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August 13, 2008 04:41 AM UTC

Lamborn To Bumble Onward, Bruce Gets Gonged

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Jeff Crank concedes. Gazette:

Incumbent U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn held a decisive lead over two challengers, with 46 percent of the vote after early and mail-in ballots results were released soon after the polls closed in today’s Republican primary for the 5th Congressional District.

Lamborn with 15,971 was more than 6,000 votes ahead of Jeff Crank who was in second at 9,920. Bentley Rayburn was in third place with 8,814.

Crank conceded about 8 p.m., calling Lamborn to congratulate him on his victory. “This is Doug’s night,” Crank said. “He deserves the victory. He’s worked hard for it.” Crank said he had no plans to run again.

The race is a rematch of 2006, when Lamborn defeated Crank and Rayburn in the GOP primary and went on to defeat Democrat Jay Fawcett to win the seat that had been held by Republican Joel Hefley for 20 years. The winner of the Republican primary this year will face Democrat Had Bidlack in November…

Breaking Colorado Springs Gazette: Early voting, mail-in results show Lamborn, Waller, May in lead.

5th Congressional District, El Paso County

Jeff Crank – 9,920 votes, 28.58%

Bentley Rayburn – 8,814, 25.40%

Doug Lamborn – 15,971, 46.02%

State Representative, District 15

Mark Waller – 2,998 votes, 54.61%

Douglas Bruce – 2,492, 45.39%


52 thoughts on “Lamborn To Bumble Onward, Bruce Gets Gonged

    1. And for me, the final straw was Doug not paying respect to our troops at the state level.

      Sometimes principles blinds a person from doing what is just simply the right thing to do.  

  1. …I have to say this result, if it holds, is half-bad.  Having Bruce in the leg doing his dumb-ass Republican things was a big plus.  At least, we’ll have Lamborn.  For that we can be grateful.  But, since he never does anything or gets any press, he’s not as useful.

    1. The two of them did a nice entitlement tango together.  Crank was the stronger candidate, but I’m not sure he would have made the better representative.  But I would guess (from experience on campaigns) that it is very hard to see that you’re not as strong a candidate from the inside.

      This was the strongest chance to primary Lamborn, but it isn’t the end.  Perhaps another candidate better than any of them will come along.

      1. If Crank and Rayburn hadn’t spent the campaign squabbling, and one had run a strong campaign against Lamborn, you can’t say Lamborn would’ve won every vote he got tonight either.

  2. I still do not believe Lamborn would have won this in a two man race. As suspected the split votes between Crank and the Bentley serves victory to Lamborn.

    Hopefully a new and fresh face will find their way into the race in the next election. Crank says he won’t run again and I hope he keeps to that word.  

    1. Your “suspecting” has led you astray and will continue to do so.  But don’t jump off a cliff just yet, “discernment” will enlighten you.

      In a two way Crank VS Lamborn race, Lamborn takes 60%, Crank 40%

      Wake up and smell the coffee!

  3. I have to say I am truly surprised to see Doug Bruce lose.  I was not expecting that.  In Colorado Springs, referring to Mexicans as “illiterate peasants” is a plus, not a minus to voters.

    No surprise with Doug Lamborn.  We all knew he would lose a two-man race but had a three-man race hands down.  The statement that Lamborn “worked hard for it” is laughable though.  Refusing to debate his opponents because he knows he won’t be able to refrain from telling someone to shutup hardly constitutes hard work.  But still, I’m thankful that if this seat has to be held by a Republican that it’s an ineffective one.

    1. Wake up and smell the coffee! Discernment will open your mind so you can see the truth!

      Voters prefer Lamborn BECAUSE he is effective, and a much better choice than Crank or Rayburn!

      In a two way Crank VS Lamborn race, Lamborn takes 60%, Crank 40%.

      1. Lamborn won due to name recognition, pure and simple. The incumbent Congressman ALWAYS wins, even if he is an ineffective dolt. Only if he actually pisses people off (by sleeping around, stealing something, etc.) will he or she EVER lose.

