D’oh! Colorado Candidates Have New Reports to File

Candidates running for statewide office in Colorado in 2017 and 2018 need to make sure they comply with a new reporting requirement until November 8. According to a press release from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, a drafting error in a bill passed by the Colorado legislature in 2016 is causing some unexpected problems:

A campaign finance bill aimed at providing more transparency for school board races, which are held in odd years, has impacted those running in the 2018 election, including the numerous candidates for governor.

The Colorado General Assembly passed a bill in 2016 that requires contributions of $1,000 or more be disclosed within 24 hours starting 30 days prior to the election in an odd year. It also requires disclosure of certain spending on advertisements, billboards and direct mailing that mentions candidates.

But the legislation didn’t limit the new requirement to school races. As a result, candidates running in next year’s general election must comply with the blanket requirements. The 24-hour reporting mandate began Sunday and runs through the election on Nov. 7.

General-election candidates already were subject to 24-hour reporting campaign-finance requirements 30 days before the primary election and again before the general election. The primary election is set for June 26 and the general election is Nov. 6.

House Bill 1282 was borne out of frustration with some 2015 school board races. At the time, political-committee expenditures in those races had to be filed quarterly, so the last one before the election showed up by Oct. 15. The next report wasn’t due until Jan. 15 of the following year, allowing donations throughout October and early November to be kept quiet until after the election.

We would expect that the legislature will fix this error when it reconvenes in January, but until then, statewide campaigns in Colorado may have some extra paperwork to do.

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  1. PseudonymousPseudonymous says:

    Candidates running for statewide office

    It's not statewide offices, is it?  It's any office in Colorado.  Maybe I'm wrong.

    (2.5)  In  addition  to  any  report  required  to  be  filed  with  the  secretary  of  state  or  municipal  clerk  under  this  section,  all  candidate  committees,  political  committees,  issue  committees,  and  political  parties  shall  file  a  report  with  the  secretary  of  state  of  any  contribution  of  one  thousand  dollars  or  more  at  any  time  within  thirty  days  preceding  the  date  of  the primary  election,  or  general  election,  OR  REGULAR  BIENNIAL  SCHOOL  ELECTION.  This  report  shall  be  filed  with  the  secretary  of  state  no  later  than  twenty-four  hours  after  receipt  of  said  contribution.

  2. JohnInDenver says:

    Gee, it looks like a drafting error. Perhaps it could be a bargaining chip to correct MULTIPLE drafting errors all at the same time.

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