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March 22, 2017 07:03 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“History is a gallery of pictures in which there are few originals and many copies.”

–Alexis de Tocqueville


59 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread


    Another promise broken by the Liar-in-Chief….



    The millions of dollars worth of steel needed to build the un-needed Keystone XL pipeline will be provided by an as-yet unidentified source…?…China?…Japan?…Russia?

    We don't know yet…but it won't be Pueblo..or Birmingham…or Pittsburgh.

    There will be so many more broken promises…

    Spasibo, Donald.


    1. If we rally one more time behind the banner of a 79 year old Socialist, we could join the Whigs on the ash canof history.  Zappy would be so proud.

          1. That was unfair, V. Gender is irrelevant…except to you, obviously. You assign a personal viewpoint by your accusation. You are wrong about that.


                There are none so blind as those who will not see.

                That is correct, V.

                You supported Hillary primarily because she was a woman.

                I supported Bernie primarily because of his policy positions.

                You see the difference there?

                  1. I have to get to work now, V. 

                    I will leave you with the observation that you now have a troll like PeePee answering questions for you. Something you might want to reflect upon this afternoon…..

                    later, V.

                    1. Don't sit down too suddenly, might break Pear's nose.  

                      I thought you had to be a celebrity to have a creepy stalker?

      1. “We” did not rally behind that banner, V. You stuck with Hillary and that cost us the election. If the Democratic party had gotten behind Bernies' campaign, we would now be talking about President Sanders.

        Like I said…if you don't like Bernie…whatcha got?

        1. If bernie could win an election, why didn"t he win an election?  He won mostly undemocratic caucus states while she hammered him in primaries.  We even had two states washington and nebraska, that used both.  He won both caucuses and she won the following primaries.  Bernie is a loser and in the unlikely event he is still alive next election he will still be a loser.  Don't you have a leftie who still has a pulse?  Norman Thomas, maybe?  

          1. Interesting that Dems still love Bernie. Bernie loves his base so much he switched back to Independent. I doubt the DNC will make the mistake again to let him back to run on the Democratic ticket again. Bernie is toast. You will have to look for a fresh kook.

            1. Dems never liked bernie much..  his base was independents.  They won't have much say for the next three years.  But they are stocking up on Depends in case their then 79 year old warrior goes forth in 2020.  If elected and reelected, he would be 87 when he stepped down.  

              1. I think you are wrong. There was a large contingent at the State convention trying to bully the  super delegates to change their vote from HRC to Bernie. 

                1. Right pear, but those bernie bots were elected at caucuses.  When ordinary democrats were allowed a voice,, they voted overwhelmingly for hillary.  She crushed him even without super delegates.

        1. Sorry, I didn't realize democrats aren't allowed to vote in sufafed's paradise.   So you really are doubling down on a 79 year old Socialist.  Hope the party can spring for a heart transplant or two?  At least your beloved jill is likely to be alive in the next election.

              1. Note that sudafed didn't include hillary or biden on that list.  Fact is, hillary clobbered the gezzzer and if he is stupid enough to run again, he will be crushed by anyone not yet on medicare.

                  1. But you careflly selected one that would support your prejudices.  Face it, if the uber left could win an election, it should have won a nomination.  You failed.  Bigly.


                    1. I didn't "carefully select" it.  It's been in the news this week after Fox polled it.  Also, I didn't caucus for Bernie, so I would have had no hand in his losing, nor did I have any hand in his winning, in this state. I’m not in the party. Although I would have taken my wife to the caucus to support her, she wasn’t allowed off work, and I wouldn’t have tried to vote.

                      Your candidate did win the primary election, though.  You failed.  Bigly. It’s obvious how angry that makes you.

                      Your big problem in these discussions is that you throw out nonsense like Bernie supporters hate women. Or easily countered BS like “I didn’t realize Democrats weren’t allowed to…” that lets me just slap up a poll and walk off laughing. We know you’re mad, bro, but Hillary lost because she didn’t get votes, and, while that quite obviously enrages you, it hasn’t led you to any honest understanding of why.

                      Oh, and Biden would have won.

                    2. The Sudafed does love his KoolAid.  Yeah, I think Joe might have won too.  Bernie would have been wiped off the map even worse than his collapse in the Middle Atlantc states.  But you want to run him again, at age79. because gosh darn it, Americans loves socialism..   oookkay. (Voyageur carefully edges away from the madman waving his Fox polls and hopes he doesn't own a gun.)

