Tancredo’s PAC director pleads guilty to hate crime

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How embarrassing that this story is Colorado-relevant, but….

Last week, jaws dropped around the country as Tom Tancredo led the charge against Sonia Sotomayor — ludicrously accusing the Supreme Court nominee of being a racist, and making blatantly slanderous claims about the National Council of La Raza.

Let’s square that today with the news that Marcus Epstein, Tancredo’s Political Action Committee executive director, is pleading guilty to a 2007 assault on a woman walking down the sidewalk while shouting racial epithets…and he’s still on the job.

On July 7, 2007, at approximately 7:15 p.m. at Jefferson and M Street, Northwest, in Washington, D.C., defendant was walking down the street making offensive remarks when he encountered the complainant, Ms. [REDACTED], who is African-American. The defendant uttered, “Nigger,” as he delivered a karate chop to Ms. [REDACTED]’s head.

Given Tancredo has had two years to get rid of this guy, he and his organization are openly tolerating a violent racist as its lead employee. Considering in 2003 Epstein was authoring pieces attacking Martin Luther King Jr., among other “race consciousness” and neo-confederate activities, Tancredo can’t reliably say he was only giving his ED the benefit of the doubt during this legal process.

According to the Washington Independent:

A spokesman for Team America PAC confirmed that Epstein is still at work until he leaves for law school in the fall, and an official statement is forthcoming.

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Update via comments: Looks like law school suddenly is on hold, but wouldn’t you know Epstein’s current employers are very “tolerant” folks.  

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  1. sxp151 says:

    That just seems like overkill.

    Oh well, I’m sure our friendly neighborhood Republicans will remind us the karate chop was taken out of context or something.

  2. Middle of the Road says:

    but it appears he plead guilty to this in January of 2008. Your diary gives the impression that this happened recently and from the linked attachment to his plea, it appears that is not the case.

    • twas brillig says:

      I didn’t click through to the plea document before blogging this. I’m wondering if someone has been sitting on this for a while and waiting for the right time, considering Tancredo and the Buchanans were crazy enough to keep him around afterwards.  

      • Middle of the Road says:

        The timing is, how shall I put this…interesting, no?

        Couldn’t happen to a more deserving racist than Tancredo, in my opinion. And I don’t use that word lightly or often when I describe someone. But hey, in addition to his own vile spewings, you are known by the company you keep.  

      • Libertad says:

        Why isn’t he in jail doing 2-5?

        • Middle of the Road says:

          Epstein has pled guilty and will be sentenced on July 8

          • Libertad says:


            Must be some really liberal judges that just let off people with 1 year deferred sentencing …

            • Middle of the Road says:

              Look again. The date for the deferred sentencing review is 7/08/09. Not 2008. It has not happened yet. It appears this is what is being recommended for his offense.

              Maybe it’s a really conservative, right wing frothing dimfuck judge who thinks it’s okay to called black women “niggers” and then assault them. Just a thought of course…

              • Libertad says:

                Its really interesting Middle that you use that quoted word so often. It says that you like to use it … we know your type too. You often use that word with your white and asian friends don’t you?  Do you know that people can see it in your face when you attempt to cover in front of blacks when you look all surprised when the word pops up, you’re like a Judas.

                You are also one of those that interlaces my screen name often with a derogatory term for those with trisomy 21. You and your guy Obama …

                “I bowled a 129….it was like Special Olympics, or something.”

                you’re both masters of American elitism and purveyors of the soft bigotry of low expectations.

      • and another thing says:

        It appears as if the sentencing date for Epstein was just released recently.  That sentencing date is 7/8/09.  That’s why it just made the news.

  3. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    is that anyone is surprised.

    • Whiskey Lima JulietWhiskey Lima Juliet says:

      But then, I am always surprised by anyone that actually follows someone and calls them ugly names.

      I am more surprised that ANY boss would then keep that person on staff.  The word Nigger is considered an assault in many cities and states.

      I wonder what the story would have been had that woman beat his ass.  I know, violence never solved anything…  But putting a good ole fashioned beat down on ignorance is sometimes the best way to deal with these people.

      Don’t the Republicans believe you can’t talk to people that are hostile towards you.  Don’t the Repubs believe the only way to deal with people who mean you harm is with force?

      Maybe people of color should take up the Republican mantra and see how the Repubs like their own policy.

      Tancredo obviously has a staff of punks and cowards.  That fact, David, does not surprise me.

      • BlueCat says:

        and I think we have an apology coming from all those on the right who defend him as only against illegal immigrants, not a bigot.  I’d like to see a bunch of people writing on the blackboard a thousand times “Tom Tancredo IS a racist.  I was wrong about that”

        Shocking that the guy pleaded guilty a year and a half ago, is still working for Tancredo and most are hearing about this for the first time.

    • Colorado PolsColorado Pols says:

      is pretty surprising. Who does that?

  4. One Queer Dude says:

    …but you would think he’d find a handful of presentable bigots to run the PAC and be the face the public sees.  I guess not.

  5. BlueCat says:

    How about sending  your item to Ed Schultz, Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, etc with the up-date about the guilty plea being from back in January 2008 and see if we can get anyone interested in making some noise about it. Cute contrast between calling a few remarks that might have been worded a little differently as evidence of racism as bad of that of the KKK and treating the attacking of a woman while screaming the N word as no biggie. You can get contact info for all of them at   http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30

    • Middle of the Road says:

      After all the hate filled bullshit and then the murder of Dr. Tiller, I think it’s time we start hitting back–hard.

      And Twas, you might want to email Admin at Daily Kos about this one. This would be front paged in a heart beat, I would bet.  

  6. Barron X says:


    I know they do credit checks.  Don’t they do background checks ?


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