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Get More SmarterCompared to the Olympic Village in Rio, all of the accommodations in Philadelphia are 5-star locations. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols. If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example). If you are more of a visual learner, check out The Get More Smarter Show.


► The Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia got underway on Monday with an unexpected jolt of controversy. As Politico reports:

Democrats on Monday struggled to contain the chaos that threatened to take hold in Philadelphia, as Debbie Wasserman Schultz bowed out of plans to gavel in the Democratic National Convention and restless Bernie Sanders’ supporters lashed out.

A day after the resignation of the embattled party chairwoman over a massive leak of emails showing disdain for Sanders’ campaign, the party could not escape the optics of a convention marred by discord, much like the Republicans’ the week before. And once again, Hillary Clinton has found herself ensnared in another email-related controversy.

Trouble started early Monday, when Wasserman Schultz’s debut at the convention proved disastrous. The Florida congresswoman as was heckled as she tried to speak before the Florida delegation breakfast, with some in the room yelling “Shame!”

By Monday afternoon, Wasserman Schultz had wisely decided to step aside as DNC Chair altogether. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the mayor of Baltimore, takes over as the gaveler-in-chief in Philadelphia.

Elsewhere, the Washington Post previews the DNC by asking (and answering) 10 important questions.


► Two prominent Colorado Democrats will be on the stage in Philadelphia for prominent speaking roles. House Democratic Leader Crisanta Duran, likely the next House Speaker should Democrats maintain control of the lower chamber, will tell the story of “Colorado, women, and Latinos” on Thursday evening. Governor John Hickenlooper is also scheduled to speak at the DNC later this week.


► There are conflicting reports about how far Gov. Hickenlooper really advanced in the Veepstakes to become Hillary Clinton’s running mate. Over the weekend, Clinton announced that she had tapped Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine for the VP role.


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► Two prominent Democrats in the midst of high-profile congressional campaigns will remain in Colorado rather than visit Philadelphia for the DNC. Morgan Carroll (CD-6) and Gail Schwartz (CD-3) are keeping their feet in Colorado as they work to unseat Republican Reps. Mike Coffman and Scott Tipton, respectively. Coffman, Tipton, and many other Colorado elected officials skipped last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland primarily in order to stay as far away as possible from Donald Trump’s coattails; Carroll and Schwartz are not skipping the DNC for any candidate or platform-specific reasons. 


► Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman addressed her fellow Republicans in Cleveland during an event last week. Coffman told a crowd that she was “ashamed” of the Republican Party for its continued resistance to equal rights for LGBT citizens.


► As Republicans returned home to Colorado following last week’s RNC in Cleveland, one overarching question remained unanswered: Now what?


► Larimer County is growing both in size and political influence, but as the Ft. Collins Coloradoan reports, neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton are particularly popular in Northern Colorado.


► A Lakewood cake shop owner who was criticized for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple is still trying to push his case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. The Colorado Supreme Court declined to hear a suit by Jack Phillips about being allowed to discriminate for “religious reasons,” so it’s probably not likely that the U.S. Supremes will decide to intervene instead.


► Peter Marcus of the Durango Herald examines the state of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources as a new executive director, Bob Randall, takes the helm.


► Fracking concerns are again becoming big news in East Boulder County, particularly in the City of Lafayette




► As it turns out, the water supply in Hugo, Colorado is not contaminated with THC.


► The Washington Post has already made it known that they will not even consider endorsing Donald Trump for President this fall. From a Friday editorial:

This year we will follow the campaign as always, offering honest views on all the candidates. But we cannot salute the Republican nominee or pretend that we might endorse him this fall. A Trump presidency would be dangerous for the nation and the world…

…Many Americans do not like either candidate this year . We have criticized the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, in the past and will do so again when warranted. But we do not believe that she (or the Libertarian and Green party candidates, for that matter) represents a threat to the Constitution. Mr. Trump is a unique and present danger.

