Mike Coffman Sure Knows How To Pick ‘Em

The Denver Post’s Mark Matthews reports on the latest meta-scandal to hit Colorado Republicans since Donald Trump’s election–new questions about political moonlighting by locally-based appointees at the Environmental Protection Agency:

A group of U.S. House Democrats wants EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to explain why two of his employees were given permission to do outside political work while on the payroll of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The officials under scrutiny are John Konkus, who works in the public affairs office, and Patrick Davis, an EPA senior adviser in Denver and the former director of Donald Trump’s campaign in Colorado.

According to a letter sent Monday by the House Democrats, Davis was given approval in February 2017 to work as the sales director for a company called Telephone Town Hall Meeting, which does outreach for legislators, political campaigns and other causes.

Now, being a curious reader you might rightly wonder what the former Colorado campaign director for Donald Trump’s qualifications might be for the role of “senior adviser” at the EPA. After all, the EPA as it’s been known since its creation is…well, a little different than Trump’s vision. But as it turns out, you don’t have to look any further than Rep. Mike Coffman’s glowing recommendation of Patrick Davis:

In an April 17 letter to Pruitt, Coffman said Davis had applied for the job and that the congressman urged “your favorable consideration of Patrick for this important post within the EPA.”

Coffman said that Davis’ consulting work exposed him to the issues facing Region 8 and that he had built “thousands of relationships in the region,” ranging from governors and senators down to state legislators and mayors. Davis also built similar relationships in EPA due to his work as part of the beachhead team, according to Coffman.

Coffman also said Davis has “close alignment” with the Trump administration’s priorities.

“His record in this regard is well established and he is ideally suited and capable of communicating and carrying out President Trump’s and your priorities as the EPA Region 8 Regional Administrator,” Coffman said. [Pols emphasis]

First off, knowing what we know today about Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s “priorities,” that says a mouthful!

But in Coffman’s case, Patrick Davis’ moonlighting scandal is doubly problematic. Back in 2007, then-Secretary of State Coffman stumbled into one of his more significant political scandals when his subordinate employee Dan Kopelman was found to be operating a voter data business on the side from his position as technology manager in the Elections Division. Coffman was forced to demote Kopelman under a heap of bad press, which thankfully for Coffman didn’t overly complicate his election to Congress the following year.

Doesn’t seem like Coffman learned his lesson, but each disgraced crony is a new opportunity.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    1. Fake haircut

    2. Guilt by association

    3. See #2

    More Colorado Pols time wasting.

    • unnamed says:

      Is it guilt by association when you were the most ardent defender of the Republican from Thornton, even well after it was known that he publicly retaliated against his accusers?

    • JohnInDenver says:

      FYI … when you recommend someone as an excellent fit for a job, your judgment of them is linked to their performance.

      When someone is so awesome as to be able to hold down full-time employment as a regional administrator AND work a side-job, you should be CROWING about her (or in this case, his) abilities.

      So, where is the praise for the work of the Region 8 EPA?  What wonderfulness has been brought out under the wide guidance of Patrick Davis? How are they doing with mine clean-up or other water quality (after the EPA says that dumping in drinking water is allowable)? Or air pollution control on the Front Range after the revision in methane controls?

  2. mamajama55 says:

    I'm glad that a mainstream journalist finally picked up on the stinking pile of diarrhea in the corner that is Patrick Davis' finances before  and during his tenure as Trump chair, EPA regional Deputy Director,  his consulting and political robocalling businesses after, etc. I've been hollering about Davis for a while, but no one seems to give a shit.

    It also won't be the first time that a mainstream reporter has picked up on research I've done and followed through on it for a story….and it probably won't be the last. Glad to help out, boys. The tip jar is on the table.

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