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April 13, 2018 4:30 pm MST

Colorado Democratic Assembly Results

  • by: kwtree

Colorado Democrats assembled at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield from Friday, April 13, to Saturday, April 14, 2018. The crowd of almost 4,000 Democrats were enthusiastic, engaged, yet civil (in contrast to the stunning back-stabbing and skullduggery at the Republican assembly) . The CDP Assembly was superbly well-organized, with balloting completed in about a half hour, and counted in less than two hours. Kudos to Chair Morgan Carroll and all of the CDP staff and volunteers.

All of the congressional districts held their own assemblies; many candidates had primary challengers or Democratic challengers to Republican incumbents. In this “blue wave” year, no office held by the GOP can be considered to be off-limits. Democrats in Colorado put forward a slate of phenomenal candidates.

The official results from the Colorado Democratic Party (CDP) for statewide offices are:

CU Regent-at-Large
Lesley Smith: 3,229 votes (100.00%)

Based on these results, Lesley Smith has qualified for the Democratic primary ballot for CU Regent-at-Large.

Bernard Douthit: 1,074 votes (31.50%)
Charles Scheibe: 557 votes (16.34%)
Dave Young: 1,778 votes (52.16%)

Based on these results, Bernard Douthit and Dave Young have qualified for the Democratic primary ballot for Treasurer.

Secretary of State
Jena Griswold: 3,352 votes (98.44%)
Phillip Villard: 53 votes (1.56%)

Based on these results, Jena Griswold has qualified for the Democratic primary ballot for Secretary of State.

Attorney General
Amy Padden: 360 votes (10.54%)
Joe Salazar: 1,249 votes (36.58%)
Phil Weiser: 1,805 votes (52.87%)

Based on these results, Joe Salazar and Phil Weiser have qualified for the Democratic primary ballot for Attorney General. Amy Padden can qualify for the ballot if the Secretary of State determines that she has collected the requisite number of valid signatures.

Cary Kennedy: 2,101 votes (61.65%)
Jared Polis: 1,120 votes (32.86%)
Erik Underwood: 187 votes (5.49%)

Based on these results, Cary Kennedy and Jared Polis have qualified for the Democratic primary ballot for Governor.

NOTE: These are not all of the candidates that are running for these particular offices. Some candidates have chosen to qualify for the ballot by submitting petition signatures instead of going through the caucus-assembly process.

Here are the CD results in order: ( rounded to nearest 1%). I’ll update this list with numbers as I find them.

I’ve included my notes on the assemblies I attended and on the speakers I heard.

CD1: (Denver metro)Diana Degette – 61% . Her primary opponent, Saira Rao , got 37%, and will be on the ballot. Rep. Degette has been a reliable Democratic vote for many years in a safe district – I think Rao’s candidacy will be a needed wake-up call to be more progressive and to offer better constituent services. Rao is sharp, a great speaker, and has energized the progressive base. Degette attended her CD1 assembly on April 13 , did not attend nor speak at the state assembly April 14.

CD2: (Boulder area – Jared Polis vacated the seat to run for Governor) Joe Negeuse – 91% Joe gave a helluva speech, as he always does. His personal story touches many people. Boulder will be well represented by him, as he’ll certainly win the primary, and almost certainly the general election. His primary opponent, Mark Williams, did not make the ballot. The GOP has put up a couple of “Nicks” against Neguse: Nick Thomas and Nicholas Morse. I don’t know who won the GOP assembly vote, but they won’t beat “the Goose”.

CD3: (most of the western slope and SW CO – currently held by Scott Tipton) Diane Mitsch Bush had the highest delegate vote with 56%; Karl Harlon also cleared the 30% threshold with 41%, and will be on the ballot.

CD4: (Mostly NE CO – current incumbent Ken Buck) The Doctors were in the house! Veterinary doctors Karen McCormick and Chase Kohne each had throngs of energetic supporters on stage for their nominations. Each gave a rousing speech:

Kohne’s best line, in my opinion: “If you want to shoot an AR15, go down to the recruiting office and join the military.”

