Bennet vs. Trippi In the AM760 Progressive Dojo

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This morning, we had both Andrew Romanoff’s strategist, Joe Trippi, and U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet in the AM760 progressive dojo. Listen to the Trippi interview here (starts around 32 minutes in) and the Bennet interview here (starts about 11 minutes in).

Trippi seemed to step up the Romanoff campaign’s rhetorical assault on Bennet by saying the primary election is referendum on the corrosive effects of money in politics – an implicit suggestion that Bennet represents that money. As you’ll hear, Bennet didn’t take too kindly to that attack, insisting that his record displays independence from powerful special interests.

I also discussed health care with Bennet, after his terrific letter about the public option yesterday. Despite all the talk about how primaries supposedly hurt parties (talk I don’t buy into),  I think this primary is actually creating a productive dynamic whereby the candidates are competing with each other to show who will be more of a leader on such kitchen table issues.

We’ll be discussing all of this tomorrow in light of President Obama’s visit to Denver. Tune in weekdays from 7am-10am on your radio dial or at

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  1. “…if you study hard and eat all your vegetables, someday you may grow up to be able to debate the douchebag strategist for a candidate for the United States Senate.”

  2. MADCO says:

    Glad you had them on, glad you like Senator Bennet’s letter.

    But Senator Bennet came out for the public option in June.

    ANd he said he’d support reconciliation to get healthcare- with public option – passed at least as early as early September.

    I.e., we didn’t need a primary for him to “get it” on either of these kitchen table issues.

    If Romanoff-Trippi would  just find one policy difference around which to build a message that Romanoff would be a better Senator, then we’d have something.

    As it is, on policy difference- crickets

  3. ThillyWabbit says:

    Romanoff sent out an absolutely ridiculous e-mail blasting Bennet for sending United States Congressman Jared Polis to debate him (at what was not supposed to have been a debate but an informational forum) and yet Bennet was gracious enough to debate a member of Romanoff’s staff.

    Romanoff can’t pretend to be nice and then turn around and act like a dick and expect the conclusion to be that he’s nice.

    • RedGreenRedGreen says:

      They both appeared on Sirota’s show, about an hour and a half apart, and Sirota asked Bennet to respond to what Trippi had said — that’s not exactly a debate, as gracious as it might have been.

      But you’re right, the way Romanoff’s campaign, and BTC, have played what happened at that event shows a real lack of class.

    • MADCO says:

      The one where AR whines about Senator Bennet not coming to the BTC roast forum debate.

        • Middle of the Road says:

          I just read it–and it just reiterates why his campaign continues to turn off undecideds. His strident tone, his pissyness–Andrew, whoever is writing your stuff these days makes you sound like a complete asshole.

          • MADCO says:

            and sly.

            His campaign is going to run against the President- but get all Obama-ey  with the quotes and the language?

            His campaign is going to  protest the President, quoting Obama out of context?

            I love the- Hey Obama refused PAC money, that must be a good thing.  Yeah, Obama had more than enough to run the greatest presidential election campaign the country has ever seen. And the candidate. And the moment.  Romanoff has  he wouldda killed the Senate healthcare bill and hiring Cadell.  Somehow it seems like a different equation.

          • raymond1 says:

            When some Bennet volunteer made a caucus canvassing call to my house maybe 2 months ago (are you going to caucus, whom are you supporting, etc), I said I was undecided.  But in the past several weeks I’ve become strongly pro-Bennet because of Romanoff’s (A) bitchy tone, and (B) pandering statements (like “I’d vote no unless there’s a public option” — BS, you’re not more of a lefty purist than Bernie Sanders and Tom Harkin).

          • Rainidog says:

            sure qualified as pissy, and petty.  Not impressive.

            I debated my shadow last night.

            That’s what it felt like, for a little while.  Having sent a surrogate to our first forum on Saturday, my opponent himself showed up yesterday, at a debate hosted by the Denver Young Democrats.  At least I think it was my opponent.  He used most of his time to agree with me.

            . . .The “debate” turned so silly that I finally offered him a spot on our team.  He declined.

            This is senatorial?  Yeah, I know it’s “campaign.”  Maybe I’m stodgy, but I like to see a little gravitas in someone who’s auditioning to be my U.S. senator.

            • BlueCat says:

              It’s tough to debate, shadow, delayed or otherwise, when you agree with the other guy on every significant point. That’s why AR’s campaign lit is pretty much issue free. Take away the “one vote” plaint and the attacks on Bennet for taking the money AR would have to take if Dems were stupid enough to let him win the primary because nobody can run a Senatorial campaign in a small state without it and what have got? Apparently not even charm.  

          • It’s prissyness. Grow a pair, Andrew.

    • DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

      Romanoff was upset that Bennet sent Polis last week, then when he has the opportunity to go up against Bennet, sends Trippi. Yes they were one after the other, but it was still the pair invited to Sirota’s show today.

      With that said, this is politics as usual – complain about anything you have a bit of a hook for and see what resonates. (Speaks well of Bennet that he didn’t do the same though.)

    • peacemonger says:

      How many emails are we going to get with the same whine?

  4. says:

    “Romanoff Supporters Mad Obama Is Coming To Denver” Channel-4 Denver CO

    These Colorado Democratic leaders are trying to counter those Millions

    and the pressure of Obama breaking the rules to come here to raise more Millions for Bennet, who already has seven times as much money as Romanoff,

    But Romanoff polls so much better.  

  5. Q1: Who does he believe in the Colorado Senate since has been bought by PAC money?

    Q2: Does he support AIPAC?

    My belief?

    Q1: He’s made up a mythical figure.

    Q2: If he says no, then he loses over half the Jewish vote.

    I doubt that he will have the guts to answer these questions.

  6. Ralphie says:

    How much money Romanoff was paying him?

    It’s easy to condemn money in politics.  It’s harder to be credible condemning it when it’s going in your own pocket.

  7. redstateblues says:

    I still think that primaries have the potential to hurt parties. Voyageur’s diary today brought up a couple good examples in Tom Strickland getting the Millionaire Lawyer-Lobbyist tag from his Democratic US Senate opponent, and Bob Beauprez getting tagged Both Ways Bob by Marc Holtzman in the GOP primary. Both are recent examples of how primaries can be harmful.

    That being said, I think that as long as the primary sticks to the issues, which I believe it has so far, then it can have the positive effect of putting the media spotlight on the Democrats. That is a very good thing, especially with two such qualified and likable candidates as Romanoff and Bennet.

    As MADCO said above, and as I’ve pointed out many, many times (and probably will continue to do so) Bennet was there before the primary. The only thing that the primary has done is put more focus–not more pressure–on Bennet’s positions.

    I’ve always said that if the primary stays clean, and there’s a good debate on the issues (like we had last night) then it can prove to be beneficial.

  8. peacemonger says:

    What do you think of primaries?


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