“Both Jobs Bob” Botches Campaign Rollout

TUESDAY UPDATE: Correcting one detail below, multiple sources reporting today that Bob Beauprez will look to petition onto the primary ballot–not seek the nomination via the GOP assembly process. Beauprez will seek both routes to the GOP nomination, befitting someone nicknamed "Both Ways."


UPDATE #3: It's official: per the Secretary of State's office, Bob Beauprez has officially filed as a candidate for Governor of Colorado while in Washington, D.C. presenting to the Republican National Committee. Sources also tell us that Beauprez has committed to campaigning in the caucus process that kicks off tomorrow–so hopefully the runways at Reagan National Airport reopen!


UPDATE #2: 9NEWS' Brandon Rittiman:

Former congressman Bob Beauprez will file as a candidate for governor of Colorado on Monday, becoming the eighth GOP candidate in the field hoping to challenge Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-Colorado.)

Sources in the campaign tell 9NEWS that Beauprez will not begin active campaigning until Tuesday, after he delivers an in-person pitch Monday with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock for a bid to bring the 2016 Republican National Convention to Colorado.

He declined to provide a comment to 9NEWS on his entry into the race Monday… [Pols emphasis]


UPDATE: It's official: "Both Jobs Bob" has botched this thing.

Politics 101 protip: never, ever, ever launch your gubernatorial campaign from Washington, D.C. If Beauprez's gubernatorial opponents, not to mention Democrats, don't make mincemeat of Bob Beauprez over this, they're missing a truly glorious opportunity. After so much lead time, Beauprez didn't have to let this happen, and that's just another reminder of the man's star-crossed ineptitude.


“Both Ways” Bob Beauprez (right).

As FOX 31 and the Denver Post broke on Friday, former Congressman Bob Beauprez is expected to announce today that he is running for governor. But as the Post's Lynn Bartels and Kurtis Lee note helpfully, there's a hitch:

GOP sources told The Denver Post that Beauprez has been looking at office space in the Denver Tech Center and at staffing hires.

Fox 31 Denver reported that Beauprez will enter the gubernatorial race Monday, the same day he's expected to appear in Washington, D.C., before the Republican National Committee in an effort to lure the 2016 convention to Denver. [Pols emphasis]

We haven't seen any schedules for today's host city candidate presentations before the Republican National Committee, but it would have to be pretty early in the day for Beauprez to catch a return flight to Denver in time to announce his campaign. And the Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority is throwing a fresh wrinkle in Beauprez's presumed plans:

Reagan National Airport: All runways are closed at this time while crews plow and treat the airfield in an effort to resume operations as soon as possible.

As of now, we haven't seen any press advisory directing reporters to an announcement event, There are two possibilities: either the news reports that Beauprez would get in the race today were wrong, which we doubt, or Beauprez didn't think through his tight schedule before leaking his plans. The weather in D.C. is no excuse, and highlights Beauprez's conflicting obligations as lead pitchman for Denver's 2016 RNC bid. And if he feels he has to announce before tomorrow's GOP caucuses, why the hell didn't he do it weeks ago?

For a moment, you might be tempted to give Bob Beauprez the benefit of the doubt over this apparently screwed-up campaign launch after lurking on the periphery of both the governor's and U.S. Senate primaries, disparaging the entire pack in both races, for weeks. But then you remember–it's Bob Beauprez.

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  1. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    Bob Beauprez is the original dumbfuck. I can't believe he's seriously running again.

  2. CaninesCanines says:

    Don't forget to mention the Colorado microbrews again, guys, at the RNC pitchfest today!

    Of course, RNC-contender Kansas City, MO does have the highly-regarded Boulevard Brewing…

  3. Nasty Womanyameniye says:

    If the man is not a special person for Republican politics no one is, well maybe Gardner or Buck, or Lamborn, or . . . forget it.  Colorado has more than enough of 'em.

  4. notaskinnycooknotaskinnycook says:

    I think we may have to re-nickname him "Wrong Way Bob." He just can't seem to do much right.

  5. gaf says:

    And this is the guy they think will be effective to bring the RNC to Denver?

  6. DawnPatrol says:

    I'm sorry, but one of these extremeist, out-of-touch nitwits will simply have to step down.

    The rules are very clear: No more than seven dwarfs on a stage at any given time is permitted — something the Snow Whitey party should understand perfectly.

  7. dwyer says:

    I have some questions.  I will ask them at the risk of crashing the already shaky software with the audacity of my posing questions to which I really don't know the answer. What does Beauprez have to do to get on the primary ballot?

    These are my questions because I don't know how Republicans run their caucus system.  I presume that they will be electing delegates to their county conventions.  Do the participants have to delare a perference for a candidate for government when they run to be a delegate?  If so, if Beauprez doesn't get enough delegates to the various county conventions, will it be all over?

    Can Beauprez start with the caucus and then decide to go the petition route?

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