Flip Flops, Pizza, and Industry NIMBYs

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Colorado stands to become the first state to impose regulations on the sometimes copious amounts of methane that leaks during all stages of natural gas development and production.  Methane is a super potent greenhouse gas, contributing to climate change which in turn increases the likelihood and severity of extreme weather events from super fires to thousand year floods, from extreme cold to deadly heat. 

Now the silly pundits over at Fox News like to pretend that cold in the Winter means climate change is not happening, or that environmentalists are trying to fool America by referring to it as such rather than as Global Warming. 

Global warming, global weirding, and climate change are different terms that describe related parts of what is happening right now to our planet—Lifeship Earth.

Not so long ago the Natural gas industry loved talking about climate change, presumably because it was seen as a way to sell more of their product. 

That was Then, This is Now

That was almost a year ago, before all the talk of regulating methane leakage and a deal hammered out to address this serious issue between some environmental groups, the State of Colorado, and three major natural gas developers operating in their Colorado energy colony: Canadian giant EnCana, and Texas-based Noble and Anadarko. 

The damaging, dangerous and sometimes debilitating impacts from oil and gas development has long been a battle in the hinterlands, which was mostly ignored at the State House. But once the fracking wars hit the Front Range people and politicians suddenly took some notice.  Now concerns over all aspects of fracking, drilling and development have exploded onto the scene like a poorly sealed wellhead in a Pennsylvania shale field.

And now that the Colorado Oil and Gas industry is being asked to actually DO SOMETHING about their out-sized contribution to greenhouse gas emission– rather than just benefitting from the need to address climate change– they have flip flopped. 

Joined by a few majors like Chevron and ExxonMobil, the Colorado Oil and Gas Association—headed up by Tisha ‘I Will Act on Climate’ Schuller—has suddenly decided there is no need to act after all.  More studies perhaps on this whole ozone thing?  Why bother stopping pollution now (on the Western Slope) when we have not yet fouled up the air, let’s wait until we do! And why should old equipment that has not yet been shown to be leaking methane need tested at all?  This is the line being taken by these scions to the world’s richest industry. It might actually cost almost 0.5% in profit to do so! 

You May Think I'm Cheap, But It Had Melted Cheese…

I had pizza last night and I understand it regularly ranks as among America’s favorite food.  Some significant percentage of American men eat pizza every day according to one survey.  And all manner of astroturf firms have popped up spending cash on slick PR with pictures of pretty places no well would ever go, telling lies (like the need to use water from, well water sources, is a myth), and generally sowing confusion about the safety of fracking. 

But then something happens, an old badly plugged well gets frack hit and sends toxic spew into the shared environment.  Or a well explodes into flames, raging for days, and requiring a specialized team flown in from a thousands of miles distant to control. Or the CEO of the world’s richest energy company decides that ‘Fracking is Fine for Thee but not for Me’ and all that external affairs money evaporates like VOCs on a hot day into a big, choking cloud of nonsense. 

The very companies pledging they are not part of the problem and thus need no such rules to protect public health and the environment—firms like Chevron or ExxonMobil—are engaged in a smoke and mirrors campaign: look over here!  (Not over there).

Even as wells explode (have a free pizza!) and their CEOs file suits to block fracking near their own homes (wanting to preserve the rural character, and worried about the decline in property values).  Just as the primary lobbyist organization in the state, COGA, reveals its inherently duplicitous nature. 

So here is the question: What will the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission do?  Will it listen to Coloradans that turned out in overwhelming numbers to ask that they Act for Climate (and strong statewide air quality rules), or can it be distracted with coupons and lies?

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  1. Sunmusing says:

    We haven't stopped anything on the west slope, we only slowed it down…Billy Bob Koch, won't be denied…

  2. Andrew Carnegie says:

    CT, Did you just get back from your trip down under?


    Global Warming Stuck in Ice

  3. ClubTwitty says:

    The public lands atop Roan Plateau are not drilled, even though Bush leased them all in 2008.  SG Interests and BBK's GEC were forced into an EIS on Bull Mnt.  The North Fork won two rounds in a leasing fight and forced BLM back to the table on considering a locally-developed plan.  I tend to see signficant progress, albeit with steps back too. Pessimism is defeat IMO. Optimism may be pollyannish.  there is a middle way between those that can see advancment if people stay in the fight.  

  4. ClubTwitty says:

    Ha ha, ice in the Antarctic.  Thanks for proving my point on how effing stupid trolls are particularly those of the GOP bent.  

  5. Andrew Carnegie says:

    Here is the leader of the movement.


  6. Andrew Carnegie says:

    When he was done putting together the Internet, he became the spokesman.

  7. ClubTwitty says:

    Genuflect A Cowardly turd to your intellectual superior. 

