Will The President Endorse Other Trump-Loving Candidates In Colorado?

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Walker Stapleton’s “complete and total endorsement” this week by Trump came as a surprise, in part because other Colorado candidates, who’ve also backed Trump, did not get the President’s kiss of approval.

Colorado’s Republican candidate for governor appears to be the only candidate who’s invited Trump to Colorado to campaign with him, but other local Republicans have lavishly and loyally supported Trump.

For example, George Brauchler, who’s battling Democrat Phil Weiser to be Colorado’s Attorney General, told fellow Republicans last year that “we’re in pretty damn good hands right now” with Trump, and he called on other GOP candidates to come forward and tell voters if they also cast a ballot for the President.

“And I’m here to tell you I voted for Donald Trump,” Brauchler told the group. “…If you listen to the news, you think we’re on the verge of some sort of Constitutional crisis. This tells me we’re all in pretty damn good hands right now in terms of the United States of America.”

A handful of local state senate races will determine whether Republicans lose their majority in the chamber–and likely hand control of Colorado state government to Democrats.

Some of the Republican candidates in these senate races have stayed silent when it comes to Trump, but Littleton GOP State Sen. Tim Neville, who faces Democrat Tammy Story, is a loyal and vocal Trump backer, who joined other Trump leaders in Colorado this year in celebrating Trump’s “year of greatness” to mark the President’s first full year in office.

Beth Martinez Humenik (front right)

Beth Martinez Humenik, who’s facing Faith Winter in a swing Adams County district, appears to be in Trump’s camp due to the fact that she recently appeared with the President’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and gave him the thumbs up in a photograph.

An email to Humenik’s office seeking clarification of her stance on Trump was not returned. Calls to Wheat Ridge Republican Christine Jensen and to Tony Sanchez, who’s running for a Lakewood senate seat, were also not returned.

On the Democratic side, President Barack Obama endorsed the Democratic candidates, including Winter and Story, in the key races that will likely determine which party controls Colorado’s senate chamber.


Gardner Says U.S. Senate Isn’t Broken. “It’s Working”

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Sen. Cory Gardner (R).

Asked yesterday if he thinks the U.S. Senate is “broken,” U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) replied, “It’s working.”

Gardner’s comments came as leaders of both political parties have said the confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was one of the lowest moments for the senate in decades.

“I think what’s broken is the filter that people used to have that would actually restrain them from thinking that violence is okay, and pushing the edge too far on civility,” Gardner told KFKA’s Gail Fallon.

Gardner also told Fallon it would be “devastating” if Democrats win the mid-term elections, saying the Democrats have “already talked about” increasing taxes and undoing “regulatory rollbacks.”

Gardner didn’t say what rollbacks that Democrats want to re-instate. But Democratic leaders have been critical of numerous protections and regulations Trump has rescinded, including environmental rules (limiting climate-change pollution from cars) and immigration regulations (DACA and zero-tolerance immigration policy) and more. With regard to taxes, Democrats have objected to Trump’s new tax law, which increases the national debt while lavishing tax breaks on the wealthy compared to what was given to low-income groups.

Gardner’s belief that the U.S. Senate isn’t broken may stem from his promise when he ran for his seat in 2016 to go to Washington and be a fixer.

“When something is broken, I’ll fix it,” he said in an ad attacking then U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, a Democrat.

Gardner ticked off the “accomplishments” of the senate to show it’s working.


Jeffco GOP Ballot Guide Leans Far Right, Except When It Comes To Amendment 74

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The Jefferson County Republican Party has issued a ballot guide that neatly lays out the Republican right wing agenda, even though the Jeffco area is known to be among the purplish parts of state.

But when it came to Amendment 74, a far-reaching attack on the government’s ability to impose even the most modest health and safety regulations without potentially facing unsustainable financial liabilities, Jeffco Republicans joined a growing list of moderate Republicans in holding back support.

It took “No Position” on Amendment 74, but its comments were rather gloomy.

