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March 29, 2017 06:33 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“False modesty can be worse than arrogance.”

–David Mitchell


20 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

    1. Gallup says Trump is still falling in appoval ratings. He's down to 35% approval and up to 59% disapproval in the three-day tracking average.

      And just to tweak some conservative posters here, Obama's lowest approval during his entire 8-year stint was 38%; his highest disapproval was 55%. Of course, he's still got quite a ways to go before hitting Dubya's 25% approval low…

  1. Dept. Of you can't make this shit up.  Arkansas is trying to execute eight men in eleven days because one of the drugs the state uses for execution is nearing it's expiration date.

    Uuuh, I guess that means it would be unsafe to use the drug after the expiration date?  Isn't that kind of the whole idea?

      1. Kudos to Rand Paul (R-KY) for voting against this nonsense. Surprised to see Susan Collins voting in favor. Who was the other brave Republican who voted against; and who were the two Dems/Independents who did not vote?

            1. Boy howdy!

              It’s entirely consistent with the libertarian philosophy he generally presents, though. From his perspective, this isn’t a government intrusion (which he has opposed), it’s a private one. It’s perfectly legitimate (from his perspective) for a private entity to make as much profit as they can from their relationship with (what he sees as) a willing customer in a voluntary exchange. Find another provider whose terms are more beneficial to you, or don’t use the service at all. That’s textbook stuff.

    1. It shouldn't go unmentioned that this is already how things are today.  The measure passed in the Senate, and in the House yesterday, overturns a set of rules put in place by the FCC last year, but which have not yet taken effect.  Large providers were given a year to comply, and smaller ones, two years.  So, your data already done been sold, in all likelihood.

      The FCC rules were actually fairly liberal for ISPs: sensitive data, like your browsing history, required consumers to opt-in to having data shared; but non-sensitive data was still opt-out, meaning it could be shared unless you to action to stop that.

      One thing to understand when using any free service to move your bits around the interwebs– the general rule in the tech world is that, if the service is free, you're the product, not the customer.

      1. The rule was being implemented in part because the matter wasn't fully resolved by the ISPs, i.e. they hadn't really gotten far in taking advantage of it. Some ISPs started inserting their own ads into your browsing stream, but AFAIK none of them had really gotten too far into reselling customer data to third parties.

        Your ISP isn't free – in fact it's pretty much compulsory. There's a reason why the common carrier designation that brought net neutrality in to its current state of being was, IMHO, the right thing to do (despite it being unpopular even among some of the regulators who wanted net neutrality). Internet providers really are common carriers, just like your phone carrier or the USPS. Do we allow the phone company to aggregate your calling history for sale to advertisers? How about aggregating your mail correspondence? No? I wonder why…

  2. You won't find any Section 8 housing at 666 5th Avenue…


    'But this week, Kushner’s sunny ascent seems to have hit a roadblock. For the first time, the First Son-in-Law is facing consequences for his West Wing role, and now they are spilling over to his own family. According to a report from Bloomberg, Kushner’s family real-estate company has ended talks with a Chinese investor to redevelop a Midtown Manhattan office tower after lawmakers and ethics experts raised concerns about the deal.
    Though Kushner himself divested his stake in the building when he agreed to take his White House job, he sold his stake to his family. Suspicion of the Chinese government’s ties to Anbang, which bought the Waldorf Astoria in 2014, are strong enough that President Barack Obama would not stay at the hotel because of espionage concerns. As Bloomberg noted, the terms of Anbang’s talks with Kushner Companies were inordinately sweet. With loan fees set to increase this year, the proposed deal would have forgiven much of the debt the building has racked up and refinanced it, reducing the existing mortgage owned by the Kushners to about a fifth of what their company currently owes.
    Now, that potential golden parachute has been packed up and put away. “Kushner Companies is no longer in discussions with Anbang about 666 5th Avenue’s potential redevelopment, and our firms have mutually agreed to end talks regarding the property,” a Kushner spokesman told Bloomberg, reiterating that the company remains “in active, advanced negotiations” with other potential investors.'

  3. UPDATE on the Ft Collins mosque vandalism: a suspect is in custody. Per the Coloradoan, Joseph Giaquinto admitted to the crimes.

    Our "sister" Unitarian church in Ft Collins, Foothills, had its congregation's cars leafletted with anti-Muslim propaganda after  posting signs saying "You are Welcome Here" in English, Spanish, and Arabic. I had a sign like this outside my home, but it was stolen.


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