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November 11, 2017 6:20 pm MST

Dr Chaps celebrates Roy Moore Week - and blames leftists for church shooting

  • by: kwtree

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Gordon Klingenschmitt spent a week in Alabama promoting his old friend, Judge Roy Moore.

Screenshot of Klingenschmitt’s interview with Moore on Pray in Jesus’ Name program 10/5/17.

Former HD15 Representative Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt, working his $1.3 million* a year hustle, alt-right “news program”, Pray in Jesus’ Name News, ran a 5 part series promoting his old friend and mentor, Alabama Senate candidate and accused pedophile Judge Roy Moore. Chaps campaigned for 5 days  with Roy Moore in Alabama last October.

For those with strong stomachs, here is the entire series:

  1. Pre- primary: Chaps interviews Moore at 24:00. Moore talks about the importance of religion, morality, and the law. I wonder how important those considerations were when he lured kids to his rooms and preyed on them.  He says he’ll obey the Constitution if he goes to Washington. Yet, at 5:36, Moore preaches: “The rights of conscience are beyond any human power.” Where was his conscience in 1979?  I didn’t think anyone could spout glibberish faster than Cory Gardner, but Moore can.
  2. Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson endorses Moore. You know, the fan of traditional marriage? The guy who wants to deceive the poor ducks into thinking he wants to have sex with them?  Sarah Palin and Steve Bannon also endorsed Moore at this event.
  3. Steve Bannon and Nigel Farage (British talk show host, Brexit fluffer and “person of interest” in Trump Russia investigation), endorse Moore. Bannon pumps Trump and stokes a populist narrative, deriding the “corporatist elites”. He calls the media the opposition party, and the “running dogs of this world.” At 28: or so , Bannon calls Jeff Sessions “the spiritual father of this movement.” At 28:31, Bannon says, “Judge Roy Moore is a good man, he is a courageous man, and most important, he is a righteous man.” Bannon is still standing behind Moore’s candidacy as of 11/11/2017.
  4.  Chaps interviews Moore at his primary victory night celebration. 28:31 Moore reports that Donald Trump called him to “fully support” him.
  5. Still at Moore’s victory rally, Chaps interviews Mark Green, Trump’s nominee for Secretary of the Army. Green withdrew his nomination as incendiary statements he had made about gays and Muslims surfaced.  Of course, Chaps had no problem with these statements.

Per Klingenschmitt, the left is to blame for the Sutherland Springs, TX, church massacre.

  1. Via Patheos blog and Right Wing Watch, Klingenschmitt’s guest was Matt Barber, who pontificated about the Sutherland, TX church shooting. Barber’s thesis, based on zero evidence, was that the shooter was an atheist Black Lives Matter Antifa ACLU supporter who hated Christians. Klingenschmitt smiled, nodded, and encouraged this lunacy.

And why wouldn’t he? Even if Moore is revealed finally as the hypocritical pedophile he is, Klingenschmitt will still be smiling all the way to the bank. His hatred of gays and promotion of wingnuts like Moore and Barber is quite a lucrative racket for our Colorado ex-legislator.

If even more of Moore’s victims come forward, which is likely, how will Klingenschmitt respond as a good Christian? Stand by his old friend and blame the victims? Blame the left? Blame the media? How about all three?



*numbers are for Klingenschmitt’s non-profit, “Persuade the World Ministries” tax returns in 2014 and 2015. Per Guidestar. Copied below:

Colorado Spgs, CO | EIN: 84-1523636 | Number: 0113876712
To Educate The World About Jesus. … Educating The World About Jesus. …


16 thoughts on “Dr Chaps celebrates Roy Moore Week – and blames leftists for church shooting

  1. Guidestar's numbers may be a bit off.  Also, there are places to access this stuff without registering.  I'm a big fan of ProPublica's Nonprofit Explorer.  Here's Chappie's stuff.  It shows he took in about $1.5 million in 2015, and had total assets of less than $100,000.  With liabilities, his net assets were -$46,769.

    You also have access to his 990s there, which say that he doesn't get paid anything for his part-time running of the charity, and that he's, surprise, the sole board member.

    1. Thanks, Pseudo. Nonprofit Explorer is a better site. Guidestar used to have a lot more available without registering.

      I checked out Nonprofit Explorer's posting of Chaps' 2013 return, and it still doesn't have any grants made to this Indian orphanage he supposedly built and milked the gullible senior citizens for. Nor is it in 2012 or 2011. In other words, he probably flat-out lied, solicited money, but never built or contributed to an orphanage.

      GJK, Inc, is Chaps' for-profit corporation (his media production company), and I think this is what he gets paid from. I can't find tax returns for GJK. Klingenschmitt routinely mixes up his religious and political, his for-profit and non-profit enterprises, and somehow the IRS and FEC do nothing about it.

      He may also be hiding income under his wife's name (Mary Elaine Klingenschmitt) who hasn't been seen in public for years.

    1. Apparently his fans have sufficient disposable income to smash their over-priced coffee maker. 

      Angry Sean Hannity Fans are Smashing Keurigs on Twitter Because 2017 Is Dumb as Heck

      Keurig moved to pull its advertising after being flagged on Twitter by Angelo Carusone of progressive group Media Matters. In response, at least a few of Hannity’s fans have lost their freaking minds and declared their intention to #BoycottKeurig.

      This predictably escalated even further and now Twitter is filled with amazing videos of right-wingers smashing their costly home coffee machines. The intent is apparently to intimidate Keurig into once again sponsoring Hannity’s show, lest he fall victim to the same fate that awaited accused abuser Bill O’Reilly.

      1. Holy crap.  People certainly do get emotional when progressives start being effective around advertising campaigns! Question their morals or decency – meh. Attack their money – OH NOES!

        Keurigs are the devil anyway. It's nuts to generate tons of unrecyclable plastic and foil just to have that single cup of coffee.  I have a $10 Dollar Tree single cup refillable-filter model that has lasted 3 years so far, and makes great coffee.

        1. You can recycle the pods, M.J. I do it. I toss them into a little basket in the back corner of my sink that held mushrooms. When I've got a dozen or so, I spend 15 minutes disassembling them. I peel the foil top off and set it aside. then I pull out the filter with the coffee in it and drop it in a bucket to compost. When I’ve emptied all of the little cups, I stack them and toss them in the recycle bin and then I squeeze the foil into a ball and pitch that into the recycle bin, too. The cups are plastic #5 and Denver takes #5 plastic.

            1. The thing is, they're doing this primarily to piss off liberals. The only reason some people do anything anymore.

              You'd think they'd be lovin' the environmental impact from Keurigs something fierce, until this display of Hannity-solidarity. 

              Let's not give them the satisfaction, shall we? Let's be bemused and amused instead of mad. After all, that's 100 dollars to eventually replace their Keurig that they won't be using for a gun.

                1. By "they" I meant the Moore defenders who are smashing their Keurigs out of some idiotic need to defend Hannity.

                  I actually have been here a while, though I've not posted that much. Didn't mean to spark your spidey sense.

                  1. biggie. I have been busy moving and haven't been on site much. Just feeling you out a little. Always good to have new posters with new points of view. Interesting moniker you have there…

                    Do you have a favorite banner you fly, or are you just an observer?

  2. It's something you kinda expect Chappy the Crappy to do anyway.

    Whatever, these guys piss me off. Aside from everything else, for claiming the mantle of anti-corporatist for their hypocritical, rule-by-corporations-loving selves.

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