Opportunity Missed

Opportunity Missed

Last night President Trump afforded the Democratic leadership an opportunity to reconnect with their base and the independents who had left the Democratic Party to vote for President Trump. Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi failed to grasp the opportunity in front of them.

Instead of bravely agreeing with common points of interest stated by President Trump, the Democratic leadership caved in to the activist mobs with the loudest voice who currently are the face of the Democratic Party. These two leaders would have nothing complementary to say about President Trumps message, even on points in which they agreed.

Moderate Democrats continue to distance themselves from the hysterical, radical movement of the Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison wing of the Democratic Party.

President Trumps common theme of standing with and for working people has wide support from Republicans, Independents, and moderate Democrats. Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO continues to support President Trump as do many other union organizations such as Teamsters, and the UAW. Of course the largest union organization, the Teachers Union, are active participants of the hysterical mob and will make sure no compromise is possible.

As more discord is sewn by the radical left and extremist Democrats, the traditional Democratic base will continue to identify as Independent or Republican.

Thank you President Trump for being an authentic agent of change.

It Feels Like Christmas

Today, it feels like Christmas. The gift we are given today is, once again we have access to liberty and freedom.

America says goodby to an angry President with a chip on his shoulder. A President that coned a hopeful population with platitudes of hope and change. You remember, “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, if you like your plan you can keep your plan, premiums will go down by $2500, using chemical weapons would cross a red line, I heard about Hillary’s email server on the news, the police acted stupidly”, and it continues.

The President is leaving behind a world on fire. His opening world apology tour to Americas friends and foes set the tone that the teacher had left the building. In Iran, Obama stood aside as the democracy movement was crushed by the ayatollahs, and liberty was extinguished. In Iraq and Afganistán he signaled our lack of commitment by setting withdrawal dates. In Libya he allowed an incompetent Secretary of State turn it into as Islamic terror network. In Israel he interfered with the Israeli election process to defeat the Prime Minister. Obama and his current incompetent Sec of State supports a viscous group of terrorist that has a goal to kill all Jews. He resets the relationship with Russia and tells them he will be more flexible after the election, Russia takes him at his word and occupies The Crimea and sets up a cyber warfare capability aimed at America. The Chinese build fortress islands in the Pacific to threaten Taiwan and Japan. North Korea extends it nuclear offensive capabilities. Massive Islamic immigration is tearing apart the fabric of Europe.

This is the world and legacy of Obama. Now the Democrats want war with Russia because their poor candidate was defeated when voters were able to look behind the curtain and expose the massive corruption of the Clitons.

With our military depleted, down to pre WW11 levels, we are in great jeopardy from the evil that stocks the earth. The John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham types will stir the march to war. The body bags that return will be the legacy of a successful President Obama and the Democratic Party.

Today it feels like Christmas, tomorrow it will feel like cleaning up from, Pearl Harbor and 911.

Russian Hacking

Russian Hacking

Every news headline about the alleged Russian hacking includes the word “election”. In fact none of the hacking activities impacted the election. Individuals were the target of the hackers. Those individuals just so happen to have written about subjects they never intended to become public. Now that the tone and depth of deceit of their writings has been exposed, there is much consternation and demand to hold accountable those who disclosed/hacked, and punish the perpetuators/hackers.

What the American people have chosen to do is to punish the deceit. That punishment coincidently happens to be associated with the team of people associated with Hillary Clinton. It is really no different than the philanders who were caught by the hack on Ashley Madison and the subsequent public disclosure of their names. To be sure those spouses, friends and family have extracted their measure of punishment for the offending behavior. So it is with the American voter, they chose not to accept the behavior of Hillary Clinton and her team.

The Russians may or may not have been the hacker. The shocking part of this whole subject is the revelation there are “16 or 17” intelligence agencies! News organizations roll the number off the video or printed page without a single question of why are there 17 intelligence agencies. I wonder if the number was 173 agencies if it would have generated a question. This is a classic demonstration of essences of government. Government’s inherent focus is to get ever larger in every area in which they are given purview. President Trump is correct in proposing a shakeup of the organizational scope of the various agencies. It must be done and it must be done in every similar case throughout the Federal government. The “Big Foot” of budget savings, (waste, fraud and abuse) has seen but never captured, and it never will be with a typical politician. If you have studied basic organization, you will know about “silos”, and barriers they present to adopting change. Seventeen silos, of the same function, insanity. Waste of epic proportions. Think of the funds that could have been directed to………, you name the social program.

