Dudley Brown radio interview puts claims of GOP maturity in perspective

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Reporters don't always offer differing views in trivial news stories about a speech or a minor partisan event. It's nice, but you don't expect it, like you would in more significant stories.

Such was the case in yesterday's one-sided Denver Post article about a speech by Republican operatives saying the next two elections will be good for Republicans like them. A surprising claim coming from Republican operatives, but not surprising in a story headlined, "Republican analysts optimistic about future of party."

Nancy Dwight, former executive director of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, was quoted thusly:

"There has been a maturation in the Republican party since 2012, that we need to win," Dwight argued, but said to win races going forward the party needed "to represent the 50 plus percent of the country who are concerned about growth in the private sector and agree that there should be limited centralized government."

I read this, and I thought about an interview I'd just heard on KNUS radio with Dudley Brown, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. He might not be the most powerful Republican in Colorado, but he's probably up there. I offer this quote to you for perspective on the news of GOP maturity alleged in The Post piece:

"The Republican Party has largely been castrated," Brown told Peter Boyles, echoing cruder GOP castration comments made by rocker Ted Nugent recently on Boyles' show.

"And they really can't do much in the line of elections or politics anymore. And they generally don't help anytime there's a conservative involved either… Peter, I've never been surprised by the lack of principles from the Republican Party or the leadership of the Republican Party… Whenever they stick the mic in the face of a Republican official, it's always Ryan Call and some of his predecessors, Dick Wadhams, and none of those people have been conservative allies. I've been doing battle with them ever since I've been involved in politics and see no reason that's ever going to change."

Listen to Dudley Brown on KNUS Boyles 2-7-14

Despite this, Brown told Boyles he's ready to fight Democrats during the upcoming election.

“I guess you could say it’s hunting season,” Brown said on air, getting high marks for maturity from Boyles, who said earlier, "in my world" Dudley Brown is a "winner" and "one of our favorites."

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  1. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    I notice that there is no effort here on Dwight's part to connect growth in the number of private sector jobs to the number of public sector jobs as Rs always used to. You know, as if cutting public sector jobs would somehow stimulate growth in the private sector and create jobs there.  Guess since the government has been cutting public sector jobs and it has so clearly not done a thing but put more people out of work in both in the public and private sector that's a tough one to stick with. So she puts the totally unrelated issue, increased centralized government in the same sentence with concern about private sector growth.

    Not the that there is a shred of of factual evidence to support any notion that government is becoming any more centralized than it's been as long as anyone can remember under either party's administrations or congressional majorities or during good economic times or bad. And of course Rs love centralized government telling people what to do with their own bodies and personal life choices. Never ran into a rights restricting amendment in those ares that they aren't all for on the state or federal level.

    I realize facts won't prevent any R from presenting anything they choose as a "problem" that needs to be solved. See voter fraud. And I remember when my dumb as a rock HD38 Rep, Conti, was running and claiming that our problems were due to skyrocketing taxes despite the fact that taxes had actually been slashed to historic lows. When I tried to explain to this genius that the taxes she claimed were skyrocketing were actually much lower than under her idol, Reagan, she didn't believe that could possibly be true. When I e-mailed her links to the facts, I never heard from her again. 

    The thing that Republicans are better at than anyone other than 3 year olds is believing in stuff that doesn't really exist, like the tooth fairy. Unfortunately, unlike 3 year olds, they manage to get their tooth fairy beliefs ensconced in policy with the help of scared Dems, as if Dem pols think going along with 3 year olds on policy is something that they're going to get little gold bipartisanship stars for and that will create an atmosphere of holding hands, singing and reasonable compromise. Instead it just feeds the spoiled R brats demands for having everything their own way just as as it does when parents bargain with their tantrum throwing toddlers.  

    Maturing? More like regressing.  If the GOTP gets any less mature massive potty training programs will be required.  

    • ardy3ardy3 says:

      You mean like this "growth" in government jobs under Obama? Completely unlike the good "cuts" in government jobs under the last three Republican administrations? As a matter of fact, Clinton was nearly as adept as 'W' at "cutting" government jobs!



        • Andrew Carnegie says:

          Ardy, As you know your graphs chart both federal and state and local jobs.  So it is not accurate to take from tha chart that the decrease in jobs or the increase in jobs are federal jobs as to which the President might have some control.  Additionally, Obama has been trying to grow the governmental work force and the role of Congress putting the brakes on that must also me factored in.  In short, nice deception.

          • ardy3ardy3 says:

            Oh, now you are all concerned about nuance? Those government jobs were cancelled. Cancelled I say. Since you've made it very clear that if something is "cancelled" that is all that is important, I don't understand how it makes any difference whether that cancelled job was at this level or that. Cancelled. Without any opportunity to renew. Ever. Whirled without end. 

        • BlueCatBlueCat says:

          Guess AC took one look at this facty stuff and decided to stick with "Udall lied" and "The original KK were all Dems" as the answers to everything.

        • Andrew Carnegie says:

          Great, Obama gets credit for reducing ocal government payroll?  I could of sworn he was trying to grow that sector.

          • BlueCatBlueCat says:

            If that's what you could have sworn it's because righties are so good at believing things that aren't true, Check stats on whether public sector workers at the fed, state or local levels have increased or decreased during the Obama years. On second thought better not. What with the pervasive rightie allergies to facts you might get a nasty rash.

            Having said that, I think going along with slashing jobs in the public sector to please righties and be all bipartisan has been a huge mistake. More people with jobs in both public sector and private sector would have had recovery from the Great Rightie Recession moving along much faster and the 99%, not to mention everything from infrastructure to public health and safety, would be in much better shape than we are now.

            Public sector jobs don't detract from the private sector but provide more paying customers to private sector businesses of all kinds and revenue to communities. Bend over backwards and hold your ankles pandering to the party of demonstrably failed austerity economic policy in the name of bipartisanship needs to stop. But Obama and congressional Dem leadership certainly haven't been the ones to do it. 

  2. Pepto says:

    Now the 3rd CD may take a lurch to the right in the primaries as the official announcement of a primary challenger against Tipton was posted yesterday by KREX tv in Grand Junction:


  3. doremi says:

    Found it interesting to note that the Denver Post article on the Denver Forum meeting wtih Republican consultants noted that there were 30 people in attendance.

    30?  I'd say there was a huge lack of interest in that forum.  In fact, that sense of apathy makes me wonder why the Post even wrote about the non-event.

  4. ElliotFladenElliotFladen says:

    Dudley has publicly threatened me that I can expect interesting things should I run for office (I forget exact words used).  He is likely doing same to others who refuse to kowtow to him

    • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

      That is the RMGO way – intimidate the opposition (even Republican/Libertarian friendlies like yourself who won't make gun rights their ultimate priority) into silence or compliance.

      They call this "standing up for freedom and rights".

    • Curmudgeon says:

      That's unfortunate. One would think that your defending Head's blatant lies in the Giron recall would have gotten you back on Dudley's good side. 

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