Big Line Updates: Buck Changes Senate, AG Lines

We've updated The Big Line to reflect Ken Buck's entry into the U.S. Senate race.

Buck is the early favorite to capture the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate, but we still have Sen. Mark Udall as a heavy favorite to win re-election. The biggest impact of Buck's candidacy is on the Republican side, where Owen Hill and Amy Stephens have some decisions to make. This is an entirely different race for Hill, who a week ago had little to lose politically so long as he didn't make a fool of himself in a race no-one would expect him to win (we don't consider Randy Baumgardner a serious obstacle for, well, anyone). Does Hill keep running and risk a drubbing in a Primary? Probably not.

As for Stephens, if she was serious about running for Senate she probably waited too long. We first reported back in June that Stephens was being recruited by some to run in 2014, but she really need to jump into the race before Buck in order to coalesce the support she would need to win a Primary. It's quite possible that Stephens could have done enough to keep Buck from running if she had moved quicker. If she still intends to run, the clock is ticking fast — she can't let Buck get even a few weeks' head start in fundraising.

Buck's decision should also finally end Bob Beauprez's sad flirtation with running for Senate. Beauprez really, really, really wanted to run for Senate, and Republicans really, really, really had no interest in supporting him.

Things are also clarified a bit on the GOP side for Attorney General, where Cynthia Coffman and Mark Waller are now free to battle it out for the Republican nomination.


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  1. DaftPunkDaftPunk says:

    What's hliarious about this potential race is that Stephens would be running to the left of Buck defending her "Amycare" votes.

    • DavieDavie says:

      Before Buck got into the race, I was thinking that if Hill and Baumgardner split the TeaNut vote, Stephens could squeak by as the "moderate" in the race. 

      But now the BuckTeaNuts will BigFoot them all out of the primary.  No need for moderation when you got a big name loser in the race.

  2. Bob99 says:

    Weld County District Attorney's office just posted this to their facebook page.

    Greeley, CO – Jurors in Weld County District Court convicted 76-year-old Joyce Bradmon of felony menacing for pointing a pellet gun that is a replica of a semi-automatic handgun at a neighbor during a dispute over children drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.
    The conviction today is two years to the day of the Aug. 28, 2011, incident in a Greeley neighborhood. More at

    Yaay, Ken Buck putting old ladies with pellet guns behind bars and only taking 2 years to do it.  Hope he's not elected to the Senate.

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