple of deputies and a posse (my Dad was one when I was a kid).  We've managed to militarize our local force in my adult lifetime.  I guess we're supposed to be afraid. 

                  The Wray Gazette doesn't have an online version so no links – but it's making for some entertaining local politics.  

  3. Pseudonymous says:

    "I bake for Jesus" – Masterpiece Cakes folks won at the Supreme Court.

    It looks like the court punted 7-2, saying that the Civil Rights Commission wasn't a neutral arbiter.  The court says the comission gave other bakers a pass when they declined to produce cakes with offensive messages (I'd have to look these up, did someone have a baby they named Hitler?).  Also, the court decided that the commission was openly hostile to Cake Jesus' religiosity (as was I just then).  Ginsburg and Sotomayor dissented.

    This really seems to be a rules and process ruling, as opposed to what right-wing Christians will undoubtedly claim is a ruling supporting the right of Christians to assert their faith in private enterprise. I think the better indication is the fact that Kennedy (who has been generally supportive of LGBTQ rights) crafted the opinion, which two of the more “liberal” justices joined, in a way that repeatedly makes clear that the law can protect LGBTQ folks, even in commerce. This case was messy, and I think Kennedy and the libs found a way to thread the needle.

    • unnamed says:

      Unbelievable.  What does discrimination have to do with conscience?  Also, the commission was "openly hostile" to Cake Jesus?  Cake Jesus was openly hostile to the Gay couple.   So, if the commission hurt his fee fees, tough shit.

    • mamajama55 says:

      Well, uh, good news? Sort of?

      * LGBTQ folks are to be treated as equal citizens by businesses that are open to the public. (Gosh that's mighty accommodatin' of ye)

      *We still have separation of church and state. (Whew!)

      *But the Colorado Civil Rights Commission was really, really mean to the baker guy and Christians are basically being thrown to the lions again by teh Libzes.
      And this is about as much as we can hope for with this court right now.

      Do I have that about right?

      And Trump, unlike his predecessors, is (again) not acknowledging LGBT pride month in June.  I'd guess his base of support is narrowing to only the most bigoted and extreme people, and he's trying to keep them happy.

  4. Voyageur says:

    Boycott the baking bigot and move on.   Money still talks.

  5. Davie says:

    Trump claims Mueller probe is unconstitutional and insists he can pardon himself

    Next up:  Trump claims he can crown himself as Emperor.  It's in the Constitution — just look it up!

  6. Davie says:

    You didn't read it in the Denver Post:

    RTA Architects and GWWO, Inc./Architects Celebrate the Groundbreaking of the New Pikes Peak Summit Complex

    • Jun 4, 2018 Updated 32 min ago

    My brother in Atlanta just told me about how excited he is about the news of the new Pikes Peak Summit Complex coming in 2020.  The Denver Post has nothing I can see about that announcement.  Had to Google it, and found it in the current edition of a Galveston, TEXAS newspaper.

    Alden Global Capital strikes again.

  7. Davie says:

    This has got to be some kind of mistake:

    On May 24, President Trump signed the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act, which has received attention for loosening restrictions placed on banks after the financial crisis. The legislation, however, also made some changes to the federal law dictating consumer credit rules.

    One helpful change, which consumer advocates had been seeking for years, will allow consumers to “freeze” their credit files at the three major credit reporting bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — without charge. Consumers can also “thaw” their files, temporarily or permanently, without a fee.

    Apparently, the bank lobbyists threw their dumber younger brothers in the credit reporting business to the wolves once they got their multibillion dollar regulatory relief.

  8. mamajama55 says:

    Spam in the "recent diaries" again.

  9. Pseudonymous says:

    OMG.  Fucking Manafort.  Enjoy jail, Paul.

    The stories haven't hit yet, but Mueller filed to revoke Manafort's bail for witness tampering.  Apparently he called, texted, and sent encrypted messages to a couple folks seeking to influence their testimony and hide evidence.

    Bob has eyes everywhere…

    Edit: ah, here’s one. Mueller accuses Manafort of witness tampering

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