Dr. Chaps To Rep. Steve Lebsock: Time To Switch Parties

ex-Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt.

If you thought the defense of alleged serial sexual harasser Rep. Steve Lebsock of Adams County couldn’t get any more bizarre after his recent press campaign asserting that a self-administered polygraph examination “proved his innocence,” all we can tell you is you must have forgotten about ex-Rep. Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt.

In a former Colorado Statesman op-ed published this morning, Klingenschmitt…well, read it for yourself:

Amidst the wave of sexual harassment allegations from Hollywood to Alabama to the Colorado State Capitol, and as an evangelical Republican who condemns sexual harassment and sexual immorality, I will hereby argue why my friend Rep. Steve Lebsock should immediately switch from Democrat to Republican. [Pols emphasis] Lebsock and I served together as state representatives, often dueling in friendly opposition on the local government committee. He’s a moderate Democrat and I’m a conservative Republican, so we rarely agree, but to Lebsock’s credit he scores highly on the Principles of Liberty scorecard. Lebsock is a pro-gun, smaller-government, pro-liberty Democrat, which surprises some, but not me. He votes 71 percent of the time with Republicans, not Democrats, on bills concerning individual liberty and property rights, and 31 percent with conservatives overall. It wouldn’t be a big stretch for Lebsock to caucus with Republicans.

But imagine everyone’s shock and sadness when hearing Lebsock’s fellow Democrat, Rep Faith Winter, accused him of once having invited her to engage in sexual immorality. Lebsock denies the allegation; he did publicly state he apologized to Winter “for offending her.” Rep. Winter says she refused Lebsock’s alleged advances, and her faithfulness to her husband is admirable, just as I’ve also cherished faithfulness to my wife of 26 years. As an evangelical I oppose sexual immorality. However, this new-fangled Democrat Party opposition to consensual sex outside of wedlock is hardly consistent with the Democrat legislative agenda; in fact, it’s hypocritical. I’m delighted that House Speaker Crisanta Duran has suddenly become puritanical in her beliefs, yet she’s duplicitous to have removed Lebsock from a committee, or to permit a vote to expel him from the House.

Chaps continues:

[N]ow Democrats face a choice, and can’t have it both ways. They can’t promote sexually immoral legislation with their votes at the state-house, while at the same time calling for government invasion of consenting adults’ bedrooms. That’s intellectually inconsistent.

Rep. Steve Lebsock (D-Thornton).

As we think readers can readily observe, there are, to understate it considerably, some problems with former Rep. Klingenschmitt’s reasoning. First and foremost, when we are discussing sexual harassment, we are not in any way discussing “consensual sex outside of wedlock.” The whole point is that harassment is not consensual. Conflating the two is the first sign that Klingenschmitt does not have anything like a helpful opinion–which we of course hope you already knew. Once Dr. Chaps starts conflating the whole range of Democrats’ “sexually immoral legislation” with harassment–we assume this is everything from LGBT rights to women’s reproductive rights–where he’s going with all this is horrendously unmistakable. But again, not terribly surprising.

As for the suggestion that Rep. Lebsock switch from Democrat to Republican? We believe that the first choice of Lebsock’s victims would simply be for him to resign, so they don’t have to deal with him at the Capitol in any capacity. With that said, the increasingly stark contrast between the response of Democrats to sexual harassers exposed in their midst vs. Republicans both locally and nationally would seem to create conditions in which Lebsock switching parties could make all kinds of sense.

And on balance, the optics of a Democrat accused of serial sexual harassment seeking refuge in Donald Trump’s Republican Party might actually be too good for Democrats to pass up! Whether to the GOP or into early retirement, we do suspect Lebsock’s Democratic House colleagues hope the door doesn’t hit him where the Good Lord split him.

As Dr. Chaps himself would say.

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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    Setting aside the fact that what Roy Moore was accused of wasn't simply sexual harassment but statutory rape……

    What the hell is he talking about when he refers to "consensual sex?" He has carved out an exception to sexual harassment when the only thing the harasser does is to invite the harassed (usually repeatedly and in graphic terms) to engage in consensual sex?

    What part of sexual harassment does Chappy not get?

    As for switching parties, imagine a conference committee comprised of Randy Baumgartner, Jack Tate and Steve Lesbock as the Republican conferees? Women on the committee … don’t forget to bring your cans of mace!

    • PseudonymousPseudonymous says:

      You have to understand that consent, for folks like Chaps, means that a man has consented to a woman having sex with him.  Women aren't necessary for consent as (a) they are inherently sinful and the source, and drivers, of lust, and (b) their opinions don't really matter, and, to the extent they do, they really want sex all the time, anyway, since that's what god put them here for.

      • RepealAndReplace says:

        Oh that's right. How soon we forget about Eve, the snake and the apple.

        If only the good Lord, had the good sense to place Adam in the Garden with Steve, all would have been well.

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    Steve, you probably ought to join (run, don’t walk) the party that now defines the term “consensual” to mean a man consenting with himself to do whatever he wants to a woman whenever he gets the tingleys . . . 

    . . . same as it ever was with the so-called “christian” patriarchy. 

  3. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    Desperation from the GOP. I actually don't think Lebsock will switch parties.   You can check out his presentation here at the NE CO Treasurer candidates forum (about 5 minutes in) and see for yourself. The legislature is going to have to expel Lebsock, and it will be ugly.

    Also check out Bernard Douthit. He seems like a solid Treasurer candidate.

    As for the remaining Democratic Treasurer candidate, the one Pols obviously favors, Dave Young, he didn’t bother to show up for this forum, even though it was only 57 miles away from his home and district in Greeley, even though it was well advertised in local papers, even though he registered his candidacy 3 days after the Forum took place. I’m left to conclude that Young did not want to answer the specific questions other candidates answered at the forum.

    Young may or may not have known that Lebsock’s campaign was going to implode because of the harassment allegations; as a sitting legislator himself, he probably knew.

    I’m aware of FEC rules that one cannot collect $$ without officially registering, and cannot represent oneself as running without officially registering. None of those rules would have precluded Young’s registering and announcing a few days earlier.

  4. davebarnesdavebarnes says:

    Well, it is not the GOP: Gropers Or Pedophiles® for nothing.

  5. JohnInDenver says:

    Wonder what would happen if the conservative Democrat described by Dr. Chaps did join the other 6 Republican candidates campaigning for state Treasurer.

    He might have more of a chance on that side of the ballot — but that would be because ANY chance over there is better than where he sits in a Democratic/independent primary.

    In the meantime, I expect that if Rep. Lebstock has not resigned by the start of the session, some of the additional accusers will be willing to talk in any new process the legislature establishes. If he switches parties, it will be interesting to see if the Republican caucus is willing to support him in order to be one seat closer to a majority.

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