Huge Rally Protests Jeffco School Board Majority Friday

UPDATE: Courtesy the Jeffco PTA:


With the exception of the 9NEWS video clip you can watch above (no online story unfortunately), another very large turnout of Jefferson County residents, teachers, and students for a protest against the conservative school board majority appears to have slipped under the local media’s radar yet again. Here are some photos from Friday evening’s rally in Littleton’s Clement Park, featuring a big crowd undeterred by heavy rain and hail that fell during the event. All photos via Facebook:




We haven’t seen an official estimate of crowd size, but the event was by all accounts very large despite the weather, and caused traffic jams around the Southwest Plaza area as attendees crowded into Clement Park.

The escalating battle between the conservative Jefferson County school board majority and the district’s teachers, parents, and students has consistently been marked by enormous crowds turning out to protest against the board’s actions–a phenomenon we saw several times in 2014, culminating in the mass walkouts of thousands of students protesting the majority’s politically-stilted “review” of AP history curriculum. Other events like the “Boots on the Boulevard” protest along Wadsworth witnessed thousands of protesters lined up along Jefferson County’s busiest thoroughfare at rush hour: an event that no one who lives in suburban Jefferson County was able to ignore.

As for these renewed protests, which 9NEWS actually kind of disses in the process of being the only local news outlet to cover them? This is reportedly just the first, and they’ll be continuing all summer long.  Given the undeniably large turnout this one received even in terrible weather, we’d say ignore them at your peril.

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  1. exlurker19 says:

    The Jeffco School Board sacrificed the Pinto but it's still not enough for them stinkin' libruls.  Poor ol' Jeffco School Board.  What's a reactionary to do in these modern times to stifle the rabble?  I feel sorry for them, sorry, I say.  Well, no, not really, 'cause they brought it all on themselves.

    Hey, EF, come tell me how the unwashed masses need to hush and leave these poor conservative folks alone, because, mean and harsh and not nice and poor Pinto and, and, and…..

  2. BlueCat says:

    Looks like a pretty good crowd to be ignored. Let 20 gun nuts or gay haters hold up signs on the Capital steps and everybody covers it.

  3. mamajama55 says:

    So there are still two years to go with this conservative majority.  I know Dahlkemper won't run. What about Fellman?

    This kind of energy should propel some moderate or liberal candidates to victory, if there are candidates to be found, and it should give the conservative members pause as they try to steamroll their agenda over the wishes of the Jeffco community.



    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      According to the May 28 edition of the Lakewood Sentinel; our weekly local newspaper; a local woman named Amanda Stevens has announced she is a candidate for the District 4 position. This is the seat being vacated by Dahlkemper. Stevens sounds rather middle of the road, which is good. 

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