Open Line Friday!

“What Nancy Pelosi is saying is that the Republicans are ruining Kwanzaa shopping with the fiscal cliff delay.”

–Rush Limbaugh, yesterday

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  1. PitaPita says:

    In Obama’s first term they hauled out the WH bus and took out Elizabeth Warren.  She licked her wounds, played the good soldier and went home and showed ’em what a dedicated woman can do.  

    We aren’t even in Obama’s 2nd term and that damn bus came out of the underground garage and knocked out Susan Rice.  Now I can only hope that Susan takes a page out of Elizabeth’s playbook and finds an opportunity to serve our country in another way (after she leaves the UN).

  2. AristotleAristotle says:

    The holiday season kind of crept up on me. How’s it going, polsters?

  3. Sir RobinSir Robin says:

    My experience with the the Mayan end of the world predictions led to lots of reading on the subject, which caused me to reject the notion some years ago. Those Mayans were amazing folks, without a doubt. This video was planned for release on 12.22.12 by NASA, but they released it early, and it’s informative.

  4. parsingreality says:

    …according to Pew.  Heard it on NPR, the broadcast system in which over 73% of all listeners are college and post-grad graduates.

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