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August 08, 2008 10:13 PM UTC

John Edwards Admitts to Affair-Lied as a Presidential Candidate

  • by: HamiltonRoberts

(We’ll buy it from a non-whacko source – promoted by Colorado Pols)

From ABC News

John Edwards repeatedly lied during his Presidential campaign about an extramarital affair with a novice filmmaker, the former Senator admitted to ABC News today.

In an interview for broadcast tonight on Nightline, Edwards told ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff he did have an affair with 44-year old Rielle Hunter, but said that he did not love her.

Edwards also denied he was the father of Hunter’s baby girl, Frances Quinn, although the one-time Democratic Presidential candidate said he has not taken a paternity test.

Edwards said he knew he was not the father based on timing of the baby’s birth on February 27, 2008. He said his affair ended too soon for him to have been the father.

Guess everyone should have believed the tabloid this time!

According to friends of Hunter, Edwards met her at a New York city bar in 2006. His political action committee later paid her $114,000 to produce campaign website documentaries despite her lack of experience.

Edwards said the affair began during the campaign after she was hired. Hunter traveled with Edwards around the country and to Africa.

Edwards said his wife, Elizabeth, and others in his family became aware of the affair in 2006.

Edwards made a point of telling Woodruff that his wife’s cancer was in remission when he began the affair with Hunter. Elizabeth Edwards has since been diagnosed with an incurable form of the disease.

When the National Enquirer first reported the alleged Edwards-Hunter affair last October 11, Edwards, his campaign staff and Hunter vociferously denounced the report.

“The story is false, it’s completely untrue, it’s ridiculous,” Edwards told reporters then.

He repeated his denials just two weeks ago.

Edwards today admitted the National Enquirer was correct when it reported he had visited Hunter at the Beverly Hills Hilton last month.

The former Senator said his wife had not known about the meeting.


101 thoughts on “John Edwards Admitts to Affair-Lied as a Presidential Candidate

      1. Why the hell these guys can’t keep their dick in their pants is beyond me. Fundametnally every politician asks us to trust them. To trust their judgement and their principles.

        When they do this they tell us they are deficient on both.

        ps – the comment was speaking to the removal of the earlier post about this when it was only the Enquirer.

        1. Probably not.

          It’s just sex, and it’s just a former Dem Senator/presidential candidate.

          No big deal for the Dems.

          Why Elizabeth campaigned for him and even let him run for president after learning of his affair baffles me. Indeed, I wonder whether he’s lying about telling her about the affair in 2006?

          And, then the Dems have a real winner in Detroit.

          No big deal. Just a Dem allegedly committing felonies—10 of them.

          When the bum’s on your side, ignore him.

          1. Edwards when he tells you that this all came out two years ago with his family, I have some real estate to sell you.

            The depth of that guy’s desire to cover his ass at the expense of everyone around him is staggering.

  1. So he admits the affair to Elizabeth, she forgives him and they both soldier on with his candidacy, and THEN he goes BACK to this Hunter person for some unknown reason WITHOUT TELLING ELIZABETH?

    Also sad for Hillary. If Edwards had fessed up about the affair from the start, he would likely not have been in the presidential race, and absent his siphoning off votes in Iowa Hillary would probably be the nominee. So this is TWICE that Hillary has been victimized by randy, irresponsible, lying Southern Democratic politicians.

    1. Obama won, get over it. If she had run a better campaign instead of the arrogant, we-don’t-need-to-canvass-anywhere-because-we’re-going-to-win-without-trying attitude, then she would likely be the nominee. Don’t blame Edwards for HRC’s terribly run campaign.

      1. That’s what is being said. Edwards did seem to take a good deal of Hillary’s labor support in Iowa, and it was his presence in the race that made Hillary consider skipping the caucuses (and thus made her late to spend resources there during the campaign).

        Causation isn’t the same thing as blame. I think that “victimized” is too strong a word, but Hillary was affected by Edwards’ position in the race twice, both in Iowa and then when he endorsed Obama in March.  