  2. Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware

    To avoid the draconian locks that John Deere puts on the tractors they buy, farmers throughout America's heartland have started hacking their equipment with firmware that's cracked in Eastern Europe and traded on invite-only, paid online forums.

    Tractor hacking is growing increasingly popular because John Deere and other manufacturers have made it impossible to perform "unauthorized" repair on farm equipment, which farmers see as an attack on their sovereignty and quite possibly an existential threat to their livelihood if their tractor breaks at an inopportune time.

    1. That's interesting. Why on earth would John Deere lock farmers out from repairing their own equipment? Money? Is the tractor repair biz really that lucrative? Is it just the computer module that is uncrackable, like those in modern cars?

      My school has an ag program which teaches basic auto and tractor repair. Students can also take classes for college credit through the local community college. What happens to all that practical know-how if the equipment is unserviceable by owner?

      Should I add this to my stash of Russian paranoid conspiracy theories (it's not paranoia if they're really after you)?

      1. If you sell a tractor, you make your money once.  If you "rent" one, you never stop collecting.  Add in forced obsolescence, by stopping the production of parts, no longer authorizing replacements, boom, new tractor sale.

        It's really no different than companies like Monsanto forbidding seed saving, which may be something your folks can relate to.  It's a way to capture a market that's forced to continue paying you to survive.  I guess, having said that, it's really not much different than the old company store.

        What happens to their skills?  They go work for Deere or Caterpillar, or McDonald's, I guess.  I think, more likely, they get their Ukraine on.

        This particular conspiracy is American-made, so you don't need to add it to your folio, but I suppose if we cross the Ukrainians at some point, we may want to avoid the fields.

    2. This is an exciting development:

      Electric John Deere tractor runs for 4 hours on a charge

      John Deere says that the SESAM tractor is a central component of its vision for the “energy-autonomous farm of the future”. Potential benefits, says the company, include the use of farm-produced renewable energy and new farm business models that would allow farms to provide electric power-to-grid services in rural areas.

    1. Maybe Bernie’s brain can be transplanted into a younger body. Besides being an avowed Socialist (which, honestly, most Democrats reject) he's just too old. Don't the Socialists have a younger candidate they can run? If not, doesn't that say a lot about the prospects of Socialists in America?

      1. The last polling I'm aware of is from a year and change ago

        Senator Bernie Sanders’s speech on Thursday explaining his democratic socialist ideology carried little risk among supporters and other Democrats: A solid majority of them have a positive impression of socialism, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll released this month.

        Fifty-six percent of those Democratic primary voters questioned said they felt positive about socialism as a governing philosophy, versus 29 percent who took a negative view.

        In an address Thursday afternoon at Georgetown University, Mr. Sanders argued that the redistribution of wealth was at the heart of the American social contract, seeking to link himself with the legacies of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The applause he drew should come as little surprise: Sixty-nine percent of Sanders supporters see socialism in a positive light, versus just 21 percent who view it negatively.

        Even most of those supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic nomination approve of socialism, 52 percent to 32 percent.

        1. Yes, but thats 29 percent of Democrats — and a lot more of independents and republicans — that you alienate for no good reason.  Call for socialized medicine and be supported by 60 percent of your base.  Support the Christian anti-Communist working man's , Mothers and Warm Puppies Health Care Act abd ride to glory.  Socialism has the minor drawback of not working outside of insurance — where it works well — and carries a lot of negative baggage.  Lose the label.

          1. I'm not concerned about labels.  This is what Democratic Socialism looks like, and part of having an honest conversation is being honest about where ideas spring from.  I'm not interested in selling it, just offering it up and letting folks make decisions about what they want.

            As for support for socialized medicine, there's support in more than just the Democratic base.  About 60% of Americans believe that the government should be charged with ensuring healthcare for all Americans.  They're split over private/public or single payer, but I'm fine with either.  Any meaningful effort toward universal coverage will require at least a public option, and I can live with that.  Of course, this is all Democratic Socialism, so…

            Interestingly, in the poll I link to, Pew found that:

            Currently, 52% of Republicans with family incomes below $30,000 say the federal government has a responsibility to ensure health coverage for all, up from just 31% last year. There also has been a 20-percentage-point increase among Republicans with incomes of $30,000-$74,999 (34% now, 14% last year). But there has been no significant change among those with incomes of $75,000 or more (18% now, 16% then).

      2. I agree that Bernie will be too old to run for President in 2020. I'm rooting for Warren. Nevertheless, Bernie's doing enormous good in the Senate now, and activating his base on a variety of issues, much as OFA did post-election with the health care bill.

