Secretary of State’s Office Turns Bright, Shiny Blue

UPDATE: May as well have been a “Steve Harvey” running, Rocky:

After hearing the numbers for Douglas County, Dustin Zvonek is pleased. As the campaign manager and spokesman for Mike Coffman, he thinks his team is going to win.

“It’s going to be over shortly,” he said, citing the recent numbers. With 43 percent of the vote in Douglas County, the returns are favorable. One candidate, Steve Harvey, stepped down minutes ago, according to Zvonek.

The noise levels are increasing, as more people fill the room with a drink in hand and a Coffman sticker on their shirt.

District 6 – Republican

Candidate Votes Percent

Mike Coffman   21,298 42.1%  

Wil Armstrong 16,274 32.1%

Ted Harvey 7,106 14.0%

Steve Ward 5,949 11.8%

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  1. RedGreen says:

    the Republicans held both Senate seats, four of five state executive offices and both houses of the legislature.

    In two months, Democrats will hold both Senate seats, all five state executive offices and both houses of the legislature.

    That’s the Colorado model.

    • Jambalaya says:

      …even though he ain’t on the ballot?

    • jericho says:

      Colorado hadn’t had a Republican governor for 20 years. I understand your glee, but keep in mind that politics is cyclical, especially in Colorado. And with the way that Ritter and Pelosi are screwing the pooch, the state may turn red again before you know it.

      • RedGreen says:

        The state hadn’t had a Republican governor for 24 years (Lamm and Romer each served three terms).

        It’s not glee, but it is astonishment at how thoroughly the Republicans have, as you put it, screwed the pooch. And, without a bench, the state GOP is going to be in the wilderness for a while. See if you can learn something other than the usual anti-tax, anti-immigrant, anti-government schtick, because voters ain’t buying it.

  2. DavidThi808 says:

    “Accomplished” trumps “my daddy knows everyone” trumps “I hate government” trumps “I want to make government work.”

    Something in that for everone to like, and something in there for everyone to hate…

  3. Aaron says:

    Did “Steve” Ward drop out, or did Ted “Harvey”? I can’t imagine Steve Harvey did.

  4. One Queer Dude says:

       I’m betting J.F.G., assuming J.P.’s narrow lead holds up.  It’s not a bad consolation prize.

      If J.F.G. is going to D.C., then Romanoff gets S.O.S.

    • Jambalaya says:

      …if she wants to be SoS.  But at least she’s ahead of that doofus Gordon.

      • DavidThi808 says:

        I think Romanoff would be tremendous in Washington and would be able to go on to some great accomplishments. I don’t think he’s stretched his abaility yet.

        Joan knows how to get things done and how to get what’s critical included in what’s done. That combination seems tailor made for the SoS office.

    • Cold Mountain says:

      AR is a Ritter loyalist. None of the others are. Though given the Gov’s recent perfomance it would not be incomprehensible to pass on the youngest, most promising candidate just because he stepped aside and let you have a clear shot at governor.  

  5. One Queer Dude says:

       Ritter, concerned about ’10 and mindful of the fact that a big batch of RINOs help elect him in ’06, names Marcy Morrison (who happens to be his Insurance Commissioner) to the S.O.S. post.

  6. DrewKerin says:

    … but if Mike Coffman resigns the Secretary of State office this month, the position will have to be up for election this November.  A Democratic appointment might be short-lived.

    • Dabee47 says:

      now that would be funny.

      But would Coffman really resign and leave the Nov election in the hands of someone new to the job?  It’s not like setting up a congressional office is a full time job…especially when you have 5 months to do it…  (no offense to Hank Eng…)

    • DavidThi808 says:

      You think a Republican can win state-wide this election????

    • Will he do it?  I don’t know.  He stayed in all through the primary process; all apologies to Hank Eng, but I’m guessing the general election won’t be more difficult than facing Wil’s dad’s money.

      So does he abandon his duty as SoS for his party since he can’t really claim it’s tough to run a general election campaign, or does he stick with the job?

      • DrewKerin says:

        The Rocky Mountain News reported this morning that Mike Coffman indicated he was going to stay on at least through November.

        So does he abandon his duty as SoS for his party since he can’t really claim it’s tough to run a general election campaign, or does he stick with the job?

        by: Phoenix Rising @ Wed Aug 13, 2008

        Why is it a handful of political junkies insist on referring to Coffman “abandoning” the secretary of state’s office, when such criticism was non-existent when Ken Salazar left mid-term as attorney general to become a member of Congress?  It was irrelevant then, as it is now.

        • The Secretary of State’s office is going to have its hands full for the election this year; dropping the duties in a new SoS’s lap would be unkind.  The AG’s office, in contrast, runs at a constant level; even so, there was some grumbling about Salazar leaving during a Republican administration.

          Glad the Rocky’s on top of the question and thanks for the update.

  7. sjintheknow says:

    If “Get Rid Of Ritter” puts JFG, Ken Gordon or Romanoff in the SoS office I believe the office could be lost by the Dems in the next election “IF” the Republicans put up someone that can do the job.  That is a big “IF”.

    “Get Rid of Ritter” would be better off to put in Morrison because Morrison will have to defend the office from a Dem who will win office back much easier.  Why because the Republicans will not support Morrison very well.

    Congratulations to Congressman Coffman hope D.C. will not give you a big head like it did Tom T.  Listen to the people Mike and serve them well.

    Thank you Skyler and DrewKerin, I believe Colorado will Go For John McCain also.  

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