McCormick’s nominators are emphasizing Dr McCormick’s support for Dreamers and immigrants. Karen McCormick emphasized Cannabis, immigrant rights, healthcare, union support, bipartisan cooperation to get laws passed. Full disclosure: I live in CD4. I’m voting for McCormick, will be fine with Kohne as well.

CD5 (El Paso area, currently held by Doug Lamborn) Stephany Rose Spaulding won the delegate count and will be on the ballot. I don’t know about the other CD5 candidates, whom you can read about at the EPCO Young Dems site. It’s great to see so many young Democrats running from what has6been the Tea Party GOP’s bastion in Colorado.

CD6 Aurora / Arapahoe County area, currently held by Mike Coffman. Jason Crow won top ballot with 64% , while Levi Tilleman will also be on the ballot with 35%. I saw Crow speak to the assembly, and found his persona to be authentic and appealing. PPP surveyed 761 voters, and found that Crow polled 44-39 against Coffman in Febrary 2018.

CD7 Ed Perlmutter, the Democratic incumbent, did not attend the Assembly as far as I know. Ed, a very popular Congressman in his district, is not being primaried in this election.


Author’s note – this diary started as an open thread based on my live blogging at the Colorado State Assembly. I’ve updated it with ballot results.




62 thoughts on “Colorado Democratic Assembly Results

    1. I thought that “minor candidates” carried less of a sting. But I found the two less popular candidates for CD4 to be deeply unimpressive – apparently, delegates agreed, leaving us with only better choices.

  1. Bennet iskilling it. After 10 years, he has finally found his voice. Now about that Glass Stiegel thing….

    Why are people heckling and booing Hickenlooper. .? Did I miss something . This is his last speech as Gov…. I’m cutting him some slack, personally.

        1. Gertie, Diane Mitsch Bush won. She is speaking now. I like her. She says she knows how to win votes from unaffiliateds and Republicans. Karl Harlon is also on the ballot.

          ”why should you care about CD3.? We have 80% of the public lands in CO.” – Diane Bush

            1. Unfortunately, gertie, one-person, one vote puts a premium on quantity over quality.  But I have found some superb thinkers and problem solvers among Democrats from the west slope, san luis valley and eastern colorado.

              Too bad we can't weight votes by IQ.

                1. I can remember lots of fine West slope Republicans, like Dan Noble, Tilman Bishop, Mike Strang.   Now, the voice of the loon is heard in the land

                  1. Watch the SD7 (Mesa County) primary race closely, V. Rep. Dan Thurlow, a rational R who is not a loon, is taking on Ray Scott, one of the leading loons of the Senate the last couple of years.

                    We'll see if there is hope for Mesa County.

                    1. So that is why Neanderthal man voted in favor of expelling the Stache? Fear of Thurlow? He's trying to make himself look reasonable?

                      Lipstick on a pig….

        2. CD 3 assembly- Diane Mitsch Bush gave a terrific, podium pounding, raised voice speech. She has such a command of data. As MJ pointed to, in her 3 minutes to the whole assembly she threw out one, CD 3 contains 80% of CO public lands.

          Hanlon is not very progressive.

          Both candidates had rowdy, enthusiastic supporters. Twas fun for sure. Unfortunately, State House District 61 had it's assembly from 6-7. CD 3 was in the same room from 7-8:30. So, I was unable to get to meet up. I did run into many friends from around the state.

  2. Loving the student leadership today… I’m ready to vote for Tay Anderson and Ally Horton in about 5-10 years. What’s the age limit to run?


    Treasurer nominations were closed after Young, Douthit, Schiebe were nominated. Guess Lebsock gave up his run for Treasurer when he turned to the dark side. 

    Any word on if he’s running for treasurer  as a Republican? Or would he have had to declare that last  January?

  3. 3 different leadership styles – Kennedy roused, Polis cajoled and Underwood preached. I’d be fine with either of the front runners.

