Steyer Money Swings Into Action Against Gardner

Tom Steyer.

Tom Steyer.

​FOX 31's Eli Stokols reports:

NextGen Climate Colorado, the group founded and funded by San Francisco billionaire and climate change activist Tom Steyer, is hitting Colorado’s airwaves for the first time Tuesday with a new TV ad attacking GOP U.S. Senate candidate Cory Gardner…

The spot taking aim at Gardner, R-Yuma, features a number of people shutting doors and drawing down window-shades; the message to Gardner: “Keep out.”

“He thinks he knows better than the scientists, NASA and the U.S. military on climate change,” a female narrator says over sinister images of a window being closed and a door being pulled shut.

On the screen, text reads: “Denies the science of climate change.”

But the narrator moves right on to highlight a number of other issues: Gardner’s opposition to same-sex marriage and his support for personhood and additional legislation to restrict access to birth control.

As promised, billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer is wading into the Colorado U.S. Senate race to support a conservation minded incumbent Democrat against a GOP challenger who has publicly expressed doubt about humanity's role in global climate change. It's a good hit on Cory Gardner, with polling on the issue showing his climate change skepticism to be a minority view. But having made the decision to target Gardner because of his views on climate change, as you can see, Steyer's group has a broad menu of hits to attack Gardner with.

Does Steyer's investment in Colorado's U.S. Senate race make a hypocrite of Democrats who attack Republican out-of-state funders like the Koch brothers? Maybe a little, although Democrats will argue a, you know, qualitative difference on the issues.

Pragmatic Democrats may be more inclined to shut up about the Kochs until November and let fire fight fire.

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  1. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    To save Modster some time, OK, I need to get in character. Deep cleansing breath. One, two, three and …… sputter, arglegarble… you guys are hypocrites because you say mean stuff about the wonderful Koch brothers and you're supposed to hate wealth!  Gardner's going to have Udall tripping all over himself because he lied about Obamacare and.. sputter… running scared… arglegarble!

    • ModeratusModeratus says:

      Actually, I was going to say this is a reasonable point from the Pols for a change. I personally believe Tom Steyer is a hypocrite since he made his money off of coal, and that the war on American energy is about weakening our nation and keeping us dependent on foreign nations. I applaud the Koch brothers for their fight to preserve American free market values.

      But the Kochs and Steyer are welcome to engage in Colorado politics. It's the American way.

      Does it surprise you to learn I'm not a hypocrite?

      • BlueCatBlueCat says:

        It would surprise me to learn anything from you, Modster.

      • DavieDavie says:

        I guess I have to agree, it is completely outrageous that we spend billions and billions importing sunshine and wind from all those terrorist nations!

        So what if coal dust pollution causes a few thousand cases of lung disease each year?  So what if all that CO2 causes droughts and violent weather?

        What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!  The GOTP plan to strengthen America is working!

      • Diogenesdemar says:

        Alfred Nobel made his money from dynamite. I guess it was hypoctical for him to establish a peace prize?

        Fuck you, hypocritical moron!  (As in, yes, both a hypocrite AND a moron.)

      • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

        the war on American energy is about weakening our nation and keeping us dependent on foreign nations.

        It is this sort of bullshit assertion that continually undercuts any chance you have of being taken seriously here…This is a talking point created by the American Petroleum Institute and is not based in reality.

        Tell me, Moderatus…which one of the "Big 5" is an American company?

        • ct says:

          And which of the Big 5 are heavily invested in Iraq, and Russia, and in every other oil field across the globe?   And which–if they ever were American–keep most of their holdings here now?  Its a multi-national business and oil (especially, but all fossil fuel energy more and more) is fungible on a global market.  Moddy spits up talking points, usually devoid of fact, like any good troll.  

  2. DavieDavie says:

    I really have a hard time thinking it hypocritical to support and cheer Steyer's campaign against Gardner.  Because unless Gardner suddenly disavows all his positions mentioned in the ad, then Steyer is not lying or misrepresenting Gardner's positions.

    The criticism of the Koch money is simply about the content of the ads being, uh, as far from the truth as possible.  Besides Bill Koch lives in Colorado, so Charles and David's money isn't really all that out of state anyway.

  3. DaftPunkDaftPunk says:

    Pragmatic Democrats may be more inclined to shut up about the Kochs 

    Absolutely not.

    The Kochs are advocating for their own benefit.  Steyer is advocating for everyone else's.


  4. It is possible to not want billionaires from either side to have an undue effect on elections.

  5. MooMooMoo0MooMooMoo0 says:

    If the Kochs saw it fit, they would have flooded this state with their cash. 

    • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

      Moo – the Kochs have flooded Colorado with their cash. See: Generation Opportunity ads, anti-Udall "Obamacare" ads, money for the recall elections to oust two Democratic Senators, etc, etc. I can provide links if you want them.

      • MooMooMoo0MooMooMoo0 says:

        I am saying that they would have totally drowned everyone else out if the Kochs really were committed here and knew for certain they could win. This story should not change the narrative into who can buy elections. 

      • BlueCatBlueCat says:

        Since Dems have reserved the lion's share of TV ad time, there's only so much the Koch's money can buy here. I predict plenty of fresh pro-Udall, anti-Gardner ads, as well as big support for Romanoff, in our future.

        With the amount of money being spent on ads I predict we'll all be thoroughly sick of  all of them, no matter who they're for or against. And moo has a point. Why would the Kochs and GOTP friends leave 56.8% of the TV ad space to be snapped up by Dems if this state was among their highest priorities? 

        Maybe Colorado Repugs have embarrassed their party, seriously under-performing in the most recent R favoring years, one time too many. Maybe the biggest money is going to more promising options elsewhere. Maybe even they think Gardner, Coffman and BWB are likely losers. 

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