Thank You President Trump

Thank you President Trump for smacking down the foolish Republicans and saving the Ethics Office. At no time in the election cycle did I hear a complaint about members being investigated. If anything, more investigations are need of Democrats and Republicans. Better many frivolous investigation than a missed needed investigation. No secret votes ever! If members don’t like it don’t run for office. Make America Great and drain the swamp, on both sides.

The Teacher Is In The Building

The Teacher Is In The Building

Oh those great and wonderful days of High School. I think it is safe to say that the majority of us delighted on the days our regular teacher was out and we had a substitute teacher. He/she did their best to appear concerned as they put a reel on the projector to deliver the lesson for the day. Generally the class paid no attention to the substitute and proceed to enjoy the next 55 minutes harassing each other and doing/saying anything they wanted to. The teacher was not in the building.

So it is with America, our teacher has been out of the building for soon to be 8 years. In those 8 years a series of substitutes have failed to maintain order in the international classroom. Those pesky rebellious students have, stolen jobs, destroyed economies, installed mass murders as heads of state, conducted ethnic cleansing, and are getting their nifty science project, (nuclear bombs) ready for show and tell.

Now that the school board has hired a new principal to make education great again, the students are pooping their pants at the thought of moving forward and graduating. Living in the basement is sooooooooooo comfortable.

Democrats and their best chums the Chi-Coms and other despots are craping their pants because the teacher is back in the building. It has happened before, it has happed now and will happen again as Democrats side with their Communist and totalitarian buds. Just as Ted Kennedy wrote to the Russians that the Democrats would do all they could to limit the danger of Reagan, and Obama told the Russians he would be more flexible after the election, and relations were restored with Castro Cuba, and the Muslim Brotherhood was granted legitimacy and many more examples. The students have had their 8 years.

Democrats lack the core values of liberty and freedom so it is understandable for them to live in fear of what someone might say or what someone might do in order to maintain their social/political status. The threat of the Chi-Coms being angry is enough to send Democrats to safe places and protest, that strength overcomes fear. We see what the world looks like when the substitutes only appear to be concerned.

A Pox On John Elway


Tim Tebow has new book out and is making the circuit on cable promoting his story. His story is one of shame for John Elway and the NFL. After taking over the Bronco’s Elway trades Tebow, brings in Manning and drafts Osweiler to back up Manning. Now I can understand taking advantage of Manning at that point in time but to trade a player who had the number one selling jersey in the NFL, won a playoff game, and was team motivator, made Bronco football exciting, made no sense at all. The real reason for the trade was Tebow’s overt expression of his faith which was too much for Elway to have to deal with. The NFL along with marginal, talking head quarter back, Boomer Esiason savaged Tebow for his faith and allowed the NFL and its owners cover, to engage in ethnic cleansing of Tebow from the NFL.

So Tebow a class human being is driven from the NFL, while the reprobate Colin Kaepernick is held up as a pillar of free speech and protest. The values of Kaepernick, a Castro loving, police hating, non-voter, who doesn’t have 1/10th of the character of Tebow, who is able to keep his job, should be an irremovable stain on the NFL and its owners and John Elway in particular.

California and San Francisco deserve Kaepernick and the values he promotes.

Melissa’s Story


In early October we were treated to Melissa’s Story. A story posted by ProgressNow Colorado and promoted by Colorado Pols. The story claims to have gone viral with 60,000 views is 48 hours. A story with that much interest deserves to be revisited in light of the November 8, election results.

Coloradans, heart broken by the plight of Melissa’s story came together and passed an increase in the minimum wage effective January 1, 2017. That increase raises the minimum wage from $8.31 to $9.30 per hour.