    Kennedy will win, just judging by the delegates holding signs for her. Polis will run a close second. We’ll want to check out Eric Underwood in a few years.


    1. Has Underwood ever explained why he wanted to run as a Republican in 2016? Or why is trying at the elite level rather than running for a State House, State Senate, or even US Rep position?

      1. I've seen him speak a couple of times. He's been good about coming out to the sticks to meet face to face.

        What he said was (I'm paraphrasing, of course)  1. It was Trump and what Trump is doing to working people. 2. He decided it was the year of the outsider candidate. 3. People kept telling him he had great ideas – he does have some good ideas about Colorado being a leader in industrial hemp (someone should give him Mike Bowman's #), free tuition community colleges and state universities in exchange for a year of public service, kind of a job corps thing connecting youth all over the state to apprenticeships or something – which Noel Ginsberg had already done.

        Other strengths:

        He's a decent orator, (more of a preacher), charismatic, smart. He might be an opportunist, since he originally registered as Republican (there are way fewer Republican African-Americans, so he'd stand out more).

        To answer to John in Denver's 2nd question: obviously, Underwood has a big ego. Most successful politicians do. In his case, he does need to start with some smaller local office, but if he does, I think he'll be back, and we should take another look at Eric Underwood.

        Everyone in my county who met him said that they liked him, that he had potential, and they wanted to see him in a few years when he had a bit of elected experience going for him.

        1. Thanks for the report, MJ …

          I like that he's willing to go to where people are. I think some good ideas are really needed. And he seems like a natural and attractive possibility for some state legislative districts, less visible state offices (Regent?), or a strong candidate for a "big city" position to give him some visibility.

  4. Minority report platform initiative on not including DFER (democratic federation for education reform) in the party platform. 

    People spoke about how the corporate model of charter schools does not serve poor kids and kids with disabilities. Its great for families that can afford the extra transportation and tuition costs,

    kids with disabilities, especially behavior/ emotional problems, are routinely recruited for the October count, then discarded back to public schools when they become challenging to educate.

    we get that most charter schools are public schools. There are some hybrids out there. By definition, a “charter” allows some flexibility in curriculum and staffing. Sometimes (often) this means that unqualified people are hired. Not for the schools in wealthier districts, but in the low income ones. 

    In recognition of all these factors, delegates approved the anti-dFER resolution.

      1. Chase Kohne did at 64%, to Karen McCormick 34%. So they will share the primary ballot.

        One of the lesser candidates, Les Sistek, tried to "start stuff" by attacking Kohne on a bogus claim that Kohne shared secret info. The CD4 assembly crowd was not amused. Win the Fourth reported that the crowd started spontaneously chanting, "We don't attack our own!"

        Photo of CD4 Assembly delegates by Marcia Martin of Win the Fourth

  5. More results: (all rounded)

    Cd5 and CD6 -Stephanie Rose Sterling is nominated to run against Doug , Jason Crow is speaking now. He has a really authentic presence. 

    Levi Tilleman also made the 30% threshold, and will be on the ballot.

    Treasurer Dave Young 51, Bernard Douthit 31

    lesley smith100 CU Regent

    jg 98% for Jena Griswold for Sec State

    pw 58% for Phil Weiss for AG, 36 for Joe Salazar , approx 10% for Amy Padden

    Cary Kennedy 61%

    Jared Polis 31%

    Eric Underwood 5%

    1. Isn't it premature to be predicting that Stephanie Ross Sterling will be running against Lamborn? First, he has to find out if he has enough valid signatures to make the primary, and then he has to run the gauntlet of fellow wing nuts. (Although historically he's been fortunate in the fellow wing nuts splitting the primary voters and letting him eek out a win.)   

  6. "Jason Crow is speaking now. He has a really authentic presence. "

    If by authentic, you mean weasel who has probably come to the realization that if he gets there the general election is going to suck, I concur.