        Lamborn also won because of the ridiculous vanity of his two opponents. As soon as he had two opponents, the game was over.

        So please spare us your “he is effective!” spin. It’s just laughably not true. He is about the most ineffective, lightweight Congressman there is.

        1. Wow! those sour grape you are eating must really be hard to swallow.

          My coffee is discernment. What are you drinking, cool aid?

          Please spare us your “Lamborn is ineffective” spin. He got on HASC, as a freshman because he “is” effective and respected.

          Bottom line: It’s over. Lamborn won!  In a two way race, he would take 55 – 60% over Crank or Rayburn as both of them are viewed as sore losers.

  4. A lot of happy people there tonight. Jeff Crank stopped by to congratulate Doug, and to address the Lamborn supporters.  Jeff was gracious and was well received by the Lamborn crowd. ( Not one boo)  

    Jeff got a heart felt round of applause for his message of unity.  

    The El Paso Republican party will close ranks and start to work immediately to elect Bob Schafer to the US Senate.


        1. I love the dems who feel the need to come here and dismiss the R’s of Colorado.

          Whether or not Udall wins, I don’t think anyone here really cares about your proselytizing.

          1. Considering the 10,000 strong Dems who invaded the Springs for the State Convention. All I was saying is that outside of your neck of the woods the atmosphere is a lot different–and it’s not a GOP-friendly one. Not a GOP year. This is our ’94.

              1. I’m talking about a fundamental change in how voters feel and think, not a comparison by legislative bodies. ’94 was a huge shift in how voters had previously felt about the issues, and it helped the GOP immensely. And I’m pretty sure Bill Clinton won re-election in ’96.

                1. geek’s point was, Congress may have reflected a sea change in ’94 but the status quo remained, even retrenched in the presidency in ’96.  

              2.    The five Senate seats picked up last time, will be 8 to 10 this time.  Expect a net gain 15 to 20 House seats for the Dems.  And, of course, B.O. wins!

  5. NEWSMAN is correct it is too soon to dismiss Schaffer and a big mistake to dismiss McCain.

    Schaffer is “iffy” but McCain will win by a bigger margin than the people this fourm will believe.

    It all comes down to Trust this will be an interesting year.

    I am not surprised about Lamborn or Bruce they each got what they deserved.  Bruce should have lost he was stupid.

    1. over long before it begins. He has let the left define him way to much and he has done nothing (IMHO) to counter act their charges.

      His campaign better find overdrive and real soon or Udall and that joke from Pueblo will be our state representatives for some time to come. Yeech!

      1. Say what you will about Ken Salazar, he’s an effective politician and has positioned himself beautifully to keep being our senior Senator as long as he wants the job…

          1. Now, anyone who has been on Pols the last two years knows that I have a LOT of bones to pick with Salazr.

            For a junior senator he has done exceedingly well, being involved in many non-partisan efforts.  He has made quite a good reputation as a valued member of the senate.

            So what’s your definition of “useless.”  


            1. On the contrary. Washington DC, and the Capitol in particular, have had a decades-long shortage of indoor flora. Allard’s role as a potted plant has made an invaluable contribution to alleviating this crisis.

            2. My Definition:

              1. Being or having no beneficial use; futile or ineffective.

              2. Incapable of functioning or assisting; ineffectual.

              Both of these work for me. Pick either one of them if you’d like. Mr. Salazar is a convenient tool for the opposition.

              And I have no qualms in assigning either one of these definitions to Mr. Lamborn as well.  

              1. buy HOW is he useless?


                And I think regardless of party labels, most people outside of the righties of CD5 would consider Lamborn, well, Stillborn, politically. Even if he was a Dem, too.  

    1. The REPUBLICAN PARTY installed Bruce into that seat.  The VOTERS in his district kicked him out.  Think about that.  Particularly when you consider that the Dems didn’t pick anybody that odious as their midterm replacements.  

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