No, we’ve never heard of this being done before, either. Another “first” for Donald Trump!



► Rookies have reported to training camp for the Denver Broncos; the full team will join the kids on Thursday.


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  1. Diogenesdemar says:

    On field drug testing . . .

    . . . anyone think to field test the Lincoln County law enforcement for THC contamination???

  2. FrankUnderwood says:

    It's official…..the inmates are now running the asylum….

    The Bernie supporters have turned on, and are booing, their leader.

    • BlueCat says:

      Bernie or Busters? Nope. Now they're just Bernie Busters. No "or".They support letting Trump and the Rs win and Bernie losing all his power and influence if they can't have him for Prez. Or else they figure the grown ups will rescue them from the consequences so they feel free to indulge in their self dramatizing tantrums. 

  3. Zappatero says:

    Those might've been the echos of Debbie Wasserman Schultz getting herself booed by the Florida delegation (for being a Corporate Suckup and Anti-Progressive Tool) and having to abdicate all her responsibilities as DNC chair:

    PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — After resigning as chair of the Democratic National Committee on the eve of the convention, Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Monday that she would no longer be appearing on stage to open the first night of the event.

    “I have decided that in the interest of making sure that we can start the Democratic convention on a high note that I am not going to gavel in the convention,” Wasserman Schultz told the Sun Sentinel.

    The Florida lawmaker released a statement Sunday announcing her resignation after emails released by WikiLeaks indicated how she and other DNC staffers attempted to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ campaign. In that statement, she said she would be abdicating her position after the conclusion of the convention.

    Even as she managed to have the DNC hacked under her watch, the ugliest part of this is that we learned all these high paid Professional Left consultants are morons of the first order and that their brains have been starved of oxygen by being in the DC bubble for far too long.

  4. Pseudonymous says:

    Clinton campaign pulls ads from Colorado

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign is pulling its television advertisements from Colorado, at least temporarily, after building a sizable and durable lead in the traditional battleground state.

    The decision could reflect increasing confidence about Clinton’s chances to capture Colorado’s nine electoral votes in the fall. But a Clinton campaign official, granted anonymity to discuss the campaign's internal operations, stressed the campaign's advertising strategy against Donald Trump will change constantly over the next three months.

  5. Les Ismore says:

    I said it before: Democrats being Democrats, we will surely find a way to fuck this up

  6. mamajama55 says:

    Bernie's doing what he does best at the DNC: a solid barn-burning wonky policy speech, emphasizing areas of agreement and unity with Clinton. Many of his supporters are in tears, though. He did take some victory laps for concessions in the platform and policy changes, and why shouldn't he?

    To paraphrase David T8, it's all about the "Why" – the future we want – …not the Who. Just being a gender pioneer isn't enough to inspire, as being an ethnic pioneer wasn't enough for Obama.

    Why doesn't Hillary Clinton inspire vision the way Sanders and Obama do and did? Those of you who are Hillary supporters, what vision, which policies,  what strong emotional response, does she inspire? Cause I'm voting for her, but definitely not feeling it. Try to answer without mentioning Trump.

    • BlueCat says:

      According to polling between 85% and 90% of Bernie supporters are already saying they're willing to vote for HRC.  The most impassioned Bernie or Bust delegates represent a distinct minority but the talking heads just love to interview them.  What do you you say to those few who said in interviews tonight that they trust everything Bernie says except when he urges them to support HRC and points out how much he and HRC have come together on the issues.

      What do you say to the few nitwits complaining that they dissed Bernie by having him go last which everyone knows is where the star of the evening is supposed to go. Last is top billing. That's why lesser bands open for the main event band, not the other way around.  I know many of them have never been a delegate to a convention before but I'm pretty sure most of them have been to concert.

      Bernie supporters should be celebrating all they've achieved and realizing that the only way their movement can continue to achieve is by giving Bernie and like minded Dem Congress members the Dem President, Dem majorities in Congress and Dem appointed Supreme Court Justices they need. 