The guide states under the column of “Conformance with Republican Platform and Constitution:”

Unknown impact as this constitutional amendment has far-reaching implications. Just compensation is already guaranteed under the Colorado and US Constitution.

Under “Fiscal Impact,” the guide continues with this comment about Amendment 74:

It is likely there will be substantial financial impact to taxpayers as they will be on the hook for all future judgments.

Called the “Top 15 Decision Criteria for the Ballot Guide,” the document suggests voters should aim to advance the following policies (paraphrased from the guide above):


Conservative Koch Brothers Attack Kerry Donovan For Proposing Net Neutrality Legislation

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An organization backed by Republican billionaires Charles and David Koch is attacking Democratic State Sen. Kerry Donovan of Vail, who is facing GOP challenger Olen Lund in the upcoming election.

The Koch organization, called Americans for Prosperity (AFP), mailed advertisements to voters in Donovan’s sprawling district in the central mountains.

The ads attack Donovan for her sponsorship of legislation promoting “net neutrality,” which aims to prevent giant corporations from dominating the internet, according to its proponents.

Donovan is running to retain one of five swing senate seats in Colorado that will likely determine which party controls the senate chamber, where Republicans currently hold a one-seat majority.

Donovan’s bill, HB18-1312, would have prevented state-funded companies that offer internet services from charging additional fees based on internet speeds, blocking lawful internet content, or instituting other measures to regulate traffic on the internet.

It’s a local version of national net neutrality policy measures, which are generally supported by Democrats and opposed by Republicans, including Trump.

The Koch Brothers’ AFP organization says net neutrality legislation hurts the ability of businesses to develop and expand their internet operations.  The Colorado chapter of AFP is associated with the national AFP.

At the national level, AFP has waged a multi-faceted campaign to roll back Obama-era regulations favoring net neutrality. Trump appointees to the Federal Communications Commission sided with conservatives, but the overturn of Obama’s net neutrality protections has stalled in the U.S. Senate.

In Colorado, Donovan’s bill would “stifle innovation and limit internet access in Colorado,” states AFP Colorado in one Facebook advertisement attacking the Democrat.


Leader of Colorado’s Republican Party Warns Of #MeToo Madness If Democrats Win in November

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Jeff Hays.

“And so if your listeners don’t like what’s going on and they don’t like the Democrat behavior at the U.S. Senate, then they shouldn’t like it at the state Senate, either. And if we don’t get out the vote — and if we don’t turn in our ballots and vote for Republicans, then we’re going to get more the same. But it’s going to be right in our own backyard.”

That’s what Colorado’s Republican Party leader, Jeff Hays told KCOL radio host Jimmy Lakey Friday.

Referring to the confirmation hearing of Trump Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, where Christine Blasely Ford brought allegations of sexual assault against the judge, Lakey told Hays that “you don’t want to have that same craziness in our state legislature. And they’re all part of the same party.”

Hays agreed, comparing the Kavanaugh hearings to debates over sexual harassment at Colorado’s Capitol this year.

Hays: “Absolutely, they tried the same stunts at a different level in the state senate during the last session, where they had a bunch of accusers that were claiming some of our state senators had unwarranted touching or made offhanded comments that were offensive. And it was the same kind of thing.

It’s this French Revolution — you know, ‘You stand accused. And the accusations — those are so serious. We must–.’

Well, you know, people lie all the time. I get lied to every day in this business. I get lied to by women. I get lied to by men.

There’s no sanctimony in having that extra X chromosome. So, we’ve seen this play out.”

This year, multiple reports by independent investigators found credible evidence that male legislators harassed women at the Colorado capitol over many years.

One Democratic State Rep. Steve Lebsock was expelled from the Colorado Legislature in a bipartisan 52-9 vote, with 16 Republicans joining Democrats in concluding that the lawmaker was unfit to continue serving. Lebsock denied accusations, deemed probably true by an outside investigation.