        1. but Edwards also pulled from the solid “oh no, not the Clintons again” vote, which otherwise might have gone even stronger to Obama. Clinton wasn’t the raving “working white man” populist she later became when Edwards was still in the race, some of that was a play for his voters (and endorsement) but that doesn’t mean they would have considered her if he hadn’t been viable early on.

          1. isn’t that Edwards, my initial favorite, messed up as half of all married men and a much higher percentage in congress do.  It’s that he  had to know that it’s not 1960 anymore and particularly since Clinton nobody gets away with hiding this stuff anymore. He got IMPEACHED.  

            If we HAD nominated Edwards, where would we be right now? Or if Obama had named him as VP?  It’s one thing to risk your own marriage and personal reputation but Edwards was willing to risk everything for all those of us trying to put a Dem in the White House.

            Apparently he told Elizabeth about this long ago.  If they both really wanted to keep this private (and I feel really badly for Elizabeth after all she’s been through) then running for president, actively seeking the world’s most merciless fishbowl, was a really stupid life choice. Just like Gary Hart years ago daring the media to catch him with his girl friend, which the media did with ease.

            Of course McCain was a hound dog who dumped his accident damaged wife who waited for him while he was a POW for a mega- rich young blonde and Clinton, who is getting to speak at the convention, fooled around with anything that moved including a young intern so there may be a time in the future when Edwards can return to public life but for now he’s toast. Good thing he wasn’t in a position bring his whole party down with him.


            1.     There was a big difference between this and Bill Clinton.  

                 Remember the 60 Minutes interview in Jan. ’92 when he admitted to being an adulterer?  Of course, he used the euphemism, “I caused pain in my marriage,” but I think most of us knew what that meant and voted for him anyway.

                  His only real mistake was his dishonest answers when questioned about the blow job.

                1. …was simply a politician lying.  Hardly a first.  (But at least it wasn’t about weapons of mass destruction!) Doing it under oath was the problem.

      2. But am merely making the REALISTIC observation that if Edwards hadn’t been strongly in the race, especially in Iowa, Clinton would probably have locked it up.

        Realistic political analysis – or at least an attempt at it – does not deserve a “get over it” snark.

    2. Edwards drags Elizabeth into the grueling prez race knowing her cancer has returned and is incurable.

      Edwards claims he is not the papa of Hunter’s daughter, and excuses the affair because in 2006 his wife’s cancer was in remission.

      Edwards loves his wife – oh sure – but not Hunter.

      Edwards – the likely papa of Hunter’s daughter – disclaims her.

      Edwards – fully aware of the gossip in the tabloid that will sink his campaign – kisses up to Obama and coaches him on how to debate against Hillary Clinton to beat her.

      Edwards denied that he wanted the VP spot because he already knew it wasn’t coming his way. Who hadn’t heard the rumors?

      Edwards gave the musical HAIR a whole new script – a jerk who spent $800 on a haircut and screwed over his wife, children, Hillary Clinton, and illegimate daughter.

      As for Ms. Hunter, she’s agreed to take money – funneled through a Texas highroller – keep silent and not demand a DNA daddy test – she already knows it’s Edwards. What an insult to their daughter.

      Politicians survive sexual scandals – but when not there’s a massacre of women and children in the wake. Edwards is done.

      1. Do we get to dance on McCain’s political grave over his cruel affairs too?

        The Edwards confession has two immediate results: quashes any talk of Edwards as attorney general, and gives reporters free reign to investigate the rumored McCain affairs with as much sleazy gusto. One result has potentially more impact than the other, don’t you think?

        1. Republicans were outraged by a New York Times story that danced around McCain’s past affairs and insinuated a compromising position with a lobbyist. The newspaper bypassed Edwards because he was a prez candidate at the time and their surface inquiries didn’t substantiate the Enquirer’s stories.

          Think you’re on target – Edwards choice of baring his soul in the public confessional will open the door to more scrutiny of the prez candidates and their veeps.

          Will the public care? Difficult to top the Edwards episode because of public sympathy and admiration for Elizabeth Edwards.

