Log Cabin Republican Tokenism Gets Kind Of Gross

Log Cabin Republicans logo.

Log Cabin Republicans logo.

​We ignored the first round of this–but as the Denver Post's Lynn Bartels reports, the Log Cabin Republicans, which bills itself as "the nation’s original and largest organization representing gay conservatives and allies who support fairness, freedom, and equality," is once again attacking Rep. Jared Polis for his support of Colorado ballot measures to increase local control over oil and gas drilling:

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis is lampooned and lambasted in a new radio ad from Log Cabin Republicans that welcomes listeners to “Lifestyles of the Rich and Out of Touch.”

A narrator imitates TV host Robin Leach in ripping the Boulder Democrat, a key player in controversial oil-and-gas, local control and fracking ballot measures…

It’s the third attack from Log Cabin Republicans attacking Polis on the ballot measures. The latest plays off the TV show that first aired in the 1980s.

Certainly, the Log Cabin Republicans are entitled to spend their money any legal way they wish. But we did some checking on LCR's website, and we can't find any instance of this group singling out anyone, Republican or Democrat, for attacks on oil and gas issues. Looking back through LCR's press releases for the last several years, the attack on Polis over these local control ballot measures seems oddly out of place from the rest of the organization's stated agenda–which, as you can read above, focuses on LGBT civil rights and equality.

And then were remembered something obvious: Rep. Jared Polis is a gay man.

In these attacks over oil and gas drilling, it appears the Log Cabin Republicans are taking part only because Rep. Jared Polis is gay. Without a doubt, the Log Cabin Republicans won't be the only group attacking Polis should any of these measures reach the ballot, but Polis' sexuality is the only connection to the Log Cabin Republicans that makes sense. Whether the Log Cabin Republicans came up with the idea to attack Polis on their own, or were asked to attack Polis by straight Republicans is irrelevant: it's an unseemly abuse of the Log Cabin Republican brand. At the very best, it looks shallow and catty, and at worst this is the kind of rank tokenism that should give even the most insensitive conservative pause.

No doubt for a moment, this seemed terribly clever, but then you realize it's not. Not even a little bit.

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  1. ct says:

    Because allowing local governments and communites to have a say in industrial actity around their homes and schools is 'elitist.'  Don't those silly plebians elitists know that they are merely impediments to profits and occupying perfectly good well pad sites, compressor station locations, and waste pond locales with their silly little towns?

  2. DawnPatrol says:

    One wonders how many of those Gay Republicans (or Republicans in general) attacking Rep. Polis actually lives or works anywhere near an actual oil-production site, or knows personally any middle-class family living with the associated dangers.

    Who are the real out-of-touch elitists here?

    • ct says:

      COGA has been calling Colorado Ranchers in the Thompson Divide area 'elitists' for not favoring allowing a Texas Billionaire with a privately held oil company drilling the crap out of it.  Go figure, truth isn't something that matters much to these folks.  Indeed, truth is their enemy, doesn't poll well–focus groups don't hate local control, so they lie and lie some more.  Remember the cons getting upset about Denver Post reporters and editors going to work for Dem groups?  Have any made a peep about karen Crummy shilling for oil and gas and lying lying lying about local control???

      • DawnPatrol says:

        They have not even a passing relationship with the truth — or with facts, or decency, honor, ethics or morality.

        • ct says:

          Too bad the Post and Sentinel and Post-Independent and most other media int he state have become paid advertorials for their cause.  Like with the LCR throw some cash their way and they dance, local citizens and Colorado communities be damned.  Meanwhile the evidence mounts–clusters of birth defects and stillbirths in the gas patch; copius spewing methane, thousands of spills (the ones that get self-reported…who knows what the real number is); declining wildlife; skewed boom/cust economies that lead to high unemployment whenever the volatile commodites shift… but hey!  Its money, cash on the barrelhead so STFU and dance Colorado.  

      • notaskinnycooknotaskinnycook says:

        So that's what happened to her! Nice to see her continuing to live down to her name. 

  3. bullshit!bullshit! says:

    I thought this when I first heard about the Log Cabin Republicans hitting Jared, but I didn't know how to say it.

    You nailed it, Pols. They should be ashamed.

    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      Me too. But somehow I don't think gay people who have so little self respect that they're willing to remain aligned to a party whose base loathes them and whose establishment has anti-gay rhetoric written right into their official party platform have more credibility than straight Repugs in attacking a gay Dem. I don't think they have any credibility period. I view them the same way I'd view a Jewish member of a white Supremacist organization. With contempt.  

  4. SocialisticatProgressicat says:

    Hey Alistair!  Jared Polis is acting up again.  Get me the gays!

    When gay liberals in this world appear
    to change the world in ways we fear
    and frighten all the GOPers
    the cry goes up both far and near
    for LCR! LCR! LCR! LCR!

    You're our token, God offenders
    fighting off the queer agenda
    LCR. LCR!

  5. ModeratusModeratus says:


    You are all hypocrites of the worst kind.

  6. Sunmusing says:

    Log Cabin Republicans…there are "selfhaters" everywhere…of all sexual persuasions…these guys are the most offensive…working for the very people who would wish them dead…

  7. Craig says:

    I just think Pols was too nice.  This organization is just stupid.  First, Polis has no opponent?  So what are they spending their money on.  Second, the last time he was opposed by a Republican, it was Lundberg from Loveland and I don't remember him ever saying anything nice about Log Cabin Republicans.  What was it that he said about gays?  Third, Log Cabin Republicans talking about oil & gas issues.  Just doesn't seem like that would be high on their priority list.  All of this makes me think that someone is just messing with their branding efforts.  Gee, wonder where the money came for these ads.  Come on Log Cabin Republicans.  I was on the national board of Republicans for Choice.  When you're a single issue group you have to stick to your issue, you've got to stick to your issue.  Otherwise you look, well, shall we say, silly?

  8. ct says:

    I look forward to voting for local control this fall. Out of spite. laugh

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