BREAKING: GOP Voter Registration Advantage Plummets

Both Democrats and Republicans have been scrambling for months to increase the voter rolls for their respective Parties. But as Eli Stokols with FOX 31 reports, the tides are’a changing:

Although more than 45,000 new registration and registration changes are still pending due to a backlog, Democrats have more than cut the GOP’s overall registration advantage in half, including with those voters who are both active and on the Pemanent Mail-In Voter list.

In early September, Republicans had a 72,585 voter edge in that category – or 4.6 percent.

One month later, that edge has shrunk to 30,347 voters – 1.6 percent overall. [Pols emphasis]

Republicans have held a voter registration advantage over Democrats for years (with “Unaffiliated” voters outnumbering either party), yet they’ve been unable to win a top-ticket race since Bill Owens was voted into a second term as Governor in 2002. If they’ve had this much trouble with a big voter registration advantage…well, that sound you hear is a collective “D’oh!” from Republican leaders across the state.

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  1. MADCO says:

    I heard it froma reliable source.

    But this is funny:

  2. the GOP still holds a lead in registration, and most Independents poll in favor of Romney.

    Republicans, who generally have an easier time getting their voters out, are the more motivated group this time around.  Independents aren’t pleased with the president’s job of handling the economy and it appears at least a plurality of them are not willing to give him a second term.  I’d rather be in this position than the one the Dems are in.  

    • and done reasonably well considering the presumptive odds.

      You should be a bit more worried about this, RR: these people just signed up as the result of registration drives; they are likely voters, and many of them are signed up for mail-in ballots which are more likely to be returned.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Independent” poll.  H-man was always quoting internal polls that showed Buck crushing Bennet.  How did that polling turn out for you?

      If Buck couldn’t beat Bennet in a Republican wave cycle then it could be much tougher to win with even more registered Democrats particularly when you are running Reagan Zombies with no new ideas or solutions to the issues of our times.

      • Romney leading in Colorado and ballots go out on Monday.

        Getting new voters to actually vote is a bit trickier than getting established voters to cast their ballot.

        You better hope people just didn’t register to vote for Amendment 64.  It might be all they vote for.  Remember, Barack Obama opposes the legalization of recreational marijuana and has clearly stated as much.  

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