In April, Republican state senators voted mostly along party lines not to expel fellow Republican State Sen. Randy Baumgardner from the Senate, even though outside investigations found that he more likely than not slapped the buttocks of a female assistant multiple times in 2016. Later, more accusations were substantiated against the Republican from Hot Sulphur Springs.


Colorado Lawmaker Promotes Fake News Story About Elway Firing Kneeling Broncos

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State Sen. Randy Baumgardner (R-Hot Sulphur Springs) shared a fake news article on his Facebook page this week titled, “BREAKING: Broncos VP John Elway Storms Field, Fires 3 Kneeling Players on the Spot.”

You’d think that little or no depth of thought would be required to question the veracity of this alleged news article, in part because everyone in the state of Colorado and the world would have heard about it–and seen it on TV ad nauseum–if it were a fact.

But who would expect Baumgardner to take five-and-a-quarter seconds to visit the Google and check his own facts before hitting the share button on Facebook, given that Baumgardner has repeatedly poisoned us with fake news in the past? And he’s an elected official?

Actually, it took me three-and-a-half seconds, not five-and-a-quarter, to confirm that the Elway news was fake. Read it in Snopes, the fact-checking entity used by Facebook itself:

None of these events took place. The Broncos have no players named Mavius Malphner, Ladamian Brown, or DeShaq Darq. Like everything published by America’s Last Line of Defense, the article is fake.

However, some readers mistakenly believed it to be authentic, as demonstrated by the many earnest comments on the Facebook page of America’s Last Line of Defense.

That Facebook page and website (currently operating at the URL “trumpbetrayed.us”) are part of a network of junk news sites that engage in political trolling, much of it racially-charged and inflammatory, presented as “satire.”

Baumgardner once posted a fake story claiming that Obama actually replaced American flags in the White House with “Muslim prayer curtains.” (Read about this and more here.)

Only seven Colorado legislators have signed a pledge not to post fake news on their social media accounts, even though elected lawmakers in Colorado have been repeatedly caught posting false information, made to look like real news, on Facebook.

Brauchler Now More Skeptical Of Laws Allowing Police To Take Guns From Dangerous People

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George Brauchler.

The Republican candidate for Colorado attorney general, George Brauchler, is now more skeptical than he was this spring of legislation allowing law enforcement officials to ask the courts for permission to take guns from people deemed to pose a significant risk to themselves or others.

His new assessment of so-called “red flag” legislation comes in the wake of what he sees as the abuse of such laws, like one in Broward County, Florida, convincing him that the focus should be on mental health care not a red flag bill.

“I don’t think my position has changed from the one that I took versus now,” Brauchler told the Colorado Times Recorder when asked to clarify statements he made on a KNUS radio show. “The difference is, we have more information about how something like this can be used.”

“I said at the time, I am skeptical of giving the government this kind of authority,” he continued. “And I had preached and pitched to the House Judiciary Committee, ‘Look, I want to sunset this bill,’ in addition to a bunch of other changes, because I wanted to see if it would be abused. And if it’s not, let’s tweak it and make it great.”

“I have absolute faith that [Douglas and Arapahoe County Sheriffs] Tony Spurlock and Dave Walcher would do right by this, but who comes after them, or who comes after the people who come after them?” asked Brauchler. “Once this thing is on the books, does it have the potential to be abused? And I think the answer that we’ve seen now is, yeah, it does. So we have to figure out another way to tackle this problem without taking on the Second Amendment.”

Colorado’s version of red flag legislation was defeated in May by senate Republicans–after clearing the state house in a 37-23 vote, with support mostly from Democrats but some Republicans as well, like Assistant Minority Leader Cole Wist (R-Centennial), who was a sponsor of the bill.

At the time, Brauchler defended the red-flag bill in high-profile arguments with fellow conservatives, like State Sen. Tim Neville (R-Littleton), who accused Brauchler of being scared to oppose the bill, which, Neville said, could lead to “possibly taking away people’s kitchen knives or whatever else they have in their home. This is insane. But, yeah, it’s politicians. Some take a look and they run their campaigns by polls…  Could that possibly be some of the motivation for George Brauchler?”

