Kyle Orton, Environmentalist

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Great story about Kyle and his hybrid Honda Insight.…

While many NFL players climb into Cadillac Escalades, refurbished muscle cars or other vehicles targeted by the government’s gas-hog program, Orton is proud of the 44 miles per gallon he gets from his Honda Insight.

He went with the Honda hybrid after trading in his Toyota Prius, also known for its fuel efficiency.

“I’ve been driving a hybrid for four years now and I love it,” Orton said. “Everybody has their choice, and it’s a personal choice for me. I think it’s easy for someone to do.”

I liked this guy before (I just thought he wasn’t up to being a starting QB–could I get some salt with my crow).

I like the example this guy sets.

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  1. redstateblues says:

    I’m probably going to be getting a new car soon, and I wish I could buy one of the Ford hybrids, but they’re just not as well engineered.

    Good for Orton. Another reason to get behind this guy. He’s come a long way since he was Neckbeard, drinker of entire bottles of Jack Daniels.

    • parsingreality says:

      …Ford, GM, and Chrysler all said they were going to get on the hybrid or electric bandwagon.  But the SUV crack didn’t let them, and then when Ford got serious they had to pay B B B Billions to Honda or Toyota for their technology.

      Way ta go!  

    • SSG_Dan says:

      Well, after a few software updates that made upgrading Windows look easy.

      But my Vue was made in the USA in Tennessee, is a comfortable fit for my large goofy-ass frame, and gets about 30mpg city and is a decent sized crossover SUV.  

    • harrydobyharrydoby says:

      Actually, the Ford topped all the competing sedans in a recent C/D test.  C/D’s editors aren’t quite as anal as Consumer Reports, especially regarding long-term reliability, but they do know a sweet vehicle when they see one.  The author, in fact, is a huge hybrid fan, so I’d tend to take his word on this matter.

      Also, if you can wait for the 2011 models, you will have a much broader range to choose from.  That’s what I’m waiting for (although today I spotted one of the new little Lexus 250H’s and it looked really nice).

      Car and Driver tests hybrid sedans

    • Gecko says:

      My wife’s 2006 Chevy Cobalt SS gets close to 35 mpg on the highway which is pretty friggin good. Plus when I took the car in for a brake job two weeks ago at the dealership, I discovered that the brakes are under warranty. A front and back brake job cost me nothing.

      And my 2003 Ford F250 crew cab diesel truck averaged over 21 mpg coming back from Wisconsin two months ago. That is while I ran 75 – 80 all the way with only one fuel stop in 1100 miles. I had a Banks kit put on it so that helped but still, not bad for a huge truck that will out pull and/or carry any Japanese vehicle out there.

      People need to take a second look at American cars.  

      • Fidel's dirt nap says:

        especially at the Ford Fusion Hybrid.  Also, you have to love what Jay Leno is doing on his show to promote them – that is pretty creative and has to be really good for Ford.

      • Danny the Red (hair)Danny the Red (hair) says:

        the problem is they can’t make low end cars.

        the 3/4 tons diesels are works of art, but a Ford Ranger sucks.

        Same thing goes in the world of cars.  I’ve had problems with low end vehicles American vehicles for years basic shouldn’t mean cheap and unreliable.

        I think they may have gotten the gospel.

        My next truck is almost certainly going to be a US diesel, but I wish I could get it in a more basic platform.  For my wife, maybe I’ll take another look at the US small cars.

    • allyncooper says:

      I certainly hope so, since I’m now part owner in GM and Chrysler. But I still wouldn’t buy a hybrid from a domestic maker.

      The Vega and the Pinto (exploding gas tank came standard) were Detroit’s answer to the sudden demand for small cars in the early 70’s due to the oil embargo. Enuf said.

      A hybrid has to be designed as a hybrid from the start, not attaching hybrid powertrains onto existing vehicles.  

      • SSG_Dan says:

        Several of their excellent hybrid cars are fitted with hybrid drives, yet were designed originally for normal combustion engines.

        Toyota has stated that they want to make their entire car line hybrid in the future, and the cars they make are not al designed as hybrids from the start.

  2. Aaron says:

    I was sure back when we traded for him, that Orton was just temporary until the draft or until we traded for someone better. Who knew he was such a stand-up guy in person and talented player on the field.

    A few months ago, I would have killed to bring Brady Quinn to Denver to start as QB. I guess my years as an armchair coach should be coming to an end.

    McDaniels is smart. Like, crazy smart.

  3. Ralphie says:

    I’ll give a shit what he does with aluminum cans.

    Orton is not being paid to set up trash containers at training camp.

    • Laughing Boy says:

      You straight up rock.  That is all.

    • redstateblues says:

      Of course, the last time we were 5-0, we won the super bowl. I’m not saying he’s the greatest QB ever, but even Trent Dilfer won a championship with a great defense. There’s no doubting the Broncos have that–they’ve only given up 45 odd points in 5 games.

      • Fidel's dirt nap says:

        this takes a lot of pressure off of Orton.  Plus with a crew that consists of Scheffler, BMarsh, Stokeley, Royal, etc you have some pretty talented hands that help this situation as well.

        If Orton sticks to the game plan and dosen’t make any big mistakes (and he hasn’t during the regular season, unlike Cutler) we are going to look damn good.

        McDaniels is a great coach.  His play calling, clock mgmt, etc make him look like a seasoned pro.  I don’t know how many times I called him McDoofus, but I am really happy to be wrong !

  4. Great QB – great to fans

    I’m happy he’s a Bronco and proud he’s our QB

  5. allyncooper says:

    And while we’re at it, what would Jesus drive? How about Mohammad? (and don’t tell me a camel)

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