          1. If Elizabeth weren’t involved, and hadn’t already won over the hearts of the nation, this wouldn’t have been nearly as big a story.

            I think the differential between the Times story on McCain and caution on Edwards has more to do with the notion McCain’s affair with a lobbyist involves his public duties and Edwards’ didn’t. Plus, as you say, McCain was still in the race and Edwards had dropped out.

            1. There is actual proof of Edwards’ affair, and zero evidence other than ‘anonymous sources’ about McCain’s most likely imaginary tryst.

              Keep trying, though.  It’s becoming.

              1. The Edwards affair that dominated the news for days occurred two years ago. We already know McCain was having affairs while his crippled wife convalesced at home. The rumors about Edwards were just that — rumors — until aggressive reporting forced a confession. Add it up.

                Keep laughing, though. It’s becoming.

                1. to laugh at Edwards.  Between his faux-populism, union brown-nosing, and baby-channeling ambulance chasing.

                  The affair is just the screw that forces his supporters to acknowledge what a total shitbag the guy is.

                  If he’s lying about how much he loves and respects his wife, perhaps he’s just making up his rhetoric that socialism is the way to go in this country.

  2. I’m incredibly disappointed in Senator Edwards for not telling the American people about this affair during his tenure as a Presidential candidate.

    Deeply, deeply disappointed. Incredibly sad for Elizabeth and the rest of the Edwards’ family.

  3. for him to come out late on a Friday with the entire news media in China.  He is a truly remarkable and courageous man.  Thankfully he “didn’t love her” which is very soothing to his wife I’m sure.

    So his wife has cancer, he’s paying this woman WAY TOO MUCH for her consulting services (paying her $100K + for four web videos?!?) and banging her on the side.  What was he paying for exactly?

    The worst part is he tells his family in 2006 then lies about up even two weeks ago, making them share in his lie.

    What a loser.

    1. Did he deprive you of the proper news schedule timing you deserve for a story this important about a non-candidate having sex without checking for your permission first?


      Your moralizing is as ignorant as this guy’s:

      I think this President has shown a remarkable disrespect for his office, for the moral dimensions of leadership, for his friends, for his wife, for his precious daughter. It is breathtaking to me the level to which that disrespect has risen.

      Oh wait, that was from Edwards talking about Clinton in ’99. Maybe that doesn’t make my point. What was my point again?

  4. Can’t say I’m surprised.  Most powerful are not faithful. Actaully most men are not faithful.  60% or men and 40% of women have affairs.  I am not advocated for the act, however, marriage was created when our life expectancy was 40.

    1. A good point that many lose sight of.

      If you had a miserable marriage you knew that on the average you were outta there before too long.

      Another fact we forget is that most men, and certainly many women, are “Type A” personalities. Very driven to do, even if the doing is wrong.  

      1. because I think he’s a douche even without this, but…

        It’s conceivable that he has his wife’s permission to do this, due to her condition or other reasons. Who knows?

        My question is, why admit the affair if it’s not your child, and why deny now if it is?  

        1. Even if you cannot recover all of your lost honor, it is always better personally and politically to do the “three As”.

          As for whether this helps or hurts Democratic prospects this fall – hard to say – but it might bring McCain’s alleged affair back out to the front page.  Not to mention his first wife, whom he left (after a an affair!) when she was suffering from severe medical issues.

          Regardless, though, this takes Edwards completely out of this election cycle.  Too much of a hot potato.

        2. The child effects the timing.

          I am not sure, but I think the kid was born about 11 months after the cancer diagnosis.

          If the kid is his, then he was cheating on her right after her diagnosis. If the kid is not his, then maybe the affair predates the medical issues.

          This would leave him as an 9 on the asshole scale instead of a possible 11.

          1. I’m sure I heard that someone else associated with the campaign is claiming paternity.  I don’t know how that ultimately plays in timing, so we could split the difference and say a solid 10.

    2.    I agree.  Between his hair and that smile, Edwards and Mitt Romney should go into business with Dealin’ Doug Moreland selling used cars!

