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August 08, 2008 10:59 PM UTC

Polis Announces Boulder Luminary Endorsements

  • by: Colorado Pols

CD-2 candidate Jared Polis just announced the endorsements of two major Boulder civic figures: County Commissioner Will Toor and prominent environmental activist Elise Jones.

Release follows. Says Jones, “I have served with Jared Polis on the Board of Colorado Conservation Voters and have known him for many years. Jared has proven that environmental concerns are at the top of his agenda, and that we can trust his stances are not just lip service.”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                                                                                            AUGUST 8, 2008

CONTACT: Dayna Hanson Morain, 720-936-7034

Leading Environmentalists Endorse Polis for Congress                                      

     BOULDER, CO – Boulder officials are standing up in support of Jared Polis. Today, two key Boulder environmentalists and community leaders threw their support behind Polis for Congress. Former Boulder Mayor, current County Commissioner and prominent environmentalist Will Toor, and former Chair of the Boulder Planning Board and board member of Colorado Conservation Voters Elise Jones announced their endorsement of Polis.

     “I am honored to have the support of all three of these amazing individuals,” said Polis. “I am humbled by their confidence in my abilities and their willingness to stand by me as I continue our fight for the environment in Washington.”

     Elise Jones, who sits on environmental boards in the state, including the Colorado Conservation Voters, and is also the former Chairwoman of the Boulder Planning Board, remarked on the endorsement, saying, “I have served with Jared Polis on the Board of Colorado Conservation Voters and have known him for many years. Jared has proven that environmental concerns are at the top of his agenda, and that we can trust his stances are not just lip service. He will stay true to his word while serving us in Washington.

     “I believe this is now a two candidate race, and conservationists have a clear choice. My choice is Jared Polis.”

     Will Toor, former Boulder mayor and current County Commissioner, has spearheaded Boulder County’s sustainability effort and formerly served as Director of the University of Colorado’s Environmental Center. Will stated, “” Jared understands just how important it is to address global climate change. I am convinced that Jared has what it takes to will stand up to the fossil fuel lobby and be a strong voice in congress for a clean energy future.”

     “In these final days before the primary, I am honored to have the support of true friends and fellow progressives like Elise, Will and Bob. They are what will give these last days the momentum needed to successfully cross the finish on August 12th,” remarked Polis.

     Toor, Jones and Boulder County Treasurer Bob Hullinghorst, whose endorsement was announced yesterday, are the most recent additions to the Polis for Congress endorsement list, joining Boulder leaders like Senator Ron Tupa and former Boulder County Commissioner Josie Heath, as well as numerous state and national leaders. To see a complete list of endorsements, please visit…



17 thoughts on “Polis Announces Boulder Luminary Endorsements

    1. What this sounds like to me is more people bought off by Jared’s checkbook environmentalism.  

      I take your point as: nobody seriously engaged in enviro issues around here would for a second think that Jared is the enviro candidate over Will, so the fact that Toor and Jones have jumped to Jared is practical-political, not intellectually honest.

      But sorry, this is not a two-person race.  Maybe Jared has gotten Toor and Jones to believe that but I don’t.  And my guess is that if Jared’s daily polling wasn’t showing this to be a 3-way race he’d gleefully be leaking it.

      1. He likely shared old polling with them and they bought it. Sad, really. But what can you expect from a candidate that will do or say anything to win. Pretty lame they got duped though.

      2. I see absolutely no evidence, not since the Post endorsement anyway, that Will is anywhere near Jared and Joan. And a huge chunk of the vote is already in.

        If you think these folks could be fooled by old polls, you’re crazy. Neither just fell off a turnip truck. Certainly not Will Toor.

        1. I’ll bet you a coffee that Fitz-G beats Jared, though if you win you’ll have to come down here to collect it. I take my black. I hope you’re not part of the international latte conspiracy 😉

    2. Elise Jones is in the fund raising business. Jared is a walking dispensary of funds. That would be a pretty strong motive whether he wins or loses.

  1. Don’t know about the “former Chair of Boulder Planning Board” (I mean I don’t know her, but her name is familiar for some reason) but Toor is a huge get. IMO, this is a very clear message to enviro voters that the race is between Jared and Joan, and to my mind that choice is very clear if you care most about environmental issues.

    Good for them. This probably took real guts.

  2. Has anyone heard the new Jared ad? It sounds like Jared is getting afraid of Will’s campaign, mentioning how he is the only candidate who can change Washington AND get elected. Ouch. Now Jared’s attacking those on the sidelines.

      1. Where did I use the word “negative?” All that I meant was that by including the “and get elected” Jared is implying that someone couldn’t i.e. Will. That’s all. It’s an attack, a dig if you will.  

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