      Bernie's giving it his best shot, bringing up all the positive reasons to vote for HRC, all the areas where they are in agreement, all the areas where his movement’s goals are her goals but a small minority of his followers, much more prevalent among convention delegates than over all, are just too ignorant and too flaky to ever grasp that if they aren't voting to give Bernie the President and majorities he needs, they're voting against him, their movement and themselves. They will have no voice, no power, will get nothing at all with a GOP administration, majorities and Supreme Court in place.

      The grown ups will just have to get it done without them.

  7. Voyageur says:

    Obviouslyy, mj, you don't and can't get it.  You could have bee n in my living room when my wife, 69, my daughter, 40, and my granddaughter, 15, watched michelle obama talk about what it would mean to tell a young girl that she could grow up to be president.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house.   

    • Voyageur says:


      100 years from now, they will write about this election as the moment that one woman – a courgeous, hard- working but also laughing and caring woman, was finally nominated to the highest office in the land.  For the future of humanity, let us pray they also write that she won that office.

    • mamajama55 says:

      BC, "willing to vote for HRC" is not the same thing as impassioned, excited, joyful about voting for HRC. I'm in that former group, but not the latter. I'm asking why not, and unlike V, I don't think 'not getting it" is a character or mental defect on my part.

      V, I did watch Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Warren, and appreciated their speeches.  To my mind, both women have qualities of authenticity and humanity, ability to connect with their audiences, that HRC does not.

      I think it may be simply that Hillary Clinton lacks the oratorical skills of an Obama, and the simple ability to connect with people that Bill has. All the HRC policies I like are those she was persuaded to adopt or expand by Bernie. Really, it was his progressive policies coupled with his personal integrity that impelled his supporters to support him. HRC lacks both those qualities, IMHO.  Maybe it's just that ancient saying that "Democrats fall in love [with their candidate], while Republicans fall in line."

      Republicans are falling in line with a singularly unloveable candidate this year. Even our Pols trolls seem like grooms at a shotgun wedding. Aside from V's infatuation, I wonder how many Dems are excited about Hillary the way they were about Obama. All you say about the Supreme Court and Dem majorities in Congress is true, BC, but we Sanders supporters are going to vote with our heads, not our hearts, this year.

      GOTV is going to be a completely necessary  bearcat this election, because the passion that brought in volunteers and house parties and OFA chapters galore won't be there. We (I do count myself in that number) will be nagging and dragging people to turn in their ballots. If my little county Dems office ever gets me my lists, I'll canvass even.  Colorado never did like Trump, but in CO as in other states, GOTV is going to be critical.

      • Voyageur says:

        erasing dupe


      • Voyageur says:

        Your whole framework thatyou wanted addressed, mj, demanded that we ignore history.  Forget that Obama is mixed race and that his election followed 400 years of slavery and oppression.

        Likewise you demanded a reason for hillary that ignored gender.  The three generations of women in my living room would have laughed at that. If you don’t understand that history needs symbols then you must think Rosa Parks just wanted more frequent bus service.

      • Duke Cox says:

        I agree with that GOTV statement, mama. Per my comment in the Tuesday Open Thread, I consider this to be a fait accompli, and will shift my effort to the general. All the while, I will be encouraging Bernie supporters of every ilk to remember what it is we are after. Remember there is only one way to continue the revolution…personally.


      • BlueCat says:

        I  do think you're over-estimating the number of super reluctant Bernie voters.

        While you're nagging and dragging the most resistant, maybe you could remind them that Bernie and his entire agenda go "poof" unless we elect HRC President, take back the Senate and make damn sure we own the Supreme Court. Also that if HRC wasn't fully aware of how much she needs them she wouldn't have given Bernie so much of what he wants on a silver platter… which she has…  including the head of her Clinton loyalist DNC Chair.

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