    1. As to how McCain and his campaign answer the question “What do you have to say to John Edwards regarding this affair?”

      My guess is that McCain himself will stop after speaking with sympathy for Elizabeth. The rest of the party, however, will have a field day.

      1. that is exactly what he will say.

        And you are correct, the rest of the party will go nuts.  I just hope that someone (in addition to Keith Olbermann who is the only journalist/commentator with a set of balls these days) will say something about McCain’s extra-marital affair.

  5. Having worked for Edwards in 2004 before he was the VP nominee, and having such admiration for Elizabeth, this news is absolutely terrible. And I have to agree with a lot of the comments from the left today…it’s not just that he’s a cheater (which is bad), but he’s a lying hypocrite, due to his comments re: Clinton in 1999.

    Further, his hubris in running for President knowing this information is out there is just plain abhorrent. The egoism this shows, putting self over party, is beyond reproach. Had this come out with him as the nominee, President McCain would’ve been the clear winner in November, I believe.

    I expected better, Mr. Edwards. I hope that your political career is over, as it should be for the other hypocrites who lie about their affairs for their own political expediency, whether they are Republicans or Democrats. Cheating shouldn’t end careers…cheating and lying while reproaching others for doing the same should end careers.

  6. From Edwards

    In the course of several campaigns, I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic

    Beyond the fact that politicians forget what’s right and wrong what on earth would make them think their career would survive an affair while a candidate, soliciting sex in a bathroom, sending explicit emails to an underage male staffer, oral sex in the oval office. Ok, maybe oral sex in the oval office.

    Is power so blinding? How is one’s sense of ethics so readily displaced by a sense of immunity?

      1. and it’s still a shame. The quote is only telling not an excuse.

        I believe he is finished politically and therefore I hope that he, and this issue, soon fade from public commentary.

    1. with those kinds of activities in their past, or currently under way, whose careers not only survive but thrive. The public adoration has got to be blinding. You’re exactly right about the sense of immunity — the sense they’re not only too smart but doing too much good to get caught.

  7. WHY was Edwards visiting Hunter at the Beverly Hills Hilton LAST MONTH?????

    Everyone is ignoring this fact!  If Edwards really loved his wife and family he would never have met Hunter last month in a Hotel no less.

    I bet if they do a DNA test this kid is HIS.

    Bet they won’t do that test!

    You liberals are all ready to point the finger but miss the main point.

    Edwards…Beverly Hills Hilton…with Hunter and Kid!!!

    Someone please answer this question.

    1. There are a lot of reasons to meet someone clandestinely.  Trying to put the past behind you, or keeping it so that it doesn’t come back to get you…  I’m not going to speculate.

      Elizabeth Edwards put up a diary in dKos this evening; her husband came clean about the relationship in 2006, presumably when it ended.  She stands behind her husband’s account of the timing and their allegations that the Enquirer is being misleading.  I have no reason to doubt her.

      A fellow campaign staffer who lives near Hunter and knew her prior to the campaign announced before the child was born that he was the father; Hunter echoed that paternity claim.  I have no reason to doubt them, either.

      1. If Mrs. Edwards did not know about this meeting then Edwards was up to no good.  You do not have an affair tell your wife in 2006 and then go meet the woman again!

        If the meeting with Hunter and the child was on the up and up you TAKE YOUR WIFE WITH YOU!

        There is good reason not to believe either Mr. or Mrs Edwards or Hunter they have been lying to the public for several years now.  

        Unless there is a DNA test we will not know the truth.  I will err on the side of truth and the people telling the truth are not the Edwards or Hunter or a former campaign staffer who could be in on the lie.

        Edwards need not come to Denver for anything his word is worth nothing.  But I believe the DNC will still love Edwards look they still love Bill Clinton.  

        1. I don’t like what Edwards did, but you guys have a field day hammering Edwards, Clinton and every other Democrat who engages in an extramarital affair and ignore the fact that McCain did it at least one time people know of.   Hell, since Edwards is really off the table regarding a political future, why not resurrect Newt Gingrich’s escapades.