    Tilleman will be on the ballot.
    He went from 0 to 40% in 4 months.  Just another 10% and CD6 has real potential to be in play.

      1. Send several.
        If they all have CD postmarks – it will help him even more.

        It's not competition, sport, game.  It's politics. And since I believe I've lived in CD6 longer than you, my concern about great candidates who still lose to the R in the general, all I can say is : you're not the boss of me.

        1. I've lived in this state since 1945, which is long before they had a cd 6.   And I never said I was the boss of you.  Dio is the boss of you.

          Damn good thing, too. Somebody needs to do the job!

              1. Nice try.  

                The smarter one’s here have already figured out I’m just one of your sock puppets . . . 

                . . . why are you talking to yourself?

    1. I meant to put on that Tillerman made the ballot, too. Ipad isnt made for longblogging, cant format well, edit, or link easily. 

      What dont you like about Crow.

      1. I like Crow ok, and if he's the nominee, I'll back him.

        – the party leadership chose him
        – out of state donors and party supporters  has never gone over well in CD6
        – he's shown nothing that says he's a better candidate in the general than previous Ds who lost, some of whom were excellent.

        Sure, there's Trump and the blue wave, and blah, blah, blah.  I don't care – cause I don't think any of that helps him very much. To win my primary vote, he needs to show me that he can win the general.

        OTOH – in the general, Tilleman will have to run a different D campaign. 
        First, he'd have to if he is going to break 40%.
        He would have to be really smart – lucky for him, he is.
        He would need a record of the kind of accomplishments that impress in CD6. Lucky again – he has that.

        Of course, either of them would have to organize, register voters and gotv.  Assume, as new candidates they're tied on this part, I think Tilleman runs stronger in the general.

      2. As much as I like tea for the tillerman, mj, the candidates name is Tilleman — no “r”.  Don't feel bad, I just cite that because when as deeply rooted an activist as yourself has barely heard of this guy, it doesn't speak well about his prospects.

        I read his web site.  He has good issue papers, but very little experience in public policy.  I admit to my bias that I'll take a fellow veteran like crow over a rich Yalie like Tilleman any time.

        But if Tilleman does win the nomination, of course he has my support in november.

        America is facing nothing short of a fascist apocalypse.  Winning at least the House or Senate may determine whether the experiment in democracy that started in Boston in the 1770s will survive to nourish my grandchildren.  Trump is a tyrant whose only saving grace is stupidity and we must have men and women in Congress who will fight him with every ounce of strength in their bodies.

        Mike Coffman won't fight Trump, he'll go along.

        1. " little experience in public policy"

          Compared to what?
          Coffman has held office for … a hundred years.    experience in public policy? nuh-uh

          Crow has held office exactly never.  A tie.
          Crow definitely knows more about jumping out of airplanes and pay day lenders and businesses turning a profit on Indian reservations and making partner at a law firm. 
          But Tillemann knows more about being advisor to the Department of Energy under President Barack Obama and … everything else.

          1. In some quarters, knucklehead, "jumping out of airplanes" is called "serving your country." 

             crow did it.

            Tilleman didn't.

            From your comments, I take it that you didn't either.

            Of course, it was different in my day.   Now, when these guys jump out of planes, they have parachutes.


    1. Check here. Your preferred AG candidate, Amy Padden, got 10% of the Assembly votes, so if her petitions are found sufficient, she'll be on the ballot along with Phil Weiser and Joe Salazar.

    2. CD 3 assembly- Diane Mitsch Bush gave a terrific, podium pounding, raised voice speech. She has such a command of data. As MJ pointed to, in her 3 minutes to the whole assembly she threw out one, CD 3 contains 80% of CO public lands.

      Hanlon is not very progressive.

      Both candidates had rowdy, enthusiastic supporters. Twas fun for sure. Unfortunately, State House District 61 had it's assembly from 6-7. CD 3 was in the same room from 7-8:30. So, I was unable to get to meet up. I did run into many friends from around the state.

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