Michael Bennet is proud to support a public option


Due to some further confusion, it is worth noting that the clips in the video embedded below were filmed at the places and times specified here: (in order of appearance)

1. El Paso County Democrats – July 11, 2009

2. Edwards Public Town Hall – August 14, 2009

3. Pueblo event at Jorge’s – August 8, 2009

4. Ouray House Party – August 18, 2009

5. Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce – August 31, 2009

6. St. Joseph’s Hospital – August 3, 2009

7. Highlands Ranch House Party – August 22, 2009

8. Pueblo Public Town Hall – August 28, 2009

9. Your Show on 9 News – July 12, 2009

10. Durango Meet and Greet – August 17, 2009

11. Telluride Meet and Greet – August 18, 2009

There has recently been some confusion on Michael Bennet’s support for a public option.  To clear things up, this morning we released a video outlining his support.  I’ve embedded it here.  Watch it to hear Michael express his support for a public option in his own words.

During this work period, Michael has been traveling all across Colorado discussing the urgent need to reform our broken health care system.  He’s held town halls and discussions in Aurora, Durango, Edwards, Frisco, Grand Junction, Highlands Ranch, Ouray and Telluride.  Videos of these events can be viewed at http://BennetForColorado.com/healthcare.

Any health care reform bill should control costs, allow people to keep their own medical plan and their own doctor, increase competition, and increase coverage — all in a fiscally responsible way. Providing patients with a public insurance option — that increases competition and drives down prices — would help to achieve these goals.

Pledge your support for health care reform by visiting http://BennetForColorado.com/healthcare.


New Media Director

Bennet for Colorado


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  1. Fidel's dirt nap says:

    Can’t get any clearer than that.  This is the single most important issue to me, and I presume a lot of other Coloradans as well.  He’s got my vote.

    • Emma Anne says:

      Thanks, Bennet staffer.

      • redstateblues says:

        So everyone who supports Bennet is a paid shill? Emma, if you read this site, you should know FDN is a long-time poster and hardly a “staffer” for anyone.

        I know it’s kind of getting hard to tell the difference between the sock puppets and the real people, but all you need to do to tell that FDN–or anyone for that matter–is a real person is look at their profile page and see their comments.

        Or are you simply pointing out that the diary was posted by the Bennet campaign? If that’s the case, you should probably make it a little more clear. From my reading, it sounds like you’re marginalizing anyone who isn’t drooling over Romanoff.  

      • Fidel's dirt nap says:

        I don’t work for Michael Bennet.  Hell, the last politician I worked for was Roy Romer !  I am too damn old and jaded to be a cheery fresh-faced Bennet staffer.  I just like to follow politics.  I shave once a week on a good one, I haven’t dressed up for work since the 90’s and I sure as hell don’t enjoy working with others, especially in a political setting.

        I am just happy to see any support from our reps and senators for the public option.  If it fails I am guessing I will stop following politics in disgust.

        I’m not totally in the bag for Bennet either, AND Andrew Romanoff is one of the best and brigtest pols we have had on the left side of the aisle for a long time.  I was wary of Bennet’s corporate connections and still am, but his presentations and work

        on behalf of HC reform (especially presenting it as a fiscal/debt issue) show me he can be creative and persuasive.

        And RSB, thanks for pointing that out !

  2. daunteblue says:

    Thanks for posting.  This should, although probably won’t, satisfy the Romanoff Democrats calling him a fake progressive. Can’t get much more clear than this statement though. Keep fighting for health care reform!

  3. lanman2k says:


    “But he told the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce’s membership that reform is not based on a public option, despite his belief that reform should include a public option for those who can’t obtain private insurance. The senator acknowledged that there are several ideas on the table and that a public option is not the be-all and end-all.”

    I’d like to hear exactly what he said to the Chamber. From that article, it sounds like a slightly different message.

    • DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

      live blog of Senator Bennet at DMCoC

      What I took away from his speech on this was two things on this subject.

      1) That the larger problem is reducing our spending on healthcare to under 10% of the economy. And the public option has no impact on this. (BTW – both statements here are spot-on.)

      2) That the public option can be many things. And that having competitive insurance without preexisting/dropping/etc does not require a public option. He’s committed to having competitive insurance for all and would vote for the public option. But he sees the requirement not as the public option, but solving the problem. (My worry here is he thinks they can craft legislation where insurance companies won’t continue to game the system.)

    • redstateblues says:

      He wants to see a public option, but it’s only one part of reform. The President has been urging health care reform supporters to explain a public option to people who might not understand it, but to those who will not be effected by a public option (the great majority) he suggested explaining the other benefits of reform like consumer protections and tighter restrictions on the insurance companies (who aren’t going anywhere any time soon under this plan.)

      It makes sense to be hammering public option to people at constituent meetings, because many of them will probably benefit directly by being customers of such an option. The business world is saying “I already have health insurance, and I’m fairly happy with it, why should I support this? What’s in it for me personally?” Those aren’t bad questions either.

      I don’t think it’s that bad of a strategy to emphasize the aspects of the bill that will help the particular people a politician is explaining it to. In fact, I’d say it’s the mark of someone who knows how to get things done.

      His opinion on public option is clear–even if it wasn’t 6 months ago–and it doesn’t make any sense to go into meetings with people who will in all likelihood not be affected by it, talking about how great it is. Public option is an important aspect of health care reform, but it is only a part of it. It’s a complex issue, and it affects different groups in different ways. It needs to be sold to those groups in the same fashion that Bennet is trying here.

  4. Jambalaya says:

    I hope it’s not possible to post a more unflattering picture of Bennet! (the initial screencap, that is)

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