AM760: Lawsuit Aims to Stop Roan Drilling Expansion; Westword Cover Story on Colorado Medicaid Cuts

(Drilling company plans 15X the number of wells for Roan Plateau than the Bush administration considered in its ‘environmental’ study. – promoted by ClubTwitty)

Yesterday morning on AM760, we talked to Mike Freeman of Earthjustice and Elise Jones of the Colorado Environmental Coalition about a major gas company’s stealth attempts to open up to 3,200 wells on the Roan Plateau – a far higher number than the Bush Bureau of Land Management used in its estimates justifying its support for drilling there. Freeman and Jones are members of two of the groups pushing a lawsuit to halt the plan. For background on the issue, check out this Grand Junction Sentinel report.

We also talked to Melanie Asmar about her in-depth Westword cover story on major cuts to benefits that disabled adults receive through Colorado’s Medicaid program.

You can listen to both interviews here.

Tomorrow (Friday), we’ll check in with Mason Tvert of Colorado SAFER on a potential new plan to reduce marijuana fines in Denver to just $1. Tune in between 7am-10am on your radio dial or at

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  1. Another skeptic says:

    You come across as truly obsessed.

  2. Ralphie says:

    There goes any credibility he might have enjoyed.

  3. ClubTwitty says:

    Conservation groups tried to settle–Barrett had no interest.  The suit has always alleged that BLM (intentionally or through shear incompetence) failed to disclose what was really planned for Roan; that the BLM–rather than disclosing the truth to the public–hid behind fancy Steven Halliburton press releases and massive spin, while the details were buried far in the EIS, and in many cases not spelled out but ‘between the lines’ as it were.  

    The Barret filing is the proof in the pudding.  3,200 wells.  The last best habitat for some of the purest strains of the native CO River Cutthroat Trout IN THE WORLD and Bush/Barret is getting ready to turn it into an industrial zone.  The suit is the only thing standing in the way, and a ruling is coming any day…

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