Garnett Makes $100,000 Ad Buy

We’re pretty sure this, like Treasurer Cary Kennedy’s groundbreaking use of TV in 2006, marks a first for the Colorado Attorney General’s race–there were no TV ads run in 2006 between incumbent John Suthers and his Democratic opponent Fern O’Brien. Release follows–says Stan Garnett, “I’m extremely proud of the support that I have received from individuals across Colorado, and deeply appreciative of their response to my candidacy.”

Suthers’ fundraising has been markedly lackluster so far, and his autopilot campaign is going to need to get serious to this new reality–Garnett is no Fern O’Brien.

Press Release

Stan Garnett

For Our Attorney General

“Tough. Fair. On Your Side.”


June 23, 2010

MEDIA CONTACT: Charlie Brennan

(720) 383-0133

Garnett Campaign Makes Initial Media Buy

JUNE 23 – Attorney General candidate Stan Garnett today announced that his campaign has made its first purchase of air time to help spread his message to voters during the critical closing weeks of the campaign.

The initial purchase by the Garnett campaign is a $100,000-buy. Garnett said it was made possible by the generous donations, both big and small, that he has been receiving from throughout the state since entering the race for Attorney General.

“I’m extremely proud of the support that I have received from individuals across Colorado, and deeply appreciative of their response to my candidacy,” said Garnett. “It’s very exciting that we’re able to take this important step at this early stage in my campaign.”

Garnett added, “As I carry on my bid to become the peoples’ lawyer, I will continue to listen and learn about the issues impacting the daily lives of hard-working Colorado families.”

For additional information, contact Charlie Brennan at Also, please visit the campaign website at


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  1. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    But has Suthers given up? It has to be a shock to go from a slam-dunk to behind in the race. It may be that Suthers doesn’t have the fire in the belly.

  2. 6thCDwatcher says:

    Its going to be a good year for GOP down ballot races….party intensity and turnout will drive a big Suthers win.  A $100,000 TV buy won’t be noticed in the midst of massive Gov and Senate buys—Garnett will go back to whatever a Boulder DA does, and Suthers will be AG for four more years.

  3. 6thCDwatcher says:

    Count me as a Suthers fan—-long record of public service (a prosecutor in Colorado Springs where the title actually means something); Director of the Colorado Dept of Corrections; US Attorney and now Attorney General.  Now Stan—a corporate shill attorney and now Boulder “DA”.  Colorado LOVES Boulder, and has so much in common with corporate attorneys.  In a strong GOP year, Suthers will be fine, and Garnett a wannabe like his colleague Senator (not) Tom Strickland.

    • Jack Burden says:

      Your most gripping point is that Stan Garnett is a “corporate shill” and that the Boulder DA doesn’t really have to do anything?

      I’d say the people of Boulder County disagree. Not that it’s relevant to this race, but the most famous murder of all time in the US was investigated, in part, by Boulder’s DA.

      • Earnest says:

        the most famous murder of all time in the US was investigated, in part, by Boulder’s DA.

        • ThillyWabbit says:

          That is, unless, you’d find it appropriate to blame all the failings of Bill Clinton on Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, what with also being two terms removed.

          • Earnest says:

            I don’t understand your comment.  But, lest there be doubt on this point, I don’t blame Garnett for failing to crack an earlier case handled by the Boulder DA.  I was just pointing out that it’s quite odd to give credit to the Boulder DA’s office for its work on that particular earlier case, as the above poster appeared to do.

            • ThillyWabbit says:

              The claim was that being a prosecutor in the 20th Judicial District doesn’t mean anything, unlike being a prosecutor in the 4th Judicial District.

              Of course they mean exactly the same thing, and the poster was pointing that out by reminding us that the Boulder DA’s office handled a very notorious case (whether or not it was handled badly by the previous officeholders).

  4. 6thCDwatcher says:

    Those same tough “law and order hang em high” voters who gave us Alex Hunter and Mary Lacey have now given us corporate lawyer Stan Garnett as “DA”.  That’s a hell of a threesome, and I believe most Colorado voters are not going to confuse Stan Garnett (straight out of the Brownstein firm)with a gentleman who has spent his entire life in public safety/public service–the Attorney General (now and in the future) John Suthers.  Any bets on who gets EVERY newspaper endorsement (other than the Boulder Daily Camera)?

  5. GOPwarrior says:

    Obamacare lawsuit has made Suthers a hero outside of this illiterate pissant blog. He wins by 15 percent

  6. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    And he’s run and won 2 offices. I think he’s going to win by a very comfortable margin.

    And GOPChickenHawk – the whole Boulder epithet doesn’t work anymore – ask Bob Schaffer who lost to Mark “Boulder Liberal” Udall.

  7. glasscup says:



    These buys are getting a lot of play, but they’re basically chump change. Bennet is going to be spending that in a week, and between the Republicans, the congressionals, the IEs, etc, these guys are going to be totally submerged. People are going to get confused, and start looking down ballot wondering why they can’t make Bennet treasurer and AG also.

    Seriously, I don’t think $100,000 buys his way past the D by his name this year. He better hope Bennet runs an awesome campaign and turns out a lot of Dems, or he doesn’t have a shot.  

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