Christmas Open Thread

“Against enemies who preach the principles of hate and practice them, we set our faith in human love and in God’s care for us and all men everywhere.”

–Franklin Delano Roosevelt, December 24, 1941

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  1. parsingreality says:

    Looking at FDR’s speeches, and let’s not forget Ike’s and Saint Ronald’s.  I’m not sure how much ghost writing of speeches was going on over the years, but I suspect the these Dead Prez’s did a lot of their own.

    I can’t recall Obama saying anything that displayed what one would expect to be great English skills.  In fact, a few real graters of pronunciation.  

    And GW?…….. You know, it’s difficult to put food on your family, isn’t it?  

  2. PitaPita says:

    Happy Hanukkah, Seasons Greetings…

    Safe travels and good cheer everyone.


  3. Gray in Mountains says:

    2 more injured in NY when they were fired upon on responding to a fire. No news yet on caliber, number of rounds fired or type of weapon

  4. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    I hope Santa brings everyone what they asked for.

    Plus speakers for Duke

  5. Gray in Mountains says:

    just discovered there is no football on TV tomorrow!

  6. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    David Frum – Guns are an American Nightmare

    LaPierre’s offers a vision of American society as one unending replay of the worst scenes in Charles Bronson’s 1974 vigilante classic, “Death Wish.”

    The people most victimized by this nightmare vision end up being the people who believe it — and who carry the weapons that kill or maim their neighbors, their relatives, their spouses, and random passersby.

  7. dywer says:

    This was a big issue in the election.  Gas prices are down 60 cents since the election.

    When is Obama/OFA going to take credit?  

  8. dywer says:

    This was a big issue during the campaign.   Gas prices are down 60 cents since the election.

    When is Obama/OFA going ratio take credit?  

  9. ProgressiveCowgirlProgressiveCowgirl says:

    And a happy new year.

    Woke up this year and realized I’ve become Santa. I had eight kids to buy for.

    Horses are tucked in for the snow with warm blankets and plenty of hay. I’m at my parents’ house enjoying a Christmas eve meal before the madness with nieces and nephews tomorrow. One of the nephews wouldn’t have seen Christmas for the first time without Lutheran hospital–thanks, health professionals, for all that you do.

  10. GalapagoLarryGalapagoLarry says:

    It’s pandemonium around here.

    Hey, all you haralding angels, get the heck off my deck! You’re driving my cats crazy. You and your flappy, feathery wings. Feathers all over the place. And all that “good will toward men” stuff. Go herald somewhere else. How about your dad’s front yard, punks? Think he’d put up with that gangster love crap? Shoo! Outta here, before I call the cops!

    Merry Christmas, indeed. You guys don’t have to shovel camel crap off your front walk. Crokey, get back here. That two-humper is about to spit green shit all over you. I only have one 46 oz. can of tomato juice. You’re going to stink up the whole place. Jeeze, camels stink.

    Jeeze, the smell of myrrh around here is enough to gag a… .

    Oh, never mind.

    Merry, joyful, happy, contented whatever, fellow Polsters.  

  11. GalapagoLarryGalapagoLarry says:

    (In Westword a couple ofdays ago) According to his admin. asst. Minerva Padron, Scott Gessler:

    “… mentioned something about the Tea Party and called Republicans a bunch of wack jobs. He said Republicans should be shot in the head, and that way maybe they would learn.”

    This, after receiving, himself, death treats?

    O, night divine. O, night with angels rejoicing.

    Gessler, the ultimate party hack: Repubicans are a bunch of wack jobs?

    ‘Nuff to make me wack off!

  12. GalapagoLarryGalapagoLarry says:

    Three guys on camels. Crapped all over my front yard. Not the guys, the camels. Whatever. They said they were bearing gifts. I told them, Go see Hick. they said, No, they’re not O&G reps.

    Well, I said, what?

    We got gold, frankincense and myrrh. I said, Well, Mesa County could use a good deodorant. Politics over there really stinks. The Dems, especially, are wusses; they don’t even field candidates.

    The guy with the heaviest gold crown, stopped me. Whoa, dude. We’re bearing gifts for a baby born in a… .

    Well I stopped him right there. A bar bathroom? A dumpster? Well, I said, that’s right here in Denver. But you see, Mr. frankincense guy, Denver’s not alone. This shit happens all over our state. Young, scared women, without any clue that there are warm caring folks that could help them, love them, care for them and their babies–hey, Mr. Your Royal Easterliness, park your camel a while. I’d like to talk. There are babies, and there are babies.

    Well, the guy that stunk like myrrh gigged his camel and said, Hey, I thought we were looking for the Delta County commissioners. They got a lot of special little babies over there. They got the organic babies. They got the Paonia Chamber. They got the O&Gers. C’mon, we gotta get back east. Let’s unload our gifts and get the hell outta here.

    I said, I’m on your side, Myrrh Boy. Your camels have just about crapped all over my front porch and everywhere, so I think Delta is a good place to head. Of course, I couldn’t, by that time, care less where they went.

    But, I said, after reaching for my pepper spray, if you want to drop your gifts, get a load off your camels’ humps, and head off back toward that star there, what about the gold? Hey, bud, you’ve been sort of quiet. You’re the gold king, right?

    Fucker didn’t say a word. Just sat up there on that ugly stinking double humper and stared at me. And my dog. And my two cats. And my neighbors that had gathered around. Just stared at us. And smiled. And reached down and sort of caressed that bag of gold.

    Well, long story short: They all left soon thereafter. That’s when those damned heralding angels started fluttering down on my deck and fluffing feathers all over the place. Frankly, they can’t carry a heralding tune in a heralding bucket.

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