From Jan Brewer To Cinco de Mayo: Coffman Whiplash!

As we first reported in this space a week ago, controversial Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer was in Denver last week to host a fundraiser for Colorado GOP Attorney General candidate Cynthia Coffman. Brewer, best known for signing Arizona's unconstitutional SB1070 anti-immigrant law, defended her decision on SB1070 at Coffman's fundraiser, saying Democrats have "not enforced [the borders] and we know why–they want voters." Given Brewer's strident view on immigration, having her host a fundraiser for any candidate on the ballot statewide in Colorado seems awfully risky–especially given Cynthia's husband Mike Coffman's efforts to reinvent himself on immigration ahead of a tough re-election campaign.

Now, Cynthia Coffman's Jan Brewer fundraising event at The Palm was held a week ago last Friday. On the following Sunday, the Cinco de Mayo celebration was held in Denver's Civic Center Park. And who could you find at the Cinco de Mayo celebration, pressing the flesh with thousands of Colorado Latinos?


Well gosh, folks, it looks like Cynthia Coffman "wants voters" too!

And there's Mike Coffman! Perhaps he was handing out dictionaries?

We joke, but there's a serious point here. It would be tough to find a politician less welcome at a Cinco de Mayo celebration than Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, and yet Cynthia Coffman had Brewer host a fundraiser less than two days before showing up at Cinco de Mayo to shake hands with Latino voters. Voters who would in many cases be disgusted to learn who Mrs. Coffman was hanging out with the Friday before.

We honestly can't think of a better example of today's utterly hypocritical politics.

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  1. bullshit!bullshit! says:

    It's really not that hard to understand. Cynthia and Mike Coffman think you're stupid, that's all.

    • ModeratusModeratus says:

      You practice the politics of personal demonization and destruction. The Coffmans, and Jan Brewer, are much more than the two dimensional characters you make them out to be. They are not stupid, and they all have every right to reach out to legal US citizen voters wherever they damn well please.

  2. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    Moderatus, of course the Coffmans have the right to reach out to voters anywhere. No one's disputing that. Pols also has the right to express the opinion that it's hypocritical to be endorsed by Gov. Brewer* , then two days later, to be courting the very people racially profiled by  Gov. Brewer's law.

    *Gov. Brewer signed SB 1070, an act which makes it illegal to be suspected of being an illegal immigrant, and not having one's citizenship papers ready at hand.  So you could be a teen or young person who looked or dressed like a stereotype of an immigrant, and if you couldn't prove you were a citizen, you could get arrested.

    Most people rightly saw this as an apartheid-style law designed to make it more difficult for brown-skinned or Spanish-speaking people to be going about their daily lives in Arizona. The Supreme Court said that Arizona could use the law during traffic stops, but struck down other provisions of it as unconstitutional. It was definitely a law which encouraged, if not required, racial profiling. It reminds me of my mother's description of what it was like to be required to wear a yellow star in Vienna during the Nazi occupation.

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