But Brauchler stuck to his guns, even earning praise from the liberal blog ColoradoPols for taking a gun-safety stand that’s “toxic to his base of support.”

Brauchler now says the red-flag legislation around the country is proving the fears of Second Amendment supporters to be true, that the law could be “ripe for abuse in the wrong hands.”

“I don’t think Colorado can go that direction—or should to in that direction—if we have the ability to tackle this same problem without having to confront the Second Amendment,” Brauchler said.

Red-flag bill proponents argue that the gun confiscations in Broward County, show that the law is working. Since the law was passed there after the Parkland high school massacre, through July, 108 gun confiscations occurred, including 28 relating to domestic violence, 45 connected to mental illness, and 34 relating specifically to people contemplating suicide.

“I want to stay away from taking on the Second Amendment and really focus on, how can we really help people and keep them from hurting themselves and others, whether it’s by a gun or a car or whatever,” said Brauchler.

Listen to Brauchler on KNUS 710-AM Sept. 25:

Suthers Declined Job Offers From Trump

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Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers has declined multiple job offers from the Trump Administration, telling KVOR host Richard Randall last week that he’s “better off as mayor of Colorado Springs than some of the other things I’ve been approached about.”

Suthers said he’d been in “real good discussions” with the Trump administration about “some jobs,” which Randall characterized as “very high jobs.”

Asked about Trump more broadly, Suthers said:

“I did not support Trump in the primary, no question about it.

“The president and I have a whole different view of governance,” said Suthers. “Let’s just put it that way. I don’t ridicule my opponents. I don’t Tweet bad things about them, things like that. That’s just who I am, and what I stand for. Even people that say very critical things, I will thank them for their input, all that sort of thing.”

On the positive side, Suthers is “very happy” with Trump’s nominations to the U.S. Supreme Court. He’s happy with the “tax changes,” and he’s felt the U.S. needs immigration reform.

“The jury is still out on tariffs,” said Suthers on air.

“For the most part, policy-wise, I am okay with him,” concluded Suthers, adding “there’s a lot of things to like.”

Suthers, who served as Colorado’s Attorney General, told Randall he’s always looking for the best “path to become a good ancestor,” and his current job fits the bill for now.

Listen to Suthers here on Sept. 18 on KVOR

Gazette is latest to try–and fail–to explain away Coffman’s pro-Trump voting record

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Rep. Mike Coffman. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The conservative Colorado Springs Gazette tried today to argue that U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) isn’t as pro-Trump as his 96 percent pro-Trump voting record would have you believe.

The Gazette argues that the 96-percent score includes “bills most rational members of Congress support, from both parties.”

The newspaper lists 15 examples, including bipartisan measures to provide hurricane relief and reduce opioid addiction.

Trouble is, if you throw out these 15 bipartisan votes from Coffman’s list of pro-Trump votes, the Aurora Congressman still has a 95 percent pro-Trump voting score.

And if you subtract 15 more votes, among the 90 House votes on which Trump had a publicly known stance, Coffman’s pro-Trump score is 93 percent.

Coffman’s core problem is that he voted just four times against Trump.

One of those four votes was on an important healthcare bill, as the Gazette points out, but Coffman later expressed support for another Trump-backed bill to kill Obamacare. It was defeated in the U.S. Senate, due to the downward thumb of former Arizona Sen. John McCain.

With Coffman in danger of being washed out of office by the blue wave, the conservative Gazette will try to argue that Coffman isn’t as Trump-loving as he appears, but his pro-Trump voting record won’t prove the point.

FACT CHECK: Coffman Backed The Anti-Obamacare Bill, Supported by Trump, That Inspired A Thumbs Down From McCain

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In a “Truth Check” aired yesterday, Fox 31 Denver’s Joe St. George reviews an ad released this week by congressional Democrats and concludes that it’s “true Congressman Coffman has sided with the President on issues like taxes. It is true he more often than not sides with the White House on votes in the House.”

