Jane Norton Files “Exploratory Committee” Papers

The website’s ready for prime time:

The Denver Business Journal reports:

Former Colorado Lt. Gov. Jane Norton said Tuesday she has formed an exploratory committee for a possible U.S. Senate race in 2010.

She is one of as many as six Republicans who have announced they will seek the seat or are considering the idea.

In a statement, Norton said she plans to announce whether she’ll run next week, “after talking to supporters around the state.”

Doesn’t look very “exploratory” from here–apparently she’s decided to jump in, deal or no deal.

Of course, if there was a deal between the National Republican Senatorial Committee and Norton, do you really think they’d tell you? Or tell you the truth?

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  1. Arvadonian says:

    now know who the Republicans will nominate.  Ken, Tom and Ryan…time to pack it in.

  2. Gorky PulviczekG Pulviczek says:

    “Name That Mountain Range”

    It looks a little like the Pike’s Peak area to me at first glance.

  3. Jambalaya says:

    ….when she was Secretary of Attorney General?  She’s baaaaaaack?

  4. MADCO says:


    Norton, Buck, Wiens, Frazier  – that’s four.

    Who else?  They’re not referring to Dan Maes- he’s running for gov.

    Are they holding out for Tancredo or one of the Schaffereses?

  5. Angie Paccione says:

    While I disagree with her on many issues, I am glad to see Jane get in this race…I enjoyed getting to know her while I was in the State House. She will be a strong opponent… 2010 just got more interesting!

    • Jambalaya says:

      Do you, Angie Paccione, believe Norton would be a good and worthy US Senator?  Or, are you not AP?

      • Middle of the Road says:

        She’s been blogging here for years. It’s definitely her.

      • Angie Paccione says:


        I want the Democrats (real Democrats) to run the government. I believe we have the better ideas and policies for the country. There ARE some good ideas on the other side of the aisle. I always try to focus on what’s right, not on who’s right. I appreciate the “loyal opposition” when they are offering thoughtful alternatives. Some Rs do not think for themselves, do not offer anything, and have a very limited intellectual/policy portfolio. I don’t think JN is one of them (although she is passionate about some conservative social issues). I know her better than I know MB. Yes, it’s really me =) -Angie

        P.S. I have a great photo of you (Jam) and me on my fb page – photos from 2006

        • A-bob says:

          I’m really stunned by that. Paccione wants Jane in. Hm…

          It’s not just Republicans that are dumb, Democrats too. Both, in large numbers, know so very very very little about the issues. That’s why it’s only right that Independents get to decide elections 😉

          • redstateblues says:

            given your track record of poorly constructed diaries and comments, you might want to watch who you’re calling dumb. Angie’s forgotten more about politics than you’ll ever learn.

  6. or is that the “Owens for Governor” logo with the name swapped out?

  7. Middle of the Road says:

    Also, her Issues page was quite detailed. True, I don’t agree with about 90% of it but it was a good read and it quite thorough. Very professional. Very well done.

  8. Does anyone have a rundown of Norton’s electoral history?

    Other than winning with Owens in 2002, what else has she won?

    What races did she lose?

  9. allyncooper says:

    As a heterosexual male, she looks better to me than Bennet. But that’s only when I’m imagining her in her underwear.

    Well at least she got the mountains right.


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