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March 31, 2016 08:51 AM UTC

The Cover-Up Is Always Worse than the Crime

  • by: Colorado Pols

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a former Republican candidate for President who is now about as lame a duck as you will find, decided to call into a New Jersey talk radio show to explain why he was caught dumping a bag of M&M candies into a separate box of M&M candies.

Right. Let’s say that one more time: Chris Christie called into a New Jersey talk radio show to explain why he was caught dumping a bag of M&M candies into a separate box of M&M candies. As Gawker helpfully points out:

Explaining why you might combine two different containers of M&Ms candies is infinitely more embarrassing than being caught in the act of combining to [sic] different containers of M&Ms.

We’d continue to make jokes about this, but it makes us too sad…


27 thoughts on “The Cover-Up Is Always Worse than the Crime

      1. Google to the rescue. While I'm still at sea about why this is talk radio worthy at least I was able to find another source in the way of explanation. I think I’d just eat them out of the bag myself. Also can’t help noticing that the whole belly band in preparation for a presidential run seems to have been kind of a bust. Didn’t he do something like that?

    1. “We have an enormous addiction problem in this country and we need to send very clear leadership from the White House on down …"

      Gov. Bag-O-Donuts Crate-O-Sweets has a long history of personal interest, and held an [extra, extra, extra] large advocacy mission, towards public expansion In areas of addiction vs. self-control …

      (… either that, or he's readying for an audition for the TLC pilot of "My 600-Lb Governor".)

      1. Blue Cat:  "why is this a thing that requires a call-in to a talk show?"   Another question: why is this newsworthy for Colorado Pols?

        1. Once again this isn't a news blog. It's a political blog and it's a hoot that this is a thing on talk radio and all over the internet. Why so serious?  Besides not understanding that this is a political blog, as evidenced by your previous insistence that only important news and  policy issues should be discussed here, you take this little local political blog way too seriously.

          We are definitely not required to confne ourselves to the stuff of major headlines or serious policy discussions and exchanging opinions on which candidates we back and what we think of the political situation in relation to the current primaries and locally is to be expected, along with enjoying the latest zaniness making the intertube rounds.

           Perhaps you'd be happier frequenting a very serious news blog?

            1. Blue Cat: I fully understand that Pols is a political blog. And "zaniness" is often out & about here, like Zappatero's intense dislike of Michael Bennet. 

              In your dreams, ex, in your dreams. Maybe you'd rather have Moderatus or Andrew Carnegie being more regular posters? Or maybe you're having difficulty handling a little heat, shall we say, ex. 

              And while we're at it, even though it is really, really early, Larry Sabato predicts a Hilary landslide win over Trump.

              1. Dear CHB. Can't speak for ex but pretty sure it's not a can't take the heat problem for ex either. Certainly isn't for me. I was once called a scumbag on this very blog (things do sometimes get heated so all the more reason for comic relief) and just figured it comes with the territory. 

                As far as I'm concerned you're more than welcome here and you do a lot less scolding than some I could name. My suggestion was strictly for your health and happiness. As long as you can stand the heat, your welcome in my kitchen any time.  Ummmm… that sounded more suggestive than I meant it to. blush


                1. Though it's beginning to look like new life is being breathed into the Stop Trump movement.  Will it succeed? Will he run anyway because he wasn't treated fairly? I think this bumpy ride may be far from over.

                  1. Trump's not going to run away. He's already crawfishing on his promise not to run as an independent should he be deprived of the GOP nod. And Cruz is definitely not the man to stop him. My wife's prediction is that Trump will be the one to drag Cruz to court over his eligibility to run should he get the nomination.

            2. I wouldn't be happier. I actually like having a diversity of opinions on here. As long as people are civil, and stick to the issues, and CHB always is, and does. There are times when I block somebody from my online view strictly for my own sanity, but not often.

              How can we test out the soundness of our own arguments if we refuse to listen to people who disagree with us? We're not Redstate or one of those insular little rightie blogs that bans commenters if they dare to say something liberal or (shudder) pro-Democratic. 

          1. Herr Drumpf: "Some very negative reports coming out of Colorado" (he's  apparently decided privatizing prisons will make everything better. Did he end up the beneficiary of Little Rubio's private prison lobby dollars after he took him down?) And for Kee-rist sake, Matthews?  The jokes are really, really old; the failed, trillion-dollar War on Drugs (thanks Nixon and Nancy) has left us with more men of color in prison, on probation or parole than we had slaves in 1862.  

            Anyone who thinks our current fetish with mass incarceration is OK isn't fit to serve the public. 

            MATTHEWSWhat are the problems you've heard about Colorado? Because a lot of people wonder about who do you want smoking dope. I mean, do you want your train conductor, the bus driver, the airplane pilot? No. What do you want? Maybe the guy who teaches philosophy might be OK.


            I mean — I mean does anybody trust anybody that's high to do anything? I mean, I'm serious about this.

            TRUMP: Well, I mean, I hear the same problem…

            MATTHEWSIt's not — recreational drugs. What's that mean?

            TRUMP: I hear the same problems. There's a — there's a lasting negative impact. I mean, you do too much of it…

            MATTHEWS: The loss of ambition…

            TRUMP: Yes. I mean, it's a loss…

            MATTHEWS: … that I think is there.

            TRUMP: There's a loss of something. So that book has not been written yet, but it's going to be written pretty soon and I'm not hearing very positive things.











            1. I saw that interview. Very disappointing. Matthews did great on nailing Trump on the abortion punishment consequence, then he sets up a leading question like this, to get Trump to answer the way Matthews prefers.  In so many ways, Matthews is still fighting the battles of the 80s. Anti-commie, Just Say No to Drugs.

              And he absolutely knows better. He knows that he is much more likely to be harmed by an alcohol abuser than a pot user. Where are these supposed "negative reports"? Violent crime has gone down in Colorado since passage of 64. Drug arrests, of course, are down. The cartels are struggling, which is great news for all our refugees who fled the cartel gangs.

              It would be great if Matthews reported some of that news. Or asked a candidate about it.

  1. Talk about a slow political news and gossip day…….Morbidly obese windbag adds M & M to bigger bag of M & M, and pigs out on them……..details on this breaking story at 5 pm.

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