          On another note, this blog should start a drinking game regarding the use of language in most of your posts.  It’s so predictable.  

          1. You all get so nasty.

            Phoenix…Tacky?… I would leave the sucker if he met Hunter and did not take me.  Why not if the Affair was over with nothing to hide.  The big question is why did he meet her.

            CO Democrat…got proof of McCain and the affair?  “at least one time people know of”

            What “people”?  You have to prove it!

            Liberals and the Liberal Media jumped on McCain with no proof he had an affair and put it on the front of the NYT. But the Liberals and Liberal Media denied or did not speak/print about Edwards and Clinton until Edwards and Clinton admitted it.  Double standard as usual.

            Newt has not asked to be part of the RNC so that is a moot point.

            I repeat my language because Liberals are just are not bright enough to understand common sense.  So like I do for children I repeat so that you can remember and learn.

            1. If you would like I will provide you with the documentation of McCain’s affair.

              But you as a vile mouth breathing racist git will ignore facts and continue to take your talking points from your fellow troglodytes in the hate speach business.

                1. you are worthy of neither respect nor courtesy.

                  McCain married Cindy after he threw away his crippled wife.

                  What would you be saying if Edwards kicked his sick wife to the curb to suffer alone and married the other woman?

                  I have heard no one defend Edwards, most of us feel like Adam.Kretz.  You are such a stepford automaton you can’t even recognize your own candidates failings when presented with hard irrutible evidence citing his own court filings.

                  You are vermin.

                  1. Do you know any Nam vets…I do and many of them are divorced.  McCain’s first wife has nothing bad to say about McCain so I do not know why you are so upset about it.

                    I know McCain is human but Edwards is a jerk he told his wife of the affair in 2006 and in 2008 he is at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Hunter and the not love child!

                    Edwards is not stupid his wife has terminal breast cancer all he and his girlfriend are doing are waiting it out until Mrs. Edwards is gone.  Sad but true people are already talking about it.

                    McCains 1st wife is still alive and doing what any divorced woman does lives her life like she wants.

                    No one is defending Edwards maybe not but they are trying to give him a pass.

                    1. He lost already, remember?

                      I couldn’t care less about that snake, he’s a private citizen now. Why should I defend or condemn him? Maury Povich has never had a shortage of guests, what’s one more?

                      McCain is the presumptive Republican nominee. That’s slightly more relevant.

                    2. Especially with sjinthedark demanding a DNA test. What possible business is that of anyone’s, much less some anonymous blogger at her kitchen table in Littleton?

                      I searched the archives but can’t find sjintheloo’s prurient indignation over sitting members of Congress Larry Craig, Vito Fossella or David Vitter’s “affairs,” however brief, lurid or expensive they were.

                      Edwards is human — apparently he’s received his wife’s forgiveness, and their marriage is strong. Because I admire Edwards, and am saddened by his revelation, I hope this weekend is the worst they’ll have to endure over this, but no doubt sjinthegutter hopes otherwise.  

            2. God, you are about the funniest person alive.  In a manner of speaking.  So, is “Liberal” the only multi-syllable word that you know?

              Here’s an article for you.

              n his 2002 memoir, “Worth the Fighting For,” McCain wrote that he had separated from Carol before he began dating Hensley.

              “I spent as much time with Cindy in Washington and Arizona as our jobs would allow,” McCain wrote. “I was separated from Carol, but our divorce would not become final until February of 1980.”

              An examination of court documents tells a different story. McCain did not sue his wife for divorce until Feb. 19, 1980, and he wrote in his court petition that he and his wife had “cohabited” until Jan. 7 of that year — or for the first nine months of his relationship with Hensley.

              Although McCain suggested in his autobiography that months passed between his divorce and remarriage, the divorce was granted April 2, 1980, and he wed Hensley in a private ceremony five weeks later. McCain obtained an Arizona marriage license on March 6, 1980, while still legally married to his first wife.

