The “New Kind Of Republican?”

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Remember last November?

I know, I know, a lot has happened since then — Katy Perry rode into the Super Bowl on a giant mechanical lion, James Inhofe tried to instigate a snowball fight on the U.S. Senate floor, and Peyton Manning turned 39.

Election season wasn’t too long ago, though. When campaign advertisements were absolutely everywhere, canvassers were showing up at your house, and flyers for this or that candidate were overwhelming recycling bins all over the country. It was a hectic time, to be sure, but one advertisement stands out: the now-infamous bit in which Cory Gardner, standing in front of a wind farm, claimed to be a new kind of Republican, one who was concerned with the future, preserving Colorado’s clean energy economy, and safeguarding the next generation.

For a new kind of Republican, he sure votes a lot like the old kind. In a recent series of votes on amendments to the 2016 budget resolution, Gardner voted against a key climate amendment that was sponsored by our other Senator, Michael Bennet. This was an acknowledgment that climate change is human-induced and would prepare federal agencies to prepare for it in a deficit-neutral way. The vote was far from party-line. No fewer than seven of Gardner’s Republican colleagues voted for it. Several of them hail from states that have historically shown less commitment to climate issues than Colorado has, such as South Carolina, Nevada, and Ohio, among others. This makes Gardner’s no vote even more baffling.  

However, it is not time to discredit his election-season promises quite yet. He also voted against an amendment that would enable the sale or transfer of national public lands. He has shown an interest in protecting our natural areas in the past, and these votes are certainly heartening. It’s clear that he has the wisdom to recognize that Colorado’s public lands define us as a state, and threatening them would be a reckless and costly move.

But Gardner’s votes against common sense  climate change issues (i.e., humans cause climate change so let’s do something about it) are a disservice to the millions of Coloradans who care deeply about our clean energy economy and combating climate change. Polls consistently show that Colorado stands firmly in support of action on climate, and Gardner’s votes should reflect that support.

It’s too early to issue a verdict on Senator Gardner’s term in office. He has only been our senator for a few months, but now does seem like a good time to remind him that he is in office in part because of his efforts to show Coloradans that he cares about clean energy and the next generation. Coloradans are still waiting for Cory Gardner to be the new kind of Republican he promised in the fall.


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  1. DawnPatrol says:

    The only “new” thing about scumbag liar “Con Man Cory” are the recently added scuff marks on his Koch Brothers-provided knee pads, on which Con Man spends most of his days.

  2. Duke Cox says:

    Coloradans are still waiting for Cory Gardner to be the new kind of Republican he promised in the fall.

    Holding ones’ breath waiting for this eventuality is ill-advised.

  3. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    I’m with Conservation Colorado on this matter. I’ll offer that if a Republican votes well on 60% of the issues of conservationists, that is a good thing and a good start. I’m aware that some of my conservationist conservative colleagues back in D.C. have been working on Senator Gardner and his staff. He is voting the right way on many of the public lands issues.

    In the last few days, he was one of three Republican Senators who voted against a resolution calling for the feds to provide funding for state takeover of public lands. I think it is more useful to work on Gardner behind the scenes than to keep blasting him on web sites like this one.    C.H.B.

    • BlueCat says:

      Not exactly a ringing endorsement by Conservation Colorado but I do agree that anything better than 100% against record on these issues is an improvement over most Rs in congress. Still not exactly impressive, the bar being so low. Wouldn’t count on Gardner coming anywhere close to your 60% yardstick and honestly don’t think he cares about whether mean things are said about him on this site or that anything said on this site will do either harm or good in that regard. If you think people like you, old style conservative, Republican voting and conservationist, can encourage him to get anywhere near your 60% standard, I hope you’ll try and best of luck with that. All the more so since those who meet those criteria are such an endangered species in the 21st century. BC

  4. Duke Cox says:

     I think it is more useful to work on Gardner behind the scenes

    I get the impression you don’t know Senator Gardner very well.

    Cory works for Charlie and Dave Koch. That isn’t going to change.

  5. taterheaptom says:

    Publicly funded public employees spending public funds to set public policy while working in public buildings with publicly funded staff under publicly funded security, deserve to have all their action’s on the public’s dime held to public account.  

    He choose public service, he could have remained a used car salesman.  Sorry, tractors.  

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