If you remember, Melissa is a single mother with two children. A son, age 19 and a daughter 10. They live in a shelter with the children bunkbeds in one room and Melissa’s bed in the living room. Melissa recognizes that she is not the only mother suffering this plight and laments that “we cannot survive of $8.31 per hour”.

So how is Melissa doing? Have the economics of the new minimum wage legislation changed Melissa’s plight? It is doubtful ProgressNow Colorado will check in with Melissa to see the amazing difference this change will make so we will have to do some basic arithmetic to see the impact.

A standard work week contains 2080 hours in a year, at $9.30 per hour equals an annual income of $19,344 gross wages before payroll taxes. This is an increase of $2059.20 annually. On a weekly basis, at 40 hours per week her wage is $372.00, an increase of $39.60 per week. Of course this assumes that a person can find a full time job that has not been destroyed by Obama Care. Let’s further assume that Melissa’s tax situation is that she only pay SS and Medicare, which will put her at approximately $347.82 net income per week.

The question is, can a family of three survive on $347 per week with the new and improved minimum wage? Absent other financial support from government or private agencies it is doubtful.

What has been accomplished? Liberals and Democrats get to pat themselves on the back for being caring for the disadvantaged, unions get to use the delta difference between minimum wage and their current wage to demand more compensation. The impetus to increase automation is accelerated. Fewer job opportunities for low skilled workers. More demands to spend on welfare, higher taxes, and more government employees to manage programs. And Melissa’s plight has not changed!

The cruelty of the minimum wage hoax perpetrated on Melissa by ProgressNow Colorado is egregious. Melissa is the victim ProgressNow wants her to be to advance their political agenda. Melissa through her own words fully owns her victim status, “you should be able to do the extra stuff you want to do for the betterment of your family”. The fact is, if you work for minimum wage you will live a minimum lifestyle and not get to do the “extra stuff”. Nothing will change for Melissa until she breaks the victim cycle and obtains a skill set that will make her more valuable than minimum wage.

Melissa would have been better served if ProgressNow Colorado had solicited $1 from each of the 60,000 viewers of the viral video and given that money outright to Melissa. She could have used it to obtain a skill in demand or she could have gone to Blackhawk, at least she would have had a choice.

Veterans Day

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Thank you to my fellow brothers and sisters in arms. Less than 2% of Americans will serve in the military. That 2% has offered to sacrifice their lives to protect our nation its freedom and liberty. Many return from service with physical and mental injuries. Some that may not be apparent for many years. Twenty plus veterans end their lives each day.

As you go about your activities, if you see a bumper sticker, license plate, hat or some other recognition of a veteran think of this. This person may have experienced the pain of physical injury, the loneliness of being apart from loved ones, the horror of a silent battlefield, the imagines of a family being beheaded, killing a man in hand to hand combat, watching a friend die in your arms, the cold of Korea, heat of the desert, an oppressive jungle, the stench of combat. By all means thank that person, then marvel that there are men and women who will face these burdens for the love of country and their fellow man.


Pro Choice Avdocates Oppose Partial Vote Abortion

UNFAIR, UNFAIR, Pro Choice advocates cry, as the Hillary vote is killed at the ballot drop. Planned Parenthood insist that a woman must fulfill her duty to bring forth a Hillary vote, in spite of it being declared damaged or defective by the FBI. When it comes to Democratic support, women have no choice.

One Weird Trick That Would Give Democrats Control Of The Government Forever

Obama and Democrat leadership continue to complain about those nasty Republicans who block the good works of fair minded and compassionate citizens to implement progressive policy. Obama has in his hands the power to right this terrible wrong but refuses to use it. Why do Democrats refuse to pressure their leaders to exercise this weird thick?

What is the trick?

Grant Independence to the State of Texas. Gone from the House of Representatives would be 25 Republicans. Gone from the Senate would be two Republicans. Outright control would be within their grasp with this election if not the next forevermore.

Conservative citizens from the U. S. would immigrate to the free State of Texas while TX Democrats would flock to the Santa Claus states. Increased Democrat populations would insure control of governments at all levels. Texas could then establish their own immigration laws just as the U. S. could do, without opposition from those pesky troublesome Republicans.