St. George says correctly that Coffman challenged Trump sometimes, but he goes too far in concluding Coffman “opposed” Trump on the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

St. George correctly reports that U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman voted against a House bill, backed by Trump, that would have repealed and replaced the ACA, also called Obamacare.

But it’s misleading of St. George to conclude that Coffman straight-up opposed Trump on Obamacare, based on Coffman’s single congressional vote.

In fact, Coffman actually supported the U.S. Senate’s final anti-Obamacare measure, called the “Skinny Repeal,” which failed with U.S. Sen. John McCain’s thumb pointing to the floor.

Trump lobbied heavily for the “Skinny” repeal.

After McCain’s famous thumbs down, Coffman told Channel 9 political reporter Marshall Zelinger that, unlike McCain, he would have backed the “Skinny” Obamacare repeal, calling it “viable” to him as a “negotiating tool” to get it to a conference committee. That’s what numerous Republicans were saying at the time.

But had the skinny repeal passed the U.S. Senate, it could have become law without further negotiations or a conference committee. That’s one reason McCain opposed it.

In any case, here’s Coffman telling Zellinger he’d support the “Skinny Repeal.”


Chaffee County Republicans Spread Fake News About “Secret” Motive of “Kavanaugh Accuser”

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The Republican Party in Chaffee County, Colorado, spread a fake news report this week alleging that “secret revenge” is the real motivation of the woman saying she was sexually assaulted by Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The allegation, determined to be “false” by the fact-checking site Snopes, was that Brett Kavanaugh’s mother, who was a judge, ruled against the parents of Christine Blasey Ford, who says she was assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh.

Snopes reports:

Martha Kavanaugh did preside for certain parts of a 1996 foreclosure case involving Ralph and Paula Blasey, who are indeed Christine Blasey Ford’s parents. However, Kavanaugh actually ruled favorably toward the Blaseys, who ended up keeping their home. These two facts cause the logic of the conspiracy theory, such as it ever was, to collapse.

The Chaffee County Republicans, who did not immediately return a call for comment, shared the fake news in a Facebook post from Conservativedailypost.com titled, “Breaking: Kavanaugh Accuser Wants Secret Revenge.”

Coffman’s Objections To His 96% Pro-Trump Voting Score Don’t Add Up

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U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) is hopping mad about a political advertisement, produced by House Democrats, claiming that Coffman has voted with Trump 96 percent of the time.

The 96-percent figure was calculated by nonpartisan statistician and journalist Nate Silver, on his FiveThirtyEight website. Silver tallied congressional votes on all legislation on which the “Trump Administration has taken a public position.”

The 96-percent-pro-Trump score is the “bogus” work of an “East Coast blogger,” said Coffman in a news release, citing 15 votes that shouldn’t be counted as pro-Trump votes because they were passed with bipartisan support, even though Coffman voted as Trump wanted him to.

But even if you toss out all 15 votes, which indeed had the support of anti-Trump Democrats, you still find that Coffman voted with Trump 95 percent of the time.

Here’s the math.

Silver identified a total of 90 votes that Trump either supported or opposed. That’s all the votes Trump took a stance on. Coffman went against Trump’s wishes on only four votes of the 90 taken.

In his news release, Coffman lists 15 of his 90 votes that shouldn’t be counted as pro-Trump votes, because they were heavily bipartisan. (See the list of these votes cited by Coffman below.)

If you throw those 15 votes out, Coffman would have voted against trump on only four of 75 votes.

That’s 95 percent of the time.

The Democrats’ advertisement quotes Coffman as saying:

“If Donald Trump is the president, I’ll stand up to him, plain and simple. Instead, Coffman voted with Trrump, more than any other Colorado member of Congress, 96 percent…Mike Coffman didn’t stand up to Trump, plain and simple.”

If Coffman wants to show that he stood up to Trump more often, he needs to find more instances when he voted against the president. Anti-Trump members of Congress, who voted with Trump on bipartisan measures, had low pro-Trump voting scores, because they voted against Trump so often.