  8. ClubTwitty says:


    Cartoon or science?  A Cowardly trud says…CARTOON I like cartoons!  My low-info peeps like cartoons.  Words are hard!  Science makes me feel all dumb and stuff.


    Humans have continued to contribute to the greenhouse warming of the planet over the past 16 years. The myth arises from two misconceptions. Firstly, it ignores the fact that short term temperature trends are strongly influenced by a variety of natural factors and observational limitations which must be analyzed to isolate the human contribution. Secondly it focuses on one small part of the climate system (the atmosphere) while ignoring the largest part (the oceans). We will address each of these errors in turn.

    What factors influence the 16 year trend?

    Climate scientists have traditionally looked at climate over long periods – 30 years or more. However the media obsession with short term trends has focussed attention on the past 15-16 years. Short term trends are much more complex because they can be affected by many factors which cancel out over longer periods. In a recent interview James Hansen noted "If you look over a 30-40 year period the expected warming is two-tenths of a degree per decade, but that doesn't mean each decade is going to warm two-tenths of a degree: there is too much natural variability".

  9. Andrew Carnegie says:

    Pre-Copernicus, conventional wisdom and accepted science still believed the earth traveled around the sun.  They even had a model that explained retrograde motion. The problem with their model is while predictive, they could not explain why.

    The current theologians of global warming do not even have a model that is predictive.  The only thing predictive is they want to raise taxes.

  10. ardy3ardy3 says:

    Some people are so wedded to an idiotology that they are unable to observe the real world (with its admittedly "liberal" bias, being that it's based on evidence and other facty things).

    From https://www.skepticalscience.com/

  11. ardy3ardy3 says:

    Oh, look … over there … arctic sea ice has "recovered" 10 times over the last 35 years. Well, I guess that's true … IF you're an intellectually bankrupt idiotologist.

    This, and many more presentations of actual evidence available here: https://www.skepticalscience.com/graphics.php

  12. Andrew Carnegie says:

    CT, what is the most prevalent greenhouse gas?

    It must be really scarry, CT?

    C,mon I can take it, what is it?












    There, I said it.  Glad to get that off my chest.

  13. Gray in Mountains says:

    Think I am going to make a chicken for dinner. Smoked of course

  14. ClubTwitty says:

    Trolls in turdland must be feeling the heat, no pun intended.  I should write more often, quarantee the feces smearing basement dwellers on one thread.  

    • ClubTwitty says:

      It is likely that A.Coward the turd troll is so painfully stupid that it actually imagines that water vapor being a heat trapping gas is relevant to thisdiscussion.  The brain-dead thoroughly debunked poop it spits up after having happily swallowed such at some wingnut sight is like a big sign saying: HEY LOOK AT HOW STUPID I A COWARDLY TROLL AM!!!

       To whit- 1.Antarctic has ice and it trapped a boat ergo, Climate Change is false!  2.There is no global warming there is global cooling! 3. The Sune goes around the earth, err I mean the other way around and Copernicus was right!  Therefore all science afterwards is called into question!  4. Water Vapor traps heat too!!

      Now it may be that in the turdland troll-world echo chamber (presided over by the bouncing Rush) believes itself and finds its words clever, it may be that it is so bereft of basic knowledge that these 'arguments' seem like, well, arguments.  Or it may just spread its shit around in the hopes that by smearing such enough someone will say–"hey that's not chicken shit I smell but chicken soup!'  I say its doubtful.  

  15. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    What drives climate change deniers? There's nothing inherintly liberal in accepting the science behind it. It's almost like a lot of them take joy in, as a group, having their beliefs trump science.

    The problem for these morons is ignoring the facts doesn't change them. 

  16. ClubTwitty says:

    Once upon a time when I wrote a blog it got good discussions going, even among those that disagreed.  Thanks Ardy for providing some good material.  The skepticalscience site is great and deflates ALL the bullshit being peddled here by our self-loathing chickenshit infantile troll.  Its just a sad state of affairs that all there is any more in these parts is shit-slinging.  I know I throw it back.  That, I suppose, is the coward's real purpose.  If I find out who this POS coward is I am going to hari-kari on this site…so folks that know can send me scoop. @COTwitty 

  17. Andrew Carnegie says:

    Sure sounds like you are winning the argurment.  

    Somebody tell me who he is (your given name is Club, last name Twitty?).

  18. ClubTwitty says:

    argurment.  Here's the thing, deniers say there is no consensus in the science but all they show is they have no understanding of science.  There is no argument.,  There is shit slinging.  To idiots I get that looks like an argument, but its not.  Copernicus is not an argument, ice in the antarctic is not an argument, a (non-existent) cooling trend is not an argument.  I understand you probably don't get that because–in all honesty–you have demonstrated that at best you are a C Student.  You are stupid, or if not you have certainly nevcer put forth anything here to suggest otherwise.  But if there is science that supports your position, if there is a real argument to be made, then make it or get your masters to send someone that has the courage, self-respect, and basic knowledge sufficeint to do it.  That's all.  I would love to see an argument.  Instead we get you, so if that's a win.  Yeah, you won. If proving you are a chicken shit imbecile is a victory.  .  

