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April 28, 2015 11:28 AM UTC

Buck Wants to Weaken DC Gun-Safety Laws, Calls Colorado Pols "Knuckleheads"

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Eh, we’ll take “knuckleheads.” — promoted by Colorado Pols)

After being investigated by Washington DC authorities for having an AR-15 assault rifle in his Washington office, freshman Republican Congressman Ken Buck said he intends to use his congressional committee assignments to weaken DC gun-saftey laws, which are among the nation’s toughest.

Asked on NRA News’ “Cam and Co” Show April 23 if he now has “added impetus” to address DC’s gun laws, Buck replied, “Yes, it does,” noting that the issue falls under the jurisdiction of two committees on which he sits: the Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform Committees.

“It’s something I will look at,” said Buck on the podcast, noting that it’s not “on the top of the heap,” but he’s already talked to other Members of Congress about it.

“There is going to be an effort to look at what DC does and to try to rein in the really irrational–if you’re an honest law-abiding citizen, you want to have a means to protect yourself,” Buck said on air, discussing Washington’s gun-safety laws. “And it’s just unbelievable that people in DC believe that honest people should not be able to protect themselves. They should be victimized.”

Buck revealed the presence of the assault weapon in his office last week, when he tweeted a photo of it along with: “My friend Trey Gowdy stopped by the office — had to show him my AR-15 to commemorate the occasion.”

The tweet was first reported by the progressive blog ColoradoPols, which Buck referred to as “knuckleheads” in his NRA news interview.

“There were some knuckleheads back in Colorado that decided they wanted to cause some problems, and so they forwarded the picture to the Attorney General here in DC,” Buck said, when asked how Washington authorities became aware of the assault weapon in his office.

It appears that Buck did not break Capitol-Police rules by having the weapon in his office, but the Metropolitan DC Police have apparently not commented. The Washington DC Attorney General looked into the matter and referred it to the DC police,

“As conservatives, we are more cautious [with their weapons], because we understand that there is a double standard,” Buck said on air. “But in this case they ate crow, and I hope they continue to eat crow for a long time. I hope other Congressmen see that they can have a gun in their office and follow the lead.”

“I have a very patriotic AR15 hanging in my office. It hangs directly above my Second Amendment flag,” Buck said in a statement, as reported by The Denver Post.


8 thoughts on “Buck Wants to Weaken DC Gun-Safety Laws, Calls Colorado Pols “Knuckleheads”

  1. Not that the impromptu gun show particularly bothers me, but I wonder more about how the rifle got to the capitol. While I expect there are questions of federalism (is the capitol building part of DC or some amorphous federal pocket dimension), someone had to drive the thing there. I wonder who that was?

    The NRA says :

    Use extreme caution when traveling through Washington, DC with a firearm. The certificate requirement for possession of firearms and ammunition does not apply to non-residents who are “participating in any lawful recreational firearm-related activity within the District, or on [their] way to or from such activity in another jurisdiction.” To qualify for this exception, a person must, upon demand of a law enforcement officer, “exhibit proof that he is on his way to or from such activity” and that the person’s possession of the firearm is lawful in the person’s place of residence. The person must also be transporting the firearm from a place where the person may lawfully possess and carry it to another place where the person may lawfully possess and carry it, the firearm must be unloaded, and neither the firearm nor any ammunition may be readily or directly accessible from the automobile’s passenger compartment, or if the vehicle does not have a separate trunk, the firearm or ammunition must be kept in a locked container.

  2. “As conservatives, we are more cautious [with their weapons], because we understand that there is a double standard,” –

    And that’s why all those stories of children shooting their siblings come from red states.

    1. The point is, it would be silly to simply assume that it was OK for Buck to have that gun in his office. If it is non-functional, then it is an ornament, but Pols was right to bring it up to the proper authority.

      Eating crow? Hardly.

      Buck really shines in the role of victim.

  3. Meanwhile, Buck’s fellow gun fondler, Trey Gowdy, is raising racist alarms about “Obama importing Muslims into America”. Gowdy is talking about the refugee resettlement program – a program which has been very profitable for the meat-packing industry in Greeley, Buck’s home , office, and district. JB Swift meats hires hundreds of Somalis for shift work processing meat, because they are reliable, hard workers.

    In Greeley, Somali and Thai and Latin American refugees are fleeing thugs, warlords, gangs, and ISIS / ISIL insurgents in their home countries. All of my refugee students have had family members threatened, killed, or beaten, by these bad actors. That’s why they are refugees. . Their enemies are the enemies of the United States, and of small-d democracy in general.

    So what Gowdy wants is for communities to be more suspicious of refugees, particularly Muslim refugees. Buck, does JB Swift know who you’re hanging out with, and what he wants to do?

  4. Nothing I’ve seen or read about Ken Buck makes me wish he was my representative (Scott Tipton is more than enough 🙁 ), never mind re-electing him to office.

    I have no problem with any qualified person owning a gun(s), but the two-faced looney bin that the Republican Party has become is just…sad.

    1. I hope you don’t mind Samuel, but this,

      “(Scott Tipton is more than enough )”

      I think, might more appropriately read …

      (Scott Tipton is less than enough)

      I, too, am represented by the vapid and bellicose Rep. Tipton (he of the exceedingly turgid ego), who I am pretty sure is eyeing Thurstons’ Senate seat.

      I feel your pain….

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