Fundraising Numbers for Colorado Candidates

UPDATE (3:00pm): Democrat Noel Ginsburg reports $224,668 in contributions for Q4…but $190,000 of that came from his own pockets. Officially, Ginsburg now has $223,733 in the bank.

According to a press release, Ginsburg’s campaign seems happy to pretend that personal checks from the candidate should be counted as donations:

Democrat Noel Ginsburg today announced strong year-end fundraising numbers in his bid for Colorado’s next Governor. Ginsburg raised more than $790,000 in 2017.

“I’d like to thank our many donors and volunteers for giving us strong momentum,” said Ginsburg, who recently finished a tour of the state.

Of the $790,000 that Ginsburg “raised” in 2017, at least $340,000 came from donors named “Noel Ginsburg.” When you include his personal checks, Ginsburg only received about $34,000 from donors in Q4.


UPDATE (1:46pm): Republican Brian Watson reports raising $179,530 for his campaign for State Treasurer. Watson contributed about $18k of his own money to that total, and has $153,647* in the bank.

*Watson’s campaign finance report also lists a $32,000 “contribution” for something labeled “opposition research,” but the filing doesn’t indicate that this was a personal in-kind contribution. This is probably not legal.


UPDATE (11:55 am): Republican Victor Mitchell (Governor) seems content to self-fund his campaign. Mitchell’s campaign reported just $4,324 in contributions for a cash-on-hand total of $2,175,432 (Mitchell wrote his campaign a $3 million check early last year). Mitchell’s campaign spent $113,162 in Q4 (2017).


Democratic Secretary of State (SOS) candidate Jen Griswold announced this morning that her campaign raised $58,381 in Q4 and now has a total of $115,537 in the bank. These are strong numbers for a challenger in a lower-tier statewide race such as SOS.


Fundraising reports from Q4 (2017) are due to be filed with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office today. We’ll keep a running update here on some of the most noteworthy numbers as they become available.


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  1. ZappateroZappatero says:

    None of it matters if you’re afraid to stand for something. 

    Just ask SFL Bennet. 

  2. RepealAndReplace says:

    Maybe Donnie, Jr. And Jarod provided Watson with dirt with fair market value of $32,000.

  3. PseudonymousPseudonymous says:

    Let's see, Johnston brought in about a quarter mil, and spent as much, with 730,000 on hand.  Cary raised and spent about the same, but has about 285,000 on hand.  Donna Lynne raised about 300,000 (60k from one Donna Lynne) and spent about 170 of it.  Jared gave himself 750,000, spent whatever, and had more money than god, so who cares what's on hand.

    • PseudonymousPseudonymous says:

      And now the Rs are in.  Of course, Stapler Walketon leads the pack with…oh, wait, he missed the filing deadline.  Well, Thomas the Reactionary Tanc Engine made it in with 75 grand in and 11 out, but money matters to him as much as to Jared at this point– albeit for opposite reasons.  The lesser son of the Robinson branch of House Romney clocked in with about 75k in and out, but was the beneficiary of a cool quarter mil loan to himself, leaving him with 430,000 COH.  Cindy Lou Who cooked up 100,000, of which 15,000 came from herself.  She has 85,000 in the bank.

  4. somekindofblue says:

    Nice "running update". Mock an unlikely candidate but spare everyone else. This is why we can't have nice things. 

    • PseudonymousPseudonymous says:

      Why wouldn't you mock a candidate who says this:

      Democrat Noel Ginsburg today announced strong year-end fundraising numbers in his bid for Colorado’s next Governor. Ginsburg raised more than $790,000 in 2017.

      When the reality is that he's gotten $690,000 in contributions— $100,000 of the total they claim was a loan to himself that he repaid, and half of that amount, $340,000, came from him, and therefore the only thing that was raised was the pen he used to sign the checks.

      I would hope Pols would mock Jared or Victor Mitchell if one of them started crowing about how much money he "raised," too.

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