              Until McCain filed for divorce, the Reagans and their inner circle assumed he was happily married, and they were stunned to learn otherwise, according to several close aides.

              “Everybody was upset with him,” recalled Nancy Reynolds, a top aide to the former president who introduced him to McCain.

              By contrast, some of McCain’s friends, including the Senate aide who was at the reception where McCain first met Hensley, believed he was separated at that time.

              Albert “Pete” Lakeland, the aide who was with McCain at the reception in Hawaii in April 1979, said of the introduction to Hensley: “It was like he was struck by Cupid’s arrow. He was just enormously smitten.”

              As the pair began dating, Lakeland allowed them to spend a weekend together at his summer home in Maryland, he said.


              Hmm.  Seems like another case of conflicting stories that might lead one to believe that he had an affair.  In the end, that is not really anybody’s business but his and his family.  Same with Edwards.  

              1. Proof is not..might lead one to believe that he had an affair…  

                See still no proof!   McCain married Cindy.

                Clinton and Edwards only use these women and threw them away or have they thrown them away or just hiding the girlfriends from the wives???

                1. the one that waited for him while he was in prison.

                  McCain threw away his first wife because she was crippled and unattractive.

                  He married Cindy because she was rich and 25.  What does that say about McCain’s character.  

                  I am deeply disappointed in Edwards–I take marriage covenants seriously.  But what McCain did was horrid.  McCain says country first, but he obviously puts his family last.  The man is scum–no wonder you support him.

                  1. You Democrats are all tainted after Bill Clinton…he was the scum of the earth and you think everyone else is the same.

                    Sad!  Read My comments above.

                    1. The republicans aren’t tainted after Mark Foley, Newt Gingrich, David Vitter, Larry Craig, and dare I say it, John McCain?  By your standards they should be.  But, I guess that it only applies to Democrats.  It’s okay if you’re a Republican.

                    2. Clinton is choir boy.  Newt actually brought his cancer stricken wife divorce papers

                      in her hospital bed. He has since dumped  mistress/wife number 2 for the woman he was cheating on with her.

                      And then there’s Rudi Giuliani.  He informed his wife he was pursuing a divorce not in private but via public press conference.  She had to seek a restraining order to get him to stop bringing his mistress to their home.  

                      Dems took over in DC and states around the nation in 2006 due partly to utter disgust with all the Republican sex scandals. None of this is to excuse Clinton or Edwards but the last place any Repub belongs is up on a high horse where morality or family values is concerned. Your guys are hands down number one in the sleaze department.  

                    3. Clinton is a man child with poor impulse control, but he didn’t wack his wife when she was weak.

                      And yet, had events turned out differently, it would be she, rather than Cindy, who would be vying to be First Lady. She is McCain’s first wife, Carol, who was a famous beauty and a successful swimwear model when they married in 1965.

                      She was the woman McCain dreamed of during his long incarceration and torture in Vietnam’s infamous ‘Hanoi Hilton’ prison and the woman who faithfully stayed at home looking after the children and waiting anxiously for news.

                      But when McCain returned to America in 1973 to a fanfare of publicity and a handshake from Richard Nixon, he discovered his wife had been disfigured in a terrible car crash three years earlier. Her car had skidded on icy roads into a telegraph pole on Christmas Eve, 1969. Her pelvis and one arm were shattered by the impact and she suffered massive internal injuries.

                      When Carol was discharged from hospital after six months of life-saving surgery, the prognosis was bleak. In order to save her legs, surgeons

                      had been forced to cut away huge sections of shattered bone, taking with it her tall, willowy figure. She was confined to a wheelchair and was forced to use a catheter.

                      Through sheer hard work, Carol learned to walk again. But when John McCain came home from Vietnam, she had gained a lot of weight and bore little resemblance to her old self.

                      Today, she stands at just 5ft4in and still walks awkwardly, with a pronounced limp. Her body is held together by screws and metal plates and, at 70, her face is worn by wrinkles that speak of decades of silent suffering.

