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March 23, 2017 06:38 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“It is the function of speech to free men from the bondage of irrational fears.”

–Louis D. Brandeis


27 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. Today is the big day. Unless they pull the bill and it isn't.

    It's the moment the Republicans have been living for for the last 8 years. (Well, this and their pathological hatred of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.)

    According to CNN, as of this morning 28 House Republicans oppose the bill and 4 others lean "no."

    1. So, on the morning of this huge vote I wonder what today's Denver Post is reporting on how Colorado's GOP House delegation will vote?  Hmm, nothing at all about the Health Care bill until page 14A with a wire service paragraph stating the bill lacks votes to pass in the House.  Nothing about how Coffman, Tipton, et. al. are planning to vote.

      The Denver Post newspaper is not the place to go for news.  (I know I'm preaching to the choir on this site.)

    2. Will there be a special Floor recognition for those brave souls that voted for its repeal in the lower chamber over 60 times but are no longer there to see their dream come true?  

    1. I’ve watched enough of the hearing to see that this guy's a weasel. He won’t give a straight answer on anything. And the groups that are keen on him do nothing to change that opinion.

      1. No Supreme Court nominee, liberal or conservative, ever give a straight answer that could be construed as to how they would vote in future cases. Why would you expect Gorsuch to be the first?

  2. Our little mecca on the eastern plains made the Sunday Post.  Akin to the struggles of the prison economy in Kit Carson County, our region, rich in land, water, solar and wind resources can't seem beat its way out of a wet paper sack.  Our representatives have spent a decade fighting the very renewable energy mandates that could have fostered more wind (particularly projects owned by our rural electrics and communities) under the flag of Freedumb!

    There is little reason these farming communities couldn't be thriving – but that would require we recognize our aligned interested with food, energy and economic development advocates on the Front Range and leverage our interdependence.  

    Together, we'd be unstoppable.  

    Instead, we have this conversation…

    The Yuma County sheriff is struggling with a massive land area — and too few deputies

    So here's a solution that should make gun advocates happy.  Perhaps we don't need law enforcement at all? 

    There are 3,865 households in Yuma County; 40% of those (1,546) are outside of the city limits of Yuma and Wray.  The average cost of an automatic rifle appears to be in the $439 range; equipping every rural household with protection would be a one-time cost to the county of $678,000 (maybe we could negotiate a sweeter deal for the county if we buy in bulk). Our Sheriff could occupy himself with teaching marksmanship to the masses and being pro-active with the bad guys, not simply standing by to chase them. 

    To put that in perspective, Yuma County has received $593 million in ag subsidies 1995-2014. For 0.00114344 of that wealth transfer from the many to the few, we could all be safe.  

    1. I'm certain you know best what should be done in Yuma County. You "could all be safe" … except for the various ways guns with mass distraction cause injury or death.

      Anecdotes of various ways of harming others unintentionally abound in the #Gunfail episodes from one of the front pagers at Daily Kos. Public health statistics pointing out the increase in injury and death when there is a weapon in the home are available from numerous sources. Guns and depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, and a variety of other circumstances contribute to a higher rate of successful suicide attempts.

      1. I hope you realize I was being sarcastic, JiD (except for the part where were are the beneficiary of half-a-billion dollars in taxpayer largess and have still, somehow, managed to not build a resilient economy with staying power).  

        1. Proof enough of the failure of government handouts that try to buttress declining industries instead of helping people retrain and relocate.  Our ag welfare is an eight decade disaster.  

  3. It will be interesting to see if this decision stands, and good on the students for getting involved.

    Colorado appeals court says state must protect health and environment before allowing oil and gas drilling

    On Thursday, the three-judge appeals court panel agreed. The COGCC mandate “was not intended to require that a balancing test be applied. … Rather, the clear language (of the agency’s enabling legislation) … mandates that the development of oil and gas in Colorado be regulated subject to the protection of public health, safety, and welfare, including protection of the environment and wildlife resources.”

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