Obama VP Choice Imminent

In an e-mail this evening, Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe asked people to submit their names to be alerted (presumably the same time as the media) about who Obama’s running-mate will be via text message.

This can only mean that the Obama campaign has decided to reveal his VP pick sooner, rather than later. Potentially this week. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow!

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  1. RedGreen says:

    Not while Phelps is swimming!

    I got the same thing … We can probably assume it’s going to be a recognizable name, otherwise millions of Americans stop what they’re doing, look at their cell phones and go, “Who?!”

    • Skyler says:

      Michael Phelps.

      But he isn’t 35 yet, is he? Oh well, we’ll wait.

    • DavidThi808 says:

      not during the Olympics. Maybe the day after – at the absolute earliest.

      • redstateblues says:

        But I don’t think that the Obama campaign has that luxury. The Olympics end on Sunday the 24th. The next day would be the opening day of the DNC. Isn’t that a little late to be announcing? Doesn’t the VP choice speak on Wednesday? If he tells the person that they’re his pick before he announces it to the media (and the throngs of textees), then he risks a leak before the real announcement, and all the steam is taken out of it. You two (David and RedGreen) are a lot smarter than me on this stuff, I just think that the timing is right to announce this week. We shall see.

        • Fidel's dirt nap says:

          better to announce during a day with a lot of badminton and sailing.  Any swimming, basketball, gymnastics – no.

        • RedGreen says:

          I didn’t say it wouldn’t be during the Olympics, just that the timing needs to take high profile events into account (not while Phelps is swimming!). I think you’re right, redstate, it’ll be sometime this week, wouldn’t be surprised if it was earlier than any of us expect, for the reasons you cite.

          • redstateblues says:

            about the high name recognition. I doubt they’d text it if it was someone who nobody knew. That means the list is narrowed–possibly one of the ex-presidential candidates? Is Hillary’s stock going up at the last second?

  2. Haners says:

    That this is just an attempt to get more people to sign up for e-mail newsletters.  Campaigns have done the same thing every four years, and it usually isn’t an indicator of an announcement-just a gimmick to inflate readership

    • redstateblues says:

      Don’t think so. He has to announce sometime before the Convention, why not this week? He’s on vacation, so maybe I was a little premature, but it’s got to come sometime during the Olympics. Also this is the Obama campaign, not a podunk city council election. Nobody will say no to more e-mail addresses, but he is not jerking his supporters’ chains. This announcement is coming soon.

    • Dabee47 says:

      I imagine the campaign is just trying to harvest more cell phone numbers…a pretty good idea.

      red could be right, but i’d be willing to bet the announcement doesn’t come until monday of the convention.

      • Haners says:

        It would get more press that way, because there would be endless speculation in the media about who the V.P. pick will be.  The longer he waits, the more stories get printed or aired along those lines, culminating in a pick right before the convention.

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