  19. ClubTwitty says:

    As someone that has posted here since about the beginning, and has authored numerous diaries–all sourced–a number of folks have figured out who I am in the real world.  I don't advertise it, but I doubt it would affect my business too terribly if more figured it out.  

    On the other hand, if the wage of showing what a mean-spirited little price you are,  in the real world to your bosses, their campaigns having to throw you under the bus–crunch crunch–is that more learn who I am, so be it.  

    Be careful out there turd.  

  20. Andrew Carnegie says:

    CT,  I don't care to know who you are.

    You are not important.

    I already figured that out.

  21. Andrew Carnegie says:

    CT,  I don't care to know who you are.

    You are not important.

    I already figured that out.

    "Be careful out there turd."

    That sounds like a threat, not an argument.

  22. Andrew Carnegie says:

    CT,  I don't care to know who you are.

    You are not important.

    I already figured that out.

    "Be careful out there turd."

    That sounds like a threat, not an argument.

    BTW, I don't have any bosses.


  23. ClubTwitty says:

    My apologies to the Pols world for letting a little turd get me heated and riled up.  As they say, some things are best served cold anyways.  

    • Ralphie says:

      He'll be gone when his candidate loses.

    • Andrew Carnegie says:

      CT,  You act civilized ( or close to it as you can).  I act civilized (or as close to it as I can).

      You act like a jerk.  I act like a jerk.

      We are not going to agree on most things, that does not mean we need to be disagreeable.

      Your choice.


      • JBJK16 says:

        Ridiculously false eqivalence.

        CT acts like a jerk to you, one poster.

        You act like a jerk to everyone who posts.

        Thats different. You remind me of someone whose name I just can't remember. Do you owe anyone on Pols money from lost bets in prior election cycles?

        • Andrew Carnegie says:


          If you were to look at the world of Pols insults, I have insulted after having been insulted.  Many have acted as jerks and have been treated in kind.  If I had used the language directed at me I would have been banned.

          I don't consider having an opposing view as insulting.

          I don't consider calling the editors dishonest for their reporting on the number of people who had their insurance cancelled as insulting.  I consider it to be the truth.

          If you can't take your Senator's absence at his son's criminal hearing, together with the least disrespectul of all the photos taken by the Boulder paper, being commented on I guess you share in the sense of entitlement he has.  I think it is fair game.  Any father present in their child's life would have been.  He was not.

          If you want an echo chamber, continue to have at it.

          If you want debate, grow up.

          Threatening to divulge who I am in order to quell the opposition is a sign of how you are faring on the issues.

          I can figure out who you are.  You can figure out who I am.

          I understand many of the people here are working on Dem campaigns.  I also understand that banning dissenting view has been engaged in here before, but it usually happens closer to an election.  It is generally believed that this is not going to be a good year for Dems.  Deal with it. Or act like your masters and blame the messanger.


          • Curmudgeon says:

            Just remember, AC:

            This site's commitment to Free Speech allows lying, ignorant, bottom-feeding trolls like you to come here and spew your misinformation in the name of "dissent".   The same goes for HuffPo, KOS, even Mother Jones, for crying out loud.

            CPP (y'know, home base for you) is too chickenshit to allow that.

            Now tell us who's afraid of what. 

          • DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

            A/C – read this. While all of us, including C/T make mistakes at times, the difference is he's a respected contributor (and he's been equally crappy toward me at times) while you're a troll. And trolls get zero respect here.

          • langelomisteriosolangelomisterioso says:

            When the messenger is a good part of the message and the message is harmful to the greater portion of humanity it's only right that some part of the blame fall on them. Meantime you keep rebleating your fantasies to yourself I'm sure they help you somehow.

    • roccoprahn says:

      First off, I'm assuming answering you here is on a different level than a "reply" to the fecal one.

      Now, finally we have an answer………….sort of. Maybe not, but at least we're down to two possibilities, both bad.

      1). "BTW, I don't have any bosses"  means this is someone who isn't being rewarded for being an asshole, that doesn't have anything to do but make a fool of himself posting refuted bullshit story after refuted bullshit story, and/or "I don't have any bosses" means he's either living at home with mom and/or dad……………and/or…………….he's on entitlements……………….. because he's unemployed, for whatever reason.

      2). He is a compensated troll whose low ethical bar and disinterest in being an honest person allows him to be a liar………..without even giving it a thought.