It simply must be done!

Unfortunate Timing

It is unfortunate that the FBI released information that HRC is yet again under investigation. The Teflon Don-ett had escaped prosecution with the help of the Obama Justice Department and was on cruise control to Election Day under the assurance of a landslide election.

Now that it has been revealed that the odd couple had over ten thousand Clinton Investigation related emails that had not been turned over as promised, the Democrats are outraged, not at Huma or Carlos Danger or Hillary Clinton but at the FBI Director.

The Clinton campaign would have been defeated on November 8th without this new FBI investigation. With a Trump win the Democrats will claim the the election was rigged and not accept the results just as Al Gore did in the 2000 election.

The other group let of the hook is establishment Democrats and Republicans who will claim a Trump victory was the result of Hillary’s inappropriate use of email not the pervasive corruption that allows senators and congressmen enter service with modest means and leave as the 1 percent.

I pray that Trump is the disrupter he portrays himself to be. Clinton corruption is a clear and present danger to America.


MIKE Coffman, you poor tormented soul

MIKE Coffman, you poor tormented soul

Just read that Coffman is calling for Trump to step aside. Apparently ideas are unimportant to Mike.

As an Arny veteran, as a Marine veteran, I would be astounded if Mike had not said similar things. But alas Mike has been defeated by words, fighting for ideas is too big a commitment. What was the line in Top Gun, something to the effect of “your quitting, you’ve got that down just right. So long MIKE Coffman.”

No Coffman votes here.

Time for a “Bottom Blow”

Time for a “Bottom Blow”!

The Navy has a term, “bottom blow”. Here’s a Google search of the phrase.
“There have been a number of bottom-blows in the Navy. Basically the Navy decides that they want to get rid of the bottom x% of poor performing Sailors.”

Are Sailors the only ones who perform poorly?

The Government Accounting Office (GAO), recently released a report declaring 99% of employees as successful. Pronouncements such as this are not to be believed and indicate that a self regulating government is impossible.

Roman Legions used decimation within the ranks to motivate and maintain discipline in their armies. Basically the policy was to draw lots and kill every tenth man. No need for Tony Robbins to give a seminar, it was pretty straight forward.

It’s time to decimate the Federal Government. I’m not advocating killing anyone, just lay them off. At every GS pay grade, eliminate 10 % of the work force. It simply must be done!


“Sandpaper on the conscience of politicians and group thinkers”

Millennial”, why does that word make me grit my teeth?

“Millennial”, why does that word make me grit my teeth?

Recently I saw a news clip of a Veteran trying to get millennial Pokemon players away from a Veterans Memorial where their stupid characters were placed in a virtual game world. One millennial can be heard saying, “I’d take a punch to get these crazy Veterans out of here”.

For the Veteran his REAL world consisted of men with guns, bayonets and explosives killing and being killed, fighting to the death. A world of blood, body parts and stench. A world of grief, loss and joy. A man who would sacrifice his life for his brother.

Our millennial Pokemon player, is a self absorbed man/woman child. Protected buy their parents, told how wonderful they are for ordinary accomplishments, living with parents and on health care insurance until the age of 26.

Millennial’s who think sending/receiving email and text is serious work; who would pee their pants in a serious face to face confrontation.

Every year at graduation we hear some esteemed person say “the youth are our future”! What a bunch of crap! The problem is these adult children believe it. Our problem is, we promoted it.

The world is on fire and we are handing it of to a generation of weak, ill informed children without the life skills to recognize a dangerous world and expect them to work magic through the awesomeness of their personality and mastery of social media.

Millennial’s, the slavish fans of Bernie Sanders who think they deserve free stuff because they can’t be expected to demonstrate real skills that employers actually find valuable.

Millennial’s, it’s all about ME….ME…..ME and if you think that’s wrong it’s still all about ME.

Me-Me-Mellinnials, Trouble is the name of the train coming for you. Your social media, feelings and virtual games will not save you. Neither will your inflated opinion of yourself. You will sell yourself into economic slavery as you choose the Government to be your next set of parents. The Government as a parent thinks of you as a bastard child and will give you nothing of lasting good.