                      McCain publicly cheated on his wife for 10 years with different women until deciding on Cindy because of her fat wallet.

                      Some of McCain’s acquaintances are less forgiving, however. They portray the politician as a self-centred womaniser who effectively abandoned his crippled wife to ‘play the field’. They accuse him of finally settling on Cindy, a former rodeo beauty queen, for financial reasons.

                      McCain was then earning little more than ВЈ25,000 a year as a naval officer, while his new father-in-law, Jim Hensley, was a multi-millionaire who had impeccable political connections.

                      As to carol never saying anything negative about McCain

                      ‘My marriage ended because John McCain didn’t want to be 40, he wanted to be 25. You know that happens…it just does.’

                      This is what others who know both John and Carol say.

                      And yet despite his popularity as a politician, there are those who won’t forget his treatment of his first wife.

                      Ted Sampley, who fought with US Special Forces in Vietnam and is now a leading campaigner for veterans’ rights, said: ‘I have been following John McCain’s career for nearly 20 years. I know him personally. There is something wrong with this guy and let me tell you what it is – deceit.

                      ‘When he came home and saw that Carol was not the beauty he left behind, he started running around on her almost right away. Everybody around him knew it.

                      ‘Eventually he met Cindy and she was young and beautiful and very wealthy. At that point McCain just dumped Carol for something he thought was better.

                      ‘This is a guy who makes such a big deal about his character. He has no character. He is a fake. If there was any character in that first marriage, it all belonged to Carol.’

                      One old friend of the McCains said: ‘Carol always insists she is not bitter, but I think that’s a defence mechanism. She also feels deeply in his debt because in return for her agreement to a divorce, he promised to pay for her medical care for the rest of her life.’

                      But Ross Perot, who paid her medical bills all those years ago, now believes that both Carol McCain and the American people have been taken in by a man who is unusually slick and cruel – even by the standards of modern politics.

                      ‘McCain is the classic opportunist. He’s always reaching for attention and glory,’ he said.

                      ‘After he came home, Carol walked with a limp. So he threw her over for a poster girl with big money from Arizona. And the rest is history.’

                      Maybe yu’re right, vietnam left him emotionally crippled.  If so he should be seeking treatment at the VA not the presidency.

                2. Clinton and Edwards only use these women and threw them away

                  What makes you think that “these women” wanted to marry either of these guys?

                  And anyway, I still must be missing the point.  An affair is an affair.  Integrity wise it doesn’t matter how many times it happened, how long it lasted, if they eventually got married, or if there was an accidental pregnancy.  You can’t trust people that lie, but you should be able to trust your leader.  No one here is defending liar Edwards, why would you defend liar McCain?

    2. (whichever way you like) are pointing the finger at one of our own while missing a point about a more recent meeting?  What’s the difference?  I’m having trouble following the, um, logic here.

  8. This is the type of politician that Obama is friends with? Does that not show that he has bad judgment? Mccain has the judgment that it takes to lead this country.  

      1. Username:   newfnshow715

        PersonId: 7749

        Created: Fri Aug 08, 2008 at 20:15:38 PM MDT

        Does anybody else get the feeling that all these shills are the same boob?

        1. Calling names when you have no proof.  If anyone has anything bad to say about Obama they are shills or morons or stupid.

          You Liberals just hate Free Speach!

          1. I was referring to newfnshow715’s absurd comparison to McCain’s supposedly clean friends.

            Oh – and if you don’t want to be accused of being the hand behind the sockpuppet, you might consider not jumping so rapidly and aggressively to a new poster’s relatively content-free first post.

    1. When you say that McCain has the judgment, do you mean in his choice of mistresses?

      The one he dumped his first wife for was pretty wealthy, so I guess there is that. But you really think that Vicki is a step up from his current wife?

  9. The Clintons were making their move; wanted a parade and a roll call vote for Hillary at the convention….Bill was publicly sulking, again, and Hillary just wanted to give her delegates “catharsis”…..then along came John…….knocked them right off the front page and out of the ballpark…..way to go Edwards….

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