      I remember the "Eisenhower" Republicans. Growing up, in the '50's, the neighborhood was about 70% Roosevelt Democrats and 30% Eisenhower Republicans. Good debates for sure. The Republicans were strong Union, pro national defense, and of course, fiscally responsible. The differences were minute. The country had been through 2 wars in less than 15 years, allmost all the male adults on our 2 block "enclave" had been in the Service, about half had seen action, and there was a great respect of one another shown. Manners were demanded and displayed. Those great Greatest Generation veterans were happy to be Americans, and party or "ideological" demonization affiliation NEVER oozed into the conversation.

      Hate as I do to have to say it now, this shit staining paid or not paid troll IS today's revolting republican party.

      Everything he puts here is a regurgitation of WHAT'S BEEN IN PRINT OR ON AIR, written or said by hacks like huckabee, santorum, gingrich, priebus, or any of the sneering, despicable mouth pieces the conservative money plutocratical assholes pay them to put out.

      The mental midgets like this guy are just the last stop the bile and crap makes. They're the hatefull recepticles of the mean spirited, fear mongering message.

      This turd, sadly, IS the republican base. 

  24. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    For thise wondering what someone means when they say cabish, here's my best guess

  25. JBJK16 says:

    If fraking  is safe, why is the CEO of Exxon Mobil Chevron suing to stop it in his neighborhood, but not in mine?

  26. ClubTwitty says:

    I can be a jerk.  I can be snarky.  I can be impolite and impolitic.  But I do my best to be accurate and when I make a mistake I am adult enough to acknowledge it rather than just move along.  Because I may be gruff but I am not a troll.  

    And I'm not making threats, I am explaining a cause/effect relationship.  Using tragedy and family troubles to attempt to score unconnected political points is gross and if done on behalf of any candidate, worth noting for the Colorado voter.  

    If I can help in that process then it would be worth it to me to do so, chips falling where they may.  An informed electorate is a wise electorate.  Once that connection is made it may very well blow back, and that is worthy of some caution should a troll be wise enough to accept such advice.  Caution!

    The denialists and their apologists all claim the science is not settled but they invariably offer none to counter it; in the 1500s—they may say—Copernicus too was laughed at for going counter to the Church and accepted thinking at the time: ergo Climate science is likewise specious.  Or, it’s so very cold this winter—ha ha silly scientists and their models!  Maybe we can ignore the rising ocean temperatures and point to anomalies in atmospheric temperatures (because either we are too stupid ourself to understand different, or we can surely fool those who may be). Etc. etc.  


    I don't need to compare myself to a troll or a turd, or to a saint or the pope. As Popeye said: I am what I am.  That includes being sorry, as I noted above, that I let such a cowardly one get under my skin. I resolve to work on that, and being more gentle in general.  

  27. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    I think everyone here has been very unfair toward Tisha Schuller. She's said she will act on climate change. She never said she would act in a way that mitigates the devastating impact of increased CO2, just that she would act.

    Working to continue unlimited CO2 emissions is acting on climate change.

  28. ct says:

    Back to provide an update.  AQCC just passed the new air quality and methane regulations

    PS: Posting pictures of the Unabomber, Al Gore, and false cartoons is not just a difference in opinion, they are BS.  I mean, as in factually irrelevant or demonstrably incorrect.  

    You can call it a grey area to go after a Senator because a family member has an addiction issue, I call it over the line.  I note that unless you are privy to what legal or other advice the Udalls received, you are just spouting more crap with an intent to smear not to provide any value to the discussion or to engage in any debate. Let’s not pretend otherwise.  It’s demeaning: To the troll that spouted it.  

    I think that should such a one as this be tied to a particular campaign or organization it would be a detriment. And a service to the Colorado voter.  I am here to serve, I work for no candidate or political campaign.  I do find such behavior abhorrent, and I find it somewhat bemusing that said troll is acting all hurt over that fact that its BS is being called out for what it is–unadulterated crap. 

    I am going to do my best to stay out of the fray, and stay away, because it makes me feel and act in a way I don't like myself to feel or act.  But I appreciate that people enjoy my diaries, so I will try and post those as the occasion fits. 

    I’m sorry to BC and David T, BC for deriding her attempt to tell us we should ignore the obvious and odious turd, and David for my snarkiness that apparently made him feel I was dishing out a high level of crap.  I might think he is being overly sensitive, but I only find his Europop vids offensive, not his commentary.  


    • DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

      Hey ct no worries. I've been crappy to people here too at times. We're all human.

      Although the comment about the Europop wounds deeply 😉


    • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

      Glad to see your update, CT. It's a good place to start. Colorado leads the nation…again.

    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      I'm seeing this comment for the first time so guess I was having problems with the site that I didn't even know about.  I just have this to say, ct. I'd happily accept your apology if  I thought I had one coming. Can't think of a thing you need to apologize to me for.  Also, I think Europop videos are an abomination. Just thought I'd throw that in. Look forward to your diaries, ct. 

  29. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    Jared Polis on "All In" talking about fracking in Colorado.

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