Via email, I asked Coffman’s spokesperson, Tyler Sandberg, if he could cite more than four anti-Trump votes by Coffman, and he didn’t respond or offer any comment, as requested.


FACT CHECK: Coffman Says He Differs With Trump On Healthcare But He Actually Favors “Straight Repeal” of Obamacare

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A spokesman for U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman of Aurora told a reporter Monday that Coffman broke away from Trump on healthcare.

That should sound familiar, if you’ve been following Coffman, because he’s been saying it early and often since last year.

In fact, it’s only partially true. Coffman supports what’s essentially a Trump proposal to repeal Obamacare now–but implement the repeal at an unspecified later date.  In other words, Congress would pass legislation now with a deadline/date for repealing the law sometime in the future.

After the U.S. Senate’s dramatic failure to kill Obamacare, Coffman told a Denver TV station he’d have backed a bill to do away with the national health care law–a move that would likely have pushed millions off the health insurance rolls.

Asked by 9News’ Marshall Zelinger last year (at 1:30 here) if he’d support a “straight repeal” of Obamacare, Coffman said yes.

Zelinger: “What about a straight repeal?”

Coffman: “If you said, ‘Well, okay, we’re going to repeal,’ and the date certain for the repeal was long enough out, where it wouldn’t disrupt the markets, and it gave Congress adequate time, I think that would be appropriate.”


Lang Sias Dedicated To Backing Trump Now And Re-Electing Him In 2020

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The Colorado Republican Party’s candidate for lieutenant governor apparently backs Trump not only now but also in the 2020 election.

State Rep. Lang Sias (R-Arvada), who’s Walker Stapleton’s running mate, became a “new member” of a Facebook group called “MAGA Trump Colorado” last week, according to a Facebook post obtained from a source.

MAGA Trump Colorado describes itself as “dedicated to supporting President Donald Trump and committed to his reelection in 2020.”

“Let’s work together to fulfill his vision of making, and keeping, America great,” states the group’s Facebook page.

Recent posts on the MAGA Trump Colorado website show bigotry to Muslims and hostility toward people of color generally.



Stapleton’s campaign did not return an email to confirm his MAGA Colorado membership and seeking to know if Sias 1) was aware of the bigotry on the MAGA Trump Colorado site and 2) would consider withdrawing his name from the site.

Another question for Sias that went unanswered: Is there anything Trump could do, or information that could be revealed, that would stop Sias from voting for Trump again, as Sias is apparently committed to doing?


After Dismissing His KKK Great-Grandfather As Nothing But A Distant Relative, Stapleton Apparently Scrubbed His Office Of Homage To Him

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Back in 2011, when Walker Stapleton was freshly elected to be Colorado’s Treasurer, he took time to complain to then Denver Post reporter Curtis Hubbard about how painful it was to get “special permission from maintenance to hang pictures, even if there are already nails on the wall.”

Stapleton eventually got permission to hang his pictures, as you can see in the 2016 photo from his Facebook page on the right.

It turns out that one of Stapleton’s office pictures, just to the left of the American flag in the photo, was apparently a framed newspaper clipping featuring his great-grandfather, Benjamin F. Stapleton, who was mayor of Denver and a leader of the Ku Klux Klan here in the 1920s.

Here’s the headline from an edition of a Denver newspaper called The Monitor: “Denver Must Have Stapleton to Keep Denver Great and Growing.”

You can’t see the newspaper clearly in the office photo, but you get a good idea of what it looks like in the enlarged view below on the right.

It appears to be the same newspaper clipping that’s featured in Stapleton’s 2009 campaign ad, in which he brags about his great-grandfather’s “accomplishments” (parks, airport) without mentioning the fact that he was one of the state’s leading members of the KKK.

In that 2009 video ad, narrated by Walker Stapleton, the camera passes over the old newspaper while Stapleton refers to his great-grandfather and says, “His accomplishments include building the first civic center in Colorado…”