        Anyway, cook, you understand that Bernie is not running as a socialist. I think you're trying to be funny.

        I'm skipping the rest of this discussion. It seems to be wall to wall trolls, whose comments I have blocked, plus Vger blowing off steam in his usual way.


        1. Actually mj, I'm not trying to be funny. Bernie was being intellectually dishonest running as a Democrat. When he's not running for president, he proudly wears the socialist badge. He just knew damned well he would get absolutely no traction with that label so he co-opted the Democratic Party, and foolish Dems let him get away with it. But he didn't get far. To me, running under an assumed banner lacked integrity; so I couldn't even consider him. Too bad. He does have some good ideas. Vermont's fortunate to have him.  

          1. You do understand that Sanders is registered as an Independent, and that Vermonters have re-elected him as an Independent for 26 years.  He has always been honest about his socialist beliefs, and yes, he did get "traction" in 2016 – more people attending his rallies, more individual contributions than any other candidate, thousands caucusing on his behalf, most of whom were subsequently shut out by the Democratic party.

            He wanted to reform the Democratic party, which did pass the most progressive platform in history, even though they also backtracked on Obama's reform, and now implement Wasserman-Schultz' policies: unlimited and secret corporate contributions, including from PACS, and allow lobbyists to be superdelegates.

            His candidacy forced HRC to move to the left, rejecting the Keystone pipeline and the TPP trade deal, come out for a college tuition program, allow people to buy into Medicare earlier, $15 minimum wage, and more.

            So you can dismiss him as a kooky socialist all you like, and claim that he “got no traction”, but Vermonters just keep on electing their proudly Independent Senator in spite of you all.

        2. As long as people recognize that Bernie. Is just too old to lead the party in 2020, I second your motion about the good work he's doing today, mj.  Duke, in his inimitable way, still dreams of a bernie in 2020 campaign. Time, alas, is no one's friend, certainly not mine.

  3. Supremes tell DougCo to do better, effectively overruling Gorsuch in a twofer.  Apparently "not doing nothing" not enough for special ed students.

    High court rules public schools must do more to educate special-needs kids

    All eight justices sided with the Colorado student in the case, Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District, in one of the most significant special education cases in decades. Endrew was diagnosed with autism and his parents feel his public school and individualized education program had failed him. They sought reimbursement for the cost of sending him to private school.

  4. Just finished watching a rerun of CBS presidential election. Not a single word about the Russians. Imagine that! But the consistent line is how Hillary was under performing. No Russian influence. Perhaps CBS is covering for Russia.

    Same thing on CNN. 

    1. You have the strangest tastes in porn. 

      I don’t know if you were able to notice (as you were probably muttering Duke’s name repeatedly), but did they mention that there was an active (and still ongoing) FBI investigation of Trump and the Russians at at that time?
      Oh, right…they didn’t know about it!

      1. Our hapless troll seems to be getting bothered by the recent news of an imploding White House that is in such disarray they had to call in the house mom to keep the kids from fighting.

        The Pompous Picha, while convinced of his own superior intellect, seems to be wandering aimlessly down Stupid St., holding on to Trumps' racist rhetoric and hoping people lose their health care and the food which they need to survive. 

        I think he reconciles his lack of concern for the health and welfare of Americans with his passion for making sure the CEOs of  McDonnel/Douglas and Sturm/Ruger make their annual sales quotas and don't miss out on that multi-million dollar bonus.

        At any rate. The idiot troll owes mama  a report on the Yams' batting average before too much longer. Not looking good for the Dumb Team…



        1. It's uncommon that Duke and I are in agreement. But these days……… and even Andrew and Moderatus seems to have enough common sense to avoid making continual fools of themselves.

          An old saying applies to Pear/Prune: fools rush in where angels fear to tread. 

  5. Oh, this is interesting.  Wonder where it will lead…

    US Officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians

    Washington (CNN)The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign, US officials told CNN.

    This is partly what FBI Director James Comey was referring to when he made a bombshell announcement Monday before Congress that the FBI is investigating the Trump campaign's ties to Russia, according to one source.

    1. This is what Rep. Nunes was trying to get ahead of today when he made the surprise announcement that the Trump campaign might have been captured in "incidental" intercepts of foreign surveillance targets. It's also likely what he briefed the White House about in much greater detail, pretty much ruining any remaining hope that he will be able to lead a real investigation into Russian involvement from his position as House Intelligence Committee Chair.

      You can bet that the FBI will try very hard to keep future information on the subject away from the House Intelligence Committee.

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