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August 13, 2008 07:17 AM UTC

Thank you & hugs open post

  • by: DavidThi808

We have had a lot of people work very hard in this election. The candidates, the campaign workers, the supporters, bloggers here, even the shills.

We owe all of them a large thank you. Our democracy only works when people step up to run, to work on campaigns, etc. And to then lose is a horrible emotional hit.

This is an open post to give thank you-s and virtual hugs to those that did not win. No negative posts! Please, if you can’t say something nice, save it for another diary.


40 thoughts on “Thank you & hugs open post

  1. I think you are an incredible person who has made a tremendous positive difference for this state. You also clearly have a lot of skills and ability.

    I know we’ll see you runnign again in the future, and I’m glad that we will.

  2. Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!

    Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

    Wake up – sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.

    Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She’s gone where the goblins go,

    Below – below – below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.

    Ding Dong’ the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.

    Let them know

    The Wicked Witch is dead!

  3. Congrats to Jared, by far the best candidate I’ve ever seen in taking to the web for finding the votes and using it to get his message out.  

  4. you’ve made me at least $200 tonight. Now, if Coffman can just stay over 40% he’ll cover the spread in my pool.  😛  (No, I’m not kidding…)

    And a big thanks to you Dave.

  5. David: You are one of the most self-absorbed, pious for no reason, people to ever post on this site. Honestly, you create a diary so that you can be the main person to post on it? With your sad little ‘great job!’ postings? You need to write far less often and you need to have something to say that is at least a little interesting. It’s pitiful to read your constant postings, self-important and sadly naive as they are. No one here cares about your little personal postcards to all the candidates, including the candidates you’re writing them to.

    1. For your diary, which you created so OTHER people (including honestly!) can post on it.

      And thank you for your thoughtful “great job” postings, which many of us share. Despite what some believe, there is room for civility and compassion in our political discourse.

      Thank you for writing so often, so well, and for sharing your insights.

      Thank you for having the COURAGE to contact and talk with politicians with whom you have very different views – and for giving them the respect they deserve. (Steve Ward, for example.)

      I have enjoyed your messages to the candidates, which of course are intended as a way to highlight good things about all of them.

      And most of all thank you for your continuing SENSE OF HUMOR, which includes an ability to be funny without being mean. And that includes the occasional YouTube embed of awful Russian singers.

      Because sometimes we all – honestly! – need a nice laugh.

    2. David and I do not always see “eye to eye” on many issues, but I have always admired his efforts to see both sides and treat the views of others with respect.  You should try doing the same, honestly!

      I appreciate David’s willingness to post as frequently as he does.  The quality of his writing shows that he has put some real time and effort into his thoughts.

      Keep up the good work, David!

  6. Elisabeth (13), Kathryn (11), and Jack (8) Armstrong, as well as Jack (10) and Brooke (7) Harvey:

    Political wives, and adult children, of candidates know what they’re getting into during a hotly contested race.  That is rarely the case for kids this young.  

    While I’m sure it was exciting for them to be involved in such a high profile contest, it also must have been hard for them to hear other people speak harshly about their father.

    These kids know their dad better than any political pundit or registered voter.  He still deserves that top line billing in their eyes.  After all, they were probably a big reason why he chose to run in the first place.    

  7. To the people of CD-2 for sending the right person, at the right time, to Congress.

    To the GOP of CD-6 for helping to paint our state executive an even deeper shade of blue.

    To Paul Rosenthal for running a campaign based on ideas that will help Colorado in the future–but ones that it is not ready for right now. Also to Joe Miklosi for being a really nice guy (showed up early to the multi-county assembly and helped set stuff up) and a person that will represent the people of SE Denver quite well. Also to Scott Bates who wasn’t in the primary election but had a lot of good ideas, and I hope he runs for office again.

    And finally to everyone at ColoradoPols for doing an amazing job day in and day out with this blog. It is a joy to read and then discuss all the things that are shaping this important and historic election.

    Onward to November!

  8. Running for any seat is a very hard job.  It is even harder on the families.  To winners tonight it is sweet enjoy your win.  For the people who lost it is a big blow but you will get on with life and life will get better day by day.

    You all fought hard and should be proud of yourselves for putting your time and effort on the line.  I hope the people who have lost the best in whatever they do in the future.  

    To the Winners, let the games begin!

    1. To Everyone:

      Running for any seat is a very hard job.  It is even harder on the families.  To winners tonight it is sweet enjoy your win.  For the people who lost it is a big blow but you will get on with life and life will get better day by day.

      You all fought hard and should be proud of yourselves for putting your time and effort on the line.  I hope the people who have lost the best in whatever they do in the future.  

      by: sjintheknow @ Wed Aug 13, 2008

      Over the years I’ve come to realize most candidates are better than a lot of the people voting for, or against, them.  They have researched the issues, are more knowledgeable about the process involved to achieve political solutions to the problems facing us, and are willing to put their names and lives out before a somewhat apathetic and all too often ill-informed electorate.

      Look at all the races, around the state, where there were no contested primaries.  In some instances, there was not even a nominee from one of the two major political parties.  We are fortunate that there still are men and women willing to stand before the public on Election Day.

      If you’ve ever been a candidate, at any level, you know how tough these campaigns can really be, particularly on families.

      Thanks to all those who made the effort, but came up short on Tuesday. Please remain active in whatever party you have chosen.    

      1. No person completely in his or her right mind would willingly subject him or herself to the kind of abuse that candidates have to take these days.

        They’re all a little nuts on some level.

  9. For having the courage of his convictions. For running a grass-roots effort.

    For his service to his country.

    For running a positive campaign.

    I am a moderate Democrat and would therefore not likely have voted for Mr. Ward had he won the primary. But I respect his effort and his opinions. I wish him well and hope we see more of him in the political arena in years to come.

    1. Steve Ward put 1,000% into this race and spent it talking about being a responsible legislator and doing his job well. I would have disagreed with him a lot but I almost certainly would have respected him at the same time.

      1. Steve Ward is deeply committed to this state and this nation.  His campaign was from the heart.  

        Ward was my second choice in the 6th CD GOP primary.  He might have even won had fellow Marine, Mike Coffman, not been in it as well.  

  10. Lamborn-for running a good campaign

    Crank-for running again, but moreso for going out with class.  His reaction will make it easier to rally around the Republican nominee for CD-5

  11. Allard’s chief of staff won a GOP primary (as good as winning the general) for Weld County Commissioner. Very good guy (and cancer survivor) who has been in the congressional staff trenches for 25 years – smart, funny, and kind. (Says this Arapahoe Democrat.)

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