Reapportionment’s First Casualties: General Assembly Loses Its Keiths

UPDATE: FOX 31’s Eli Stokols with his timely-as-usual coverage:

One Democratic operative gloated on Twitter at news of Swerdfeger’s decision that a “Republican trail of tears” has begun.

With Republicans holding just a one-seat majority in the statehouse, Swerdfeger’s exit could pave the way for Democrats to regain a majority in November.

The new map has also put House Majority Leader Amy Stephens, R-Monument, into the same district as Rep. Marsha Looper; and that situation has yet to be sorted out…


In the last hour, we’ve received word that state Sen. Keith King has “amicably” decided not to run against Senate Minatory Leader Bill Cadman in a primary that would otherwise have been forced by the reapportionment of their residences into the same district. Cadman’s leadership position, and King’s lengthy service made his exit a logical outcome.

It was also just reported via Twitter that state Rep. Keith Swerdfeger will not run for re-election in HD-47, facing a higher percentage of Democrats in his redrawn district–and a strong challenger in the form of Pueblo City Councilman Leroy Garcia, who had previously planned to run in HD-46 for CD-3 candidate Sal Pace’s seat. The Pueblo Chieftain noted in late November:

In the approved map, House District 47 snares part of Fremont County east of Canon City, three-fourths of Pueblo County and all of Otero County. It has higher Democratic and Hispanic populations than Swerdfeger’s current district.

No word yet on one of the bigger head-to-head incumbent matchups, Majority Leader Amy Stephens and Rep. Marsha Looper in HD-19–ordinarily we’d say the same pecking order rules would apply with Stephens as Cadman, but as you know, Stephens’ popularity is pretty far from universal. Stephens has already been told to expect a primary challenge on her right. On the Democratic side, we haven’t heard how incumbent Reps. Andy Kerr and Max Tyler intend to sort out their mutual residency in both HD-23 and open SD-22, but one of them will face Republican Ken Summers…for one of those seats. We’d bet on Kerr to run in SD-22 and Summers to take him on (it’s a competitive seat), but we don’t think it’s settled as of this writing.

Ernest Luning of the Colorado Statesman has a list of (we think) all of the incumbents drawn into the same districts–a situation not as bad as it appears at a glance, given the number who were already term-limited, retiring, or running elsewhere. But in a few cases, we’re going to have to wait for an age-old process of negotiation that we don’t get to observe run its course.

Apparently, first on the chopping block were guys named Keith.

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  1. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    How cute, Pols. At least these are jobs you are proud to kill.

    • RedGreenRedGreen says:

      It’s not like those jobs are disappearing. There are going to be 100 legislators in 2013, whoever fills the positions.  

    • Ralphie says:

      I’m sorry that ArapGOP’s talking points don’t allow REAL PEOPLE a choice.

    • ClubTwitty says:

      Are you aware of the definition?  Or do you think Dems and Rethugs are in the same party?

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      It makes you want to scratch you eyes out to have to read such ignorant whining.

      I guess if you were charitable it is killing jobs for Republicans to have to be in competitive districts.

      • The realistThe realist says:

        the “job creators” are having some of their jobs “killed.”  But it will all work out okay under the laws of the universe — because the job creators will always be creating jobs — this time for themselves.

      • AristotleAristotle says:

        He’s just disseminating the sour grapes, per orders.


        • BlueCat says:

          As has been pointed out it can’t be job killing if the number of jobs stays the same and they all remain here in Colorado and Dems can’t “backstab” Republicons.

          Apparently the Borg has lost all ability to produce talking points that even bear a resemblance to making some sort of twisted sense. What’s a poor Borgster shill to do?

          From national to Colorado state level, dark times for the Borg spin machine? Is the public no longer buying Orwellian messages about saving medicare and social security by killing them or the unfairness of competitive districts that force consideration of all, not just one party’s, constituent input or protecting the democratic process by making it harder for citizens, and prohibitively costly for some, to vote?

          Could it be that the public has had enough of being distracted by bright shiny objects such as fear and hatred of the “other” flavor (Muslims, gays, atheists, Anti-Christmas warriors America hating latte liberals, socialists, illegal alien presidents) of the month? Speaking of which, bet Lowe’s is going to suffer a lot more from the controversy it scared up caving to hate mongering bigots then it would have by ignoring them.

            • BlueCat says:

              of course he’s going to support the GOP and not help Dems response. I believe I’ve heard that from the righties before. He won’t even notice that there is a contradiction between arguing that it’s unfair of me to accuse Gessler of doing a bad thing (running SOS office as partisan arm of Colorado GOP) and that he doesn’t do it and, at the same time,  that it isn’t a bad thing and of course he and everybody else does it, even as SOS.

              But wait…I suppose the two talking points could both be good arguments simultaneously if you assume the loophole of alternate universes coexisting. In which case, who could argue? This must be why we so often get mutually exclusive talking points from the Borg. I probably should have been more specific: This universe only.

              • Gilpin Guy says:

                If the office holder is a member of the United States of Republicans then he/she gets to enact policy by imperial decree and everyone needs to bow down to him/her.

                If the officer hold is not a member of the United States of Republicans then he is a lazy communist who must be stopped at all costs and all his/her policies are illegal and must not be implemented ever.

                Got that?  This is the Republican understanding of a vibrant Democracy where there is only one real political party.  All that stuff about being partners in our mutual future is too old school for this crop of radicals.

  2. Say Hey Kid says:

    Is the normal one year residency requirement shortened due to the lateness of the final boundaries being approved? Is there still time for people to move and run in